August 2003

Far-out science

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Migz said:

related to the stuff we were discussing Friday night, on faster-than-light
travel and whatnot. :)


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I think configure-debian needs a better front-end. A tree view of
packages and a list of all the options, maybe…

Serg’s Cafe

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Met Ran, Eric, Migs Paraz, Ver and William Yu at Serg’s Cafe. The shop has
positive geek karma – two stuffed Tux toys on the counter and great
hot chocolate, plus free Internet if you bring your own patch cable.

I like this place.

Ran is looking for Revolution OS

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I know someone in the Philippines has a copy. =)

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Filipino gimmick-place reviews.

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Serg’s Tablea

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Nice chocolate!

Enye (n with tilde)

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Calen is referring to the “Rethinking the Java Curriculum” article:

With some interesting follow-up commentary here:

Women and technical courses

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– Berris, Dean Michael – sent
– Carreon, Mario – sent
lastname, Aimee – sent c/o Mario
– Cimafranca, Dominique – sent
– Garcia, Nix – sent c/o Martin
– Gonzales, Orland – sent c/o Mario
– Gonzalez, Mike – set c/o Paolo
– Goss, Ranulf – sent c/o Jerome
– Ibanez, JM – sent
– Lazaro, Diane – sent
– Ledesma, Gino – sent
– Nieva, Jeanie – sent c/o Gino
– Ongkingko, Neil – sent c/o Mario
– Paraz, Miguel – sent
– Patacsil, Martin – sent
– Punzalan, Jerome – sent
– Punzalan, Mark – sent c/o Jerome
– Santos, Bit – sent c/o Paolo
– Sevilla, Anton – sent c/o Jijo
– Sevilla, Jijo – sent
– Sevilla, Mae – sent c/o Gino
– Velasquez, Darla – sent c/o Paolo
– Venegas, Paolo – sent
– Yu, William – sent

(Other friends: separate party or dinner sometime)

If I’ve extended an invitation to you and I seem to have forgotten
about it, please remind me. =)


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Friend-of-a-friend descriptions are up at

Java patterns

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JPCS conference

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end of august, one way of reviving contact with JPCS. Need a venue for
a seminar for the gathering of all of these people. Leni Padero,
Sir Olpoc’s contact. She’s looking for a venue
for a Sunday – the last Sunday of August. Pass it on the students.

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Using objects in the beginning
– graphics right away; bounds and draw

promotes object reuse
– using objects
– implementing methods
– expressions
– if
– loops
– arrays
– more objects

graphics IO applet


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Considering that I tend to text long messages in bursts, it might
actually make more sense for me to stay at a cybercafe and IM friends.
Well, at least, it _would_ make more sense if my friends were always
online. They aren’t, so I’m stuck with text messaging. Come to think
of it, Bluetooth or IR communication through my phone would be
wonderful, as then I wouldn’t have to lift my fingers off the
keyboard… IR seems like a better bet for now, as my smartphone
doesn’t have Bluetooth. I need to get an IR dongle that works with Linux.


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Holding up. Doing remarkably well, in fact – probably because I’m too
busy to do anything else. The sheer magnitude of my task and the
inadequacy of my preparation is starting to sink in. There’s no way
that 4 years of college could have prepared me for teaching!
It’s harder than most people think. What other profession expects you
to manage people from day 1?


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I think I’ve a way to deal with my large CS123 class: topic experts.
Each group has experts in charge of mastering and teaching particular
topics. For example, we’ve assigned pattern experts and C++ experts.
This way, I can do study groups. We’ll meet every week. I’ll give them
assignments, and they’ll share what they learned with their

Decision: One person per role. The topic expert is forced to pay
attention, otherwise the whole group will have problems. The topic
expert also learns to teach others. Different areas of expertise
ensure division of work.


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I’m going to try to move my plans up by a year. I suspect I’ll learn
more by going to graduate school full-time than I’ll learn from
modifying the courses. I need process. I need a way to measure
the effects of the changes we make. I need a way to describe the
changes in the first place! I guess I still see myself as more into
computer science education…

Is that because I’m afraid of hardware? Is that because I don’t
yet have some radical idea for an alternative user interface design?
But I don’t need radical ideas to get started. I can get into wearable
computing the open source way; small, incremental improvements. I can
focus on the everyday. I can start off by capturing sound. I can try
to figure out how to Morse text messages. (Maybe I can do that as part
of the Java wireless center thing!) What if my phone was my wearable
user interface? Wearable computing’s not scary. I can do this.

RSS feed

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I think it should be relatively easy to publish an RSS feed of the
links from my planner wiki…

Emacs macros

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Keyboard macros in Emacs allow me to easily generate the gallery from
the pipe-separated values I exported from Gnumeric. Viva open source!
Viva la revolucion!

Dominique’s birthday

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Dominique’s birthday’s on December 27.

Oops, forgot my keys

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Forgot my keys again today. I guess I’m going home later…

e-learning conference tomorrow

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Manila Hotel

then rush back to school

Automatically detecting proxy settings

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Having gotten sufficiently annoyed at the need to maintain two Mozilla
Firebird profiles just because I use a proxy in school and none at
home, I decided to look up the “Automatically detect proxy
configuration” option. After some digging around, this is the answer I found:

This goes into my /etc/laptop-net/profiles/school/files.d/var/www/proxy.js:

function FindProxyForURL(url,host)
{ if(isPlainHostName(host)||
    isInNet(host,"","")) return "DIRECT";
      else return "PROXY; DIRECT";

and this goes into my /etc/laptop-net/profiles/home/files.d/var/www/proxy.js:

function FindProxyForURL(url,host)
  return "DIRECT";

I deleted the other profile and changed my settings to automatically
detect the proxy configuration from file:///var/www/proxy.js .
Tada! No more worries. It just works.

Java dev day?

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something similar to this perhaps?

New blog!

August 12, 2003 - Categories: emacs now points to, which will
probably be my primary blog because it can do XML excerpts. I’ll try
to find a way to hack planner+remem support for it.


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– Being Alive from “Company”, page 27
– Getting to Know You from “The King and I”, p80
– People will say we’re in love from “Oklahoma”, p192
– Send in the clowns from “A little night music”, p194
– Smoke gets in your eyes from “Roberta”, p214
– Till there was you from “The music man”, p226
– The Last Time I Felt Like This: Contemporary Movie Hits, p77
– What a wonderful world: Contemporary Movie Hits, p126
– The Nearness of You


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Content is also important for the parts of the project, such as the
Consumables database,and we are planning on having certain courses

Peter minten has also proposed a set of courses that he wants to

Engels and Magie

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Engels: From time to time, I return to my first love—electronics. I
sometimes long for the excitement of competitive swimming and always
enjoy GIMP lessons from my seven-year old daughter, Psylocke.

Magie: Aside from managing the operations of the Bluepoint Foundation,
I work on my Judo when time permits. I also look forward to weekend
sound trips with my unica hija.

Engels: Maj and I were blockmates at the College of Engineering in UP
Diliman. We were together since our freshman year.


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Package name : juman Version : 4.0 Upstream Author : Sadao Kurohashi <[email protected]> URL or Web page : License : BSD Description : a Japanese Morphological Analysis System

JUMAN is a morphological analysys system. It can segment and tokenize Japanese text string, and can output with many additional informations (pronunciation, semantic information, and others). It will print the result of such an operation to the standard output, so that it can either written to a file or further processed.

A first version of the package is available at


(draft; I’ll write this up someday)

I have come to the conclusion that a holiday should not be treated as
a day to catch up on work – or sleep, for that matter. The hours seem
to pass much faster during holidays. One hour blurs into the next and
it is night before I notice. Little work is done. To top it all off, I
feel guilty about spending the day indoors, cooped up, doing the same
things I always do. It is a holiday, after all – a day meant for
relaxation and celebration. Yet when I relax, I feel guilty about not
working – such is the peril of setting aside a holiday for work!

I am of the firm belief that holidays should be memorable. They should
be a refreshing break from the humdrum monotony of our everyday lives.
A holiday’s benefit, indeed, is that break from the everyday world
(hints of Marcel?) and a chance to contemplate what matters.
Recharged, then, I should be ready to tackle the challenges of the
workplace with renewed vigor.

I resolve to live the next holiday. I shall use the day to get in
touch with old friends or revive old hobbies. It will be a day to
experiment, to reflect, to celebrate life. It will be a day to

foo bar

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1. PAASCU reaccreditation: Pretty much finished.

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2. CHED-FAPE survey: Ate Lisa
3. Status of curriculum innovations

a. CS curriculum
i. Discrete math issues
ii. Distribution of core subjects
b. MIS curriculum
c. 5-year BSMS curriculum
e. MCS
f. PhD
Theoretical computer science
g. Changes of course names
4. Emphasis again on research and publication — effect on permanency and promotion5. Funding from DOST
a. Human resource development
b. Institutional capacity building
c. Research and development
6. Faculty play room
7. Get.together with Philosophy regarding ethics talk
8. Updates from the faculty

Sacha: Started on a teaching journal. Doing well in CS21A; students
seem happy and confident. I don’t want to teach CS123 next year; I
don’t feel that I have enough experience for that. Research: Paolo and
I have figured out how to do french accents in the MOO they’re working
on, but the task needs to be defined a bit more (they seem to be
trying to make a single-user multi-user object-oriented system). I’ve
got sound working on my laptop again, so I should be able to resume
wearable computing work soon.

Sir Maguyon: Bluetooth.


text message processor for wireless center

CS21A plans — education

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Graphics IO Applet, interfaces


searching, sorting, etc

Polymorphism already

From that point on, they can do games,
so games would be the final project

loop; they can kinda do threaded things. My plan is, Graphics IO
Applet, introduce them to interfaces, and then from there we go to
arrays. Then searching, sorting…


Another project – Martin is playing around with this thing called
processing from the Media Lab. An environment for doing graphics.
Supposed to be friendly to non-programmers. Supposed to be easier
learning curve. It’s a little like Graphics IO Applet. In Graphics IO
Applet, you have to create an object. Here, you just override a method
and put all the draw commands. Possible project. Beef up and clean up
IOApplet and GraphicsIOApplet to be something like processing.
Processing builds up; you have a simple non-programmer way of doing

Framework. That’s going to be a little hard to think about…

Big picture – framework, pedagogical structure, modules

addButton returning a button, and then later on…

designing the interfaces easy for a beginner to use
specifically for oop first programming

need public class
look at bluej, which is more of an ide/environment

dr. sarmenta doesn’t want a preprocessor. Mostly just things that they
extend or implement. We want them to learn how to use the compiler.

Unlike proce55ing, don’t hide the detail; expose it a little at a time.

Eric’s doing something similar with his class. He writes the code and
then they gradually replace parts of it.

Martin has the source code for proce55ing.

Front-end learning lab; they can upload their code and select from
different ones…

Each student writes his own class, and then someone ties everything
into a single thing.

The class takes an input, does things, and produces output. Filters;
that’s an interesting idea also. There are a lot of branches that we
can go into also in terms of design patterns. What I want to do now is
that if we’re going to discuss inheritance and polymorphism in CS21A,
and real AWT and real Swing in A, then we can free up the time to do
design patterns in CS21B.

(I miss my Twiddler!)

Maybe we can introduce patterns in CS21B by showing them patterns
they’ve done before. For example, listeners would be a case of the
observer design patterns. We should look into that. For example, given
a problem, this is how you can solve it… It becomes a pattern to
them even if they don’t know it. Cookbook. Delegation.

We need to be organized about our own patterns for teaching. Toward
the end, lecture on design patterns highlighting.
Problem-solving/cookbook based approach. _Intentional teaching._

Back to proce55ing. Design by numbers.

In the beginning, if you’re a graphic designer, then you’ll probably
go off into that from GraphicsIOApplet directly.

Standard version, movie-making version, python version.

The g dot whatever makes sense.

piece of paper passed around analogy

Magical thing about mouse listeners and instanceof


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Bootstrapping Debian onto Bleeding-Edge Hardware

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*** Attendance

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The SMIT-Ed Program will become a recognized center for competency, research, and educational policy in math, science and IT education, in response to the needs of Philippine basic education.

salvacion: note about ‘competency center’

advanced training
higher learning
graduate / professional development

where are we going to put in ‘curriculum’ and ‘material’?

center / institute – political distinction. institute has a higher status than a department. budget and autonomy implications. institute: director. center, under a department. outreach or particular researches, not degree-granting. you can’t just give load.

advanced training and development?
cathy: ‘advanced training’ can cover materials development and educational technology as well.

New version:
The SMIT-Ed Program will become a recognized center for advanced training and development, research, and educational policy in math, science and IT education, in response to the needs of Philippine basic education.

Not worried about tertiary – different departments take care of that. basic education defined as before tertiary.

– As competency center, aims to service the needs of professional educators, education specialists, and policy makers in Math/Sci/IT, particularly in areas of: teacher training, materials development, educational technology, curriculum development and design
– As research institute, seeks to contribute to fields of math/sci/IT education through research in areas of: teacher education, curriculum, cognitive psychology, culture, educational technology, software development
– As educational policy center, seeks to be involved in critical issues pertaining to teaching and learning of Math/Sci/IT in the Philippines by providing directions for teaching math, science and technology

s/competency center/a center for advanced training and development

technical definition from Cathy:
professional educators: teachers, principals, active educators in the field, usually people with a degree related to education, people who have passed through teaching
education specialists: don’t face students. at a desk. curriculum design. dept ed. they train professional educators.
policy makers – supervisory positions, principals and up – dep ed, supervisors, superintendents, technical panelists, science education institute
some overlapping

do you want to clarify this? is there an encompassing term?

cathy: insisted on specialists because of Ed.S. decree – between master
of education and doctor of education. specialist in education. not
expected to do research, but you should know a lot more than an
master’s degree holder does. We don’t really have here.

explanation of areas of teacher training

question: curriculum development includes lab curriculum development? that seems to be what is needed.
cathy: curriculum and program development and design? ex: math program for gifted students

teacher ed – teacher values and beliefs

curriculum – if you want to develop policy, you have to go into curriculum research too. that’s how constructivist approaches in NZ got started.

cognitive psych – queena. it’s interesting. possible interdisciplinary area. we don’t have background in developmental psych, though

culture – cathy: social aspects of learning science and math. isolate the culture of a filipino science classroom, look at prominent features which contribute to effective learning in science; looking at the social aspects, as opposed to cognitive psychology. looks at interaction between and amongst students and teachers. values.

active learning pedagogy? where would that fall? student-centered? not among those listed. more focused on teaching methodologies. maybe called instructional methods?
instructional – also focus on learning methodologies, so both need to be acknowledged
note to self: learn how computers are being used in the grade schools.

problem-solving, where does it belong? cognitive or instruction/learning? cognitive psych seems to be under instruction and learning

we’re back to linear compartmentalized instead of spiral. Moved curriculum back to advanced training and development, as it’s more part of policy.

software development subsumed under educational technology
educational technology includes hardware, aids, anything with technology
somewhat redundant? which phrase to remove? Removed pertaining to… .
nouned the gerunds (oh, my English teacher is going to kill me)
added assessment

– As a center for advanced training and development, SMIT Ed aims to service the needs of professional educators, education specialists, and policy makers in Math/Sci/IT, particularly in areas of: teacher training, materials development, educational technology, curriculum and program development and design
– As research institute, seeks to contribute to fields of math/sci/IT education through research in areas of: instruction, learning and assessment, teacher education, culture, and educational technology
– As educational policy center, seeks to be involved in critical issues in the Philippines by providing directions for the teaching and learning of math, science and technology

question: what if people ask – if those who teach in the college level
need help from us, where does that fall under…? We direct them to
the respective departments. If they really want to learn more
educational principles. Need focus, don’t want to blur the line
between SMIT Ed and the respective departments. Need to focus on basic
education. Cross bridge when we get there.

Let’s schedule our next meeting. Research agenda. What topics to focus
on for research? When is a good time for you? September 15, 4:30 –
6:00, SEC Lounge.

So, who can present this? Cathy and Didith? September 10. Cathy and Joel will do it.

– presentation by Cathy, Joel and Dr. de las Pen~as.
– also, book purchases.

Exim port

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driver = smtp port = 1234


driver = lookuphost transport = firewalled_smtp domains =

Extreme programming: Process vs. culture

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TFI followups

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Intellectual autobiographies, capitalism; memo sent out today

School of Humanities Lounge Day

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Welcome to Lounge Day. We’re supposed to showcase not only the newly
renovated building, but also showcase the heart and soul of the Dela
Costa building – our talented young creative creators…

Opening remarks by Dr. Agustin Rodriguez (Gus, from TFI).

I’m so happy to see you, all 100 – 100 people confirmed. Welcome to
the first lounge day. This is the first of our sana patuloy na to many
lounge days. For the next few months we’ll be circulating. This is the
first – newly renovated building, so we wanted to show off our
building and our talents – don’t feel so formal, especially I’m sure
the next ones… The next one will be in the SOSE. In the name of
faculty development – and the VP who’s here – welcome. I hope this
becomes a tradition. … lounge will be open soon. Series of
activities for faculty development, we hope that everyone comes to
meet with us. Might call wine and spirits – wine and the value of
Ignatian spirituality and education. (Humanities people and wine..)
Intellectual autobiographies, where most senior faculty will share the
paths they took to get to where they are today. (Ooh, looking forward
to that.) This month it will be Sol Reyes. Lounge days, promise
everyone we will have a Christmas Party. We will have a special R and

Egay Samar, Palanca Awardee. Palanca now awards Futuristic Fiction. Project eyod. Nice…
Behind the aparador
Jing Panganiban, three short poetry

loyola Schools Folio – Hmm. Maybe I should write for kicks… -laugh-


10 thngs I’m afraid of
Top three things I hate about my high school class

Archive of experiments to choose from

As close as possible to their everyday life – nips experiment

demo should be an integral part of the demo. Not just as an example.
More interactive. Start with the demo? Preduction. Application of principles using the demo. Next sem, planning to make it as important as possible as integral as possible. Now that you’ve learned how it really happens…

applications versus theory

what’s beautiful to us might not be beautifl to them
like being sarcastic

bonus – contact details, but explain

[email protected]
[email protected]

Cat haiku

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Securing Debian

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“Fle3 is a web-based learning environment. To be more specific Fle3 is server software for computer supported collaborative learning (CSCL). Fle3 is Open Source and Free Software released under the GNU General Public Licence (GPL). The licence is protecting your freedom to use, modify and distribute Fle3.”

(ARGH! Free software just keeps doing this to me! ;) )

Google calculator

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I know Google‘s cool, but just shows it’s approaching sentience… ;)


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Wearable status

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Twiddler problems: My twiddler’s a little unreliable. I don’t know
whether it’s because I’ve got a loose connection – the two middle
leads on the USB part of the twiddler look a little shorter than they
should be – or because the connection’s dirty, or my settings are
off… Whatever it is, it is Not Good. <sigh> Should look into what

Aug 31 17:56:31 harvey usb.agent9975: missing kernel or user mode driver hid
Aug 31 17:56:31 harvey usb.agent9996: missing kernel or user mode driver hid


Emacspeak: Emacspeak still works, which is a Very Good Thing.