October 2003

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Oct 31balance !Uncategorized
Oct 31The Lord of the Editors !Uncategorized
Oct 31Reflection on 2003.10.30 emacs
Oct 30Teaching a Java-based CS1 Course in an Academically-Diverse Environment — education !Uncategorized
Oct 30Firebird / Mozilla and Gnus for mail !Uncategorized
Oct 30Background tabs in Konqueror !Uncategorized
Oct 30Playing around with planner-search-notes emacs
Oct 29Try Science! — education !Uncategorized
Oct 29Not much happened today !Uncategorized
Oct 29Whoa, I got newslogged in Dutch !Uncategorized
Oct 29Elisp snippet for sucking data into BBDB emacs
Oct 29Migration document from Windows to Linux !Uncategorized
Oct 29Wearable gadgets !Uncategorized
Oct 29Controlled dual-booting — linux !Uncategorized
Oct 29Dreamweaver MX, Flash MX with CrossOver Office !Uncategorized
Oct 28Notes on conference !Uncategorized
Oct 28Notes on rest and recreation !Uncategorized
Oct 28Things to bring for resta nd recreation !Uncategorized
Oct 26Rough notes on education education
Oct 26More GCBirzan stories — education !Uncategorized
Oct 26GCBirzan’s cool SQL contest — education !Uncategorized
Oct 26Debian Bug Squashing Party !Uncategorized
Oct 26Another CS class using eclipse — education !Uncategorized
Oct 26Contemplate thread scoring !Uncategorized
Oct 26More questions for my questions !Uncategorized
Oct 24Ack! No keys! !Uncategorized
Oct 24Things to bring for resta nd recreation !Uncategorized
Oct 24Equation !Uncategorized
Oct 24Encyclopedia of Stupid Languages at http://www.kraml.at/stupid/ !Uncategorized
Oct 23/dev/ide/host0/bus0/target0/lun0/disc does not have any corresponding BIOS drive. !Uncategorized
Oct 23Emacs annoyance emacs
Oct 23Bah. mozilla-psm is segfaulting on me today. !Uncategorized
Oct 23Emacs weirdness emacs
Oct 23Internet and E-Mail on a dialup using linux !Uncategorized
Oct 23Paranoid mail servers !Uncategorized
Oct 22Wedding stories !Uncategorized
Oct 22The PHP Scalability Myth !Uncategorized
Oct 22Alternative input device !Uncategorized
Oct 22A Slashdot post says there’s a big bookstore in Seoul !Uncategorized
Oct 20Notes !Uncategorized
Oct 19CS215 evaluations !Uncategorized
Oct 19CS215 evaluation !Uncategorized
Oct 19Irony !Uncategorized
Oct 16Bautista, Flores !Uncategorized
Oct 16How much Microsoft Office functionality do you need? !Uncategorized
Oct 16TopologiLinux !Uncategorized
Oct 16Questions for the Snakes and Ladders defense !Uncategorized
Oct 16Wearables in Europe !Uncategorized
Oct 15D-Link 650 !Uncategorized
Oct 15Meeting with Dr. Sarmenta re CS21B !Uncategorized
Oct 15An insight on project defenses !Uncategorized
Oct 15Notes on the CS123 designs !Uncategorized
Oct 15Chocolate jewelry !Uncategorized
Oct 15Teaching quote !Uncategorized
Oct 14Notes from project defenses teaching
Oct 14From friendster !Uncategorized
Oct 14Dean Michael Berris on programming languages !Uncategorized
Oct 13Wearable interfaces !Uncategorized
Oct 13Filipino geeking out !Uncategorized
Oct 13We’re in! !Uncategorized
Oct 13Independent keyboards on Linux !Uncategorized
Oct 13Happy birthday, Richi! !Uncategorized
Oct 12ARGH! !Uncategorized
Oct 12Anonymous quote from Mario’s sig !Uncategorized
Oct 12Lambda the Ultimate, a programming weblog !Uncategorized
Oct 11Getting more oomph from programming exercises — education, research !Uncategorized
Oct 11Pics 4 Learning — resources, education !Uncategorized
Oct 11Situating Teachers’ Instructional Practices in the Institutional Setting of the School and District — education, research !Uncategorized
Oct 11Educational Researcher online !Uncategorized
Oct 11Teaching quotes !Uncategorized
Oct 11Educational Psychology Interactive — education, research !Uncategorized
Oct 11World Lecture Hall – free e-learning courses !Uncategorized
Oct 11A web of resources for introductory computer science — research, education !Uncategorized
Oct 10Recursion example !Uncategorized
Oct 10Non-Technological Ways to Combat Cheating? !Uncategorized
Oct 10More news from the person asking my gender !Uncategorized
Oct 10Alternative teaching methods for introductory computer science !Uncategorized
Oct 10Eclipse IDE tutorial !Uncategorized
Oct 9IBM Helps the UK and Russian Governments Adopt Linux !Uncategorized
Oct 9Oooh, look, someone spoofing Eric !Uncategorized
Oct 810 things about life Hong Kong taught me in 24 hours, from Kathy !Uncategorized
Oct 8Gender confusion again !Uncategorized
Oct 8planner-move-task-to-plan-page emacs
Oct 7Java Games tutorial #3 – Creating a Stand-alone Graphics Application !Uncategorized
Oct 7NNTP access !Uncategorized
Oct 7There’s more than one way to do it — linux !Uncategorized
Oct 7John Wiegley’s ledger 2 finance, geek
Oct 6Deadline for Submission of Final Marks for the First Semester, SY !Uncategorized
Oct 6More PersonalityQuizzes !Uncategorized
Oct 6More thoughts on my course !Uncategorized
Oct 6Interesting uses of Emacspeak emacs
Oct 6USB Bluetooth dongle that should work with Linux !Uncategorized
Oct 5Comments on http://optics.blogspot.com: !Uncategorized
Oct 4best practices of e-commerce for farmers !Uncategorized
Oct 4http://www.B2BPriceNow.com !Uncategorized
Oct 4Wearable notes !Uncategorized
Oct 3learn.ph !Uncategorized
Oct 2Head First Java !Uncategorized
Oct 220 Questions !Uncategorized
Oct 1Onomastikon !Uncategorized
Oct 1Feeling teachery !Uncategorized
Oct 1Added TeachingIdeas !Uncategorized
Oct 1Is Java too big for the enterprise? !Uncategorized
Oct 1Feedback continues. !Uncategorized
Oct 1Removed the CVS el !Uncategorized