October 2003

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Oct 31balance -Uncategorized
Oct 31The Lord of the Editors -Uncategorized
Oct 31Reflection on 2003.10.30 emacs
Oct 30Teaching a Java-based CS1 Course in an Academically-Diverse Environment — education -Uncategorized
Oct 30Firebird / Mozilla and Gnus for mail -Uncategorized
Oct 30Background tabs in Konqueror -Uncategorized
Oct 30Playing around with planner-search-notes emacs
Oct 29Try Science! — education -Uncategorized
Oct 29Not much happened today -Uncategorized
Oct 29Whoa, I got newslogged in Dutch -Uncategorized
Oct 29Elisp snippet for sucking data into BBDB emacs
Oct 29Migration document from Windows to Linux -Uncategorized
Oct 29Wearable gadgets -Uncategorized
Oct 29Controlled dual-booting — linux -Uncategorized
Oct 29Dreamweaver MX, Flash MX with CrossOver Office -Uncategorized
Oct 28Notes on conference -Uncategorized
Oct 28Notes on rest and recreation -Uncategorized
Oct 28Things to bring for resta nd recreation -Uncategorized
Oct 26Rough notes on education education
Oct 26More GCBirzan stories — education -Uncategorized
Oct 26GCBirzan’s cool SQL contest — education -Uncategorized
Oct 26Debian Bug Squashing Party -Uncategorized
Oct 26Another CS class using eclipse — education -Uncategorized
Oct 26Contemplate thread scoring -Uncategorized
Oct 26More questions for my questions -Uncategorized
Oct 24Ack! No keys! -Uncategorized
Oct 24Things to bring for resta nd recreation -Uncategorized
Oct 24Equation -Uncategorized
Oct 24Encyclopedia of Stupid Languages at http://www.kraml.at/stupid/ -Uncategorized
Oct 23/dev/ide/host0/bus0/target0/lun0/disc does not have any corresponding BIOS drive. -Uncategorized
Oct 23Emacs annoyance emacs
Oct 23Bah. mozilla-psm is segfaulting on me today. -Uncategorized
Oct 23Emacs weirdness emacs
Oct 23Internet and E-Mail on a dialup using linux -Uncategorized
Oct 23Paranoid mail servers -Uncategorized
Oct 22Wedding stories -Uncategorized
Oct 22The PHP Scalability Myth -Uncategorized
Oct 22Alternative input device -Uncategorized
Oct 22A Slashdot post says there’s a big bookstore in Seoul -Uncategorized
Oct 20Notes -Uncategorized
Oct 19CS215 evaluations -Uncategorized
Oct 19CS215 evaluation -Uncategorized
Oct 19Irony -Uncategorized
Oct 16Bautista, Flores -Uncategorized
Oct 16How much Microsoft Office functionality do you need? -Uncategorized
Oct 16TopologiLinux -Uncategorized
Oct 16Questions for the Snakes and Ladders defense -Uncategorized
Oct 16Wearables in Europe -Uncategorized
Oct 15D-Link 650 -Uncategorized
Oct 15Meeting with Dr. Sarmenta re CS21B -Uncategorized
Oct 15An insight on project defenses -Uncategorized
Oct 15Notes on the CS123 designs -Uncategorized
Oct 15Chocolate jewelry -Uncategorized
Oct 15Teaching quote -Uncategorized
Oct 14Notes from project defenses teaching
Oct 14From friendster -Uncategorized
Oct 14Dean Michael Berris on programming languages -Uncategorized
Oct 13Wearable interfaces -Uncategorized
Oct 13Filipino geeking out -Uncategorized
Oct 13We’re in! -Uncategorized
Oct 13Independent keyboards on Linux -Uncategorized
Oct 13Happy birthday, Richi! -Uncategorized
Oct 12ARGH! -Uncategorized
Oct 12Anonymous quote from Mario’s sig -Uncategorized
Oct 12Lambda the Ultimate, a programming weblog -Uncategorized
Oct 11Getting more oomph from programming exercises — education, research -Uncategorized
Oct 11Pics 4 Learning — resources, education -Uncategorized
Oct 11Situating Teachers’ Instructional Practices in the Institutional Setting of the School and District — education, research -Uncategorized
Oct 11Educational Researcher online -Uncategorized
Oct 11Teaching quotes -Uncategorized
Oct 11Educational Psychology Interactive — education, research -Uncategorized
Oct 11World Lecture Hall – free e-learning courses -Uncategorized
Oct 11A web of resources for introductory computer science — research, education -Uncategorized
Oct 10Recursion example -Uncategorized
Oct 10Non-Technological Ways to Combat Cheating? -Uncategorized
Oct 10More news from the person asking my gender -Uncategorized
Oct 10Alternative teaching methods for introductory computer science -Uncategorized
Oct 10Eclipse IDE tutorial -Uncategorized
Oct 9IBM Helps the UK and Russian Governments Adopt Linux -Uncategorized
Oct 9Oooh, look, someone spoofing Eric -Uncategorized
Oct 810 things about life Hong Kong taught me in 24 hours, from Kathy -Uncategorized
Oct 8Gender confusion again -Uncategorized
Oct 8planner-move-task-to-plan-page emacs
Oct 7Java Games tutorial #3 – Creating a Stand-alone Graphics Application -Uncategorized
Oct 7NNTP access -Uncategorized
Oct 7There’s more than one way to do it — linux -Uncategorized
Oct 7John Wiegley’s ledger 2 finance, geek
Oct 6Deadline for Submission of Final Marks for the First Semester, SY -Uncategorized
Oct 6More PersonalityQuizzes -Uncategorized
Oct 6More thoughts on my course -Uncategorized
Oct 6Interesting uses of Emacspeak emacs
Oct 6USB Bluetooth dongle that should work with Linux -Uncategorized
Oct 5Comments on http://optics.blogspot.com: -Uncategorized
Oct 4best practices of e-commerce for farmers -Uncategorized
Oct 4http://www.B2BPriceNow.com -Uncategorized
Oct 4Wearable notes -Uncategorized
Oct 3learn.ph -Uncategorized
Oct 2Head First Java -Uncategorized
Oct 220 Questions -Uncategorized
Oct 1Onomastikon -Uncategorized
Oct 1Feeling teachery -Uncategorized
Oct 1Added TeachingIdeas -Uncategorized
Oct 1Is Java too big for the enterprise? -Uncategorized
Oct 1Feedback continues. -Uncategorized
Oct 1Removed the CVS el -Uncategorized