November 2003

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Nov 30subtasks? emacs
Nov 30Blue LED on Fujitsu Lifebook P1110 under Linux -Uncategorized
Nov 29Merged the reverse chronological notes into planner.el emacs
Nov 27New remember.el coolness: dwim -Uncategorized
Nov 27And of course this should let me check if I’m on the right page… -Uncategorized
Nov 27DWIM does better thing -Uncategorized
Nov 27CS21B today -Uncategorized
Nov 272003.11.27: Day 9: Graduated to saucepan -Uncategorized
Nov 27DWIM seems to work -Uncategorized
Nov 27ARGH! -Uncategorized
Nov 27Finding out which files are shadowing Debian emacs packages emacs
Nov 27Watched Looney Tunes: Back in Action -Uncategorized
Nov 26Testing hello world -Uncategorized
Nov 26My .gnus disappeared! -Uncategorized
Nov 26Gnus pending -Uncategorized
Nov 26Smarter Gnus scoring -Uncategorized
Nov 26Brent Goodrick’s calendar improvements emacs
Nov 26Jody Klymak’s PlannerMode page emacs
Nov 26Testing again -Uncategorized
Nov 25emacs-wiki new versions emacs
Nov 25CS21A yesterday (2003.11.24) -Uncategorized
Nov 25CS161 yesterday 2003.11.24 -Uncategorized
Nov 25Added notes about my use for remember.el -Uncategorized
Nov 24The potato misadventures -Uncategorized
Nov 24Useful teaching and learning resources -Uncategorized
Nov 23LedgerMode 2 emacs
Nov 23Text messaging for the blind -Uncategorized
Nov 23Whew! Just reviewed the history of UNIX -Uncategorized
Nov 23Story about pipes for CS161 -Uncategorized
Nov 23Story ideas for CS161 -Uncategorized
Nov 23History from Dennis Ritchie for CS161 -Uncategorized
Nov 23Recognizing coding systems in Emacs emacs
Nov 23Tidbit for CS161 -Uncategorized
Nov 23Funny UNIX history -Uncategorized
Nov 23Jody Klymak’s planner-mode stuff emacs
Nov 23The Object of Java -Uncategorized
Nov 23Running word count in Emacs buffers emacs
Nov 22Getting the hang of slides -Uncategorized
Nov 22At last! The jigsaw puzzle’s mounted! -Uncategorized
Nov 22Book notes for programming contest history -Uncategorized
Nov 22Romance of the Three Kingdoms -Uncategorized
Nov 22Standalone trackback -Uncategorized
Nov 22link text handling emacs
Nov 22Tasks from notes -Uncategorized
Nov 22Spiffy new website look -Uncategorized
Nov 22Debian problems -Uncategorized
Nov 22Official maintainer -Uncategorized
Nov 22More elegantly fixed the whitespace problem emacs
Nov 22Fixed the whitespace problem with planner links. emacs
Nov 22I think there’s too much whitespace. -Uncategorized
Nov 22And now, testing the reverse-chronological bloggy nature of it all -Uncategorized
Nov 22Testing the new remember: does it really work? -Uncategorized
Nov 21Cool elisp hack! emacs
Nov 21ERC+BBDB -Uncategorized
Nov 21Automatic encryption of wiki pages emacs
Nov 21Books mirror -Uncategorized
Nov 21HideShow mode emacs
Nov 21HTML wizardry: including files -Uncategorized
Nov 21Things to try in class — education -Uncategorized
Nov 21Learning styles -Uncategorized
Nov 21No-host trackbacks -Uncategorized
Nov 20Jerome wants to help out with CS161! -Uncategorized
Nov 20Recompiling my kernel -Uncategorized
Nov 20CookOrDie Day 8: The Potato Misadventures 1 -Uncategorized
Nov 20CS21B: Inheritance -Uncategorized
Nov 20planner.el whoops emacs
Nov 20Eclipse UML -Uncategorized
Nov 19CookOrDie: Day 7: Reheated rice, sausage slices cookordie
Nov 19Words of wisdom -Uncategorized
Nov 19CS21A: Smiley -Uncategorized
Nov 19CS161 -Uncategorized
Nov 19Kathy has an article! -Uncategorized
Nov 19My faculty load -Uncategorized
Nov 18Lessons from work -Uncategorized
Nov 18CS161 yesterday (2003.11.17) -Uncategorized
Nov 18CS21A yesterday (2003.11.17) -Uncategorized
Nov 18CookOrDie: Day 6 cookordie
Nov 18Basic UML -Uncategorized
Nov 18Japanese blog -Uncategorized
Nov 18JavaKara -Uncategorized
Nov 17CookOrDie Day 5: More sausages cookordie
Nov 17On puzzles and conversation -Uncategorized
Nov 17On teachers’ jobs -Uncategorized
Nov 17Eric’s site -Uncategorized
Nov 17Nice quote — computer science education -Uncategorized
Nov 17Calendar feature? -Uncategorized
Nov 14CookOrDie: Day 4 1 cooking, cookordie
Nov 14Computer science unplugged -Uncategorized
Nov 13CookOrDie Day 3: more sausages cooking, cookordie
Nov 12Summary -Uncategorized
Nov 12CookOrDie Day 2: Veal sausage and potatoes 4 cookordie
Nov 12First day of classes teaching
Nov 12Plan for CS21A -Uncategorized
Nov 12Plan for CS161 -Uncategorized
Nov 11Summary -Uncategorized
Nov 11EClass, a cross-platform, open source software toolkit for authoring, managing and delivering e-learning via computer or the Internet -Uncategorized
Nov 11Data structures to the rescue! -Uncategorized
Nov 11LabSetup -Uncategorized
Nov 11A Low-Cost High-Impact Computer Science Show for Family Audiences -Uncategorized
Nov 11CookOrDie: Day 1 cooking, cookordie
Nov 11CookOrDie! 1 -Uncategorized
Nov 11w00t! -Uncategorized
Nov 10Discovery Learning in Introductory Operating System Courses -Uncategorized
Nov 10Remembering things emacs
Nov 10Puzzles and games: addressing different learning styles in teaching operating systems concepts -Uncategorized
Nov 10planner-remember-to-plan-page-from-buffer emacs
Nov 10Really funky BBDB aliases -Uncategorized
Nov 10Testing remember -Uncategorized
Nov 9Summary of today -Uncategorized
Nov 9More emacs coolness – browse apropos emacs
Nov 9Free NNTP -Uncategorized
Nov 9BlueJ and jikes -Uncategorized
Nov 9BlueJ robot world -Uncategorized
Nov 9New wishlist: The Passionate Teacher -Uncategorized
Nov 9BlueJ stats -Uncategorized
Nov 9Guidelines for BlueJ -Uncategorized
Nov 9The ACM competition 1 development
Nov 8Teaching and learning: a personal journey -Uncategorized
Nov 8BlueJ resources -Uncategorized
Nov 8BlueJ resources -Uncategorized
Nov 8BlueJ resources -Uncategorized
Nov 8Further thoughts on BlueJ and Beanshell -Uncategorized
Nov 8Java interpreters -Uncategorized
Nov 8speechd -Uncategorized
Nov 8“The Many Shapes of Tomorrow’s PC” -Uncategorized
Nov 8The Very Verbose Guide to Updating and Compiling Your Debian Kernel -Uncategorized
Nov 8“It Only Looks Like Child’s Play” -Uncategorized
Nov 8“Charity Challenges Programmers to Code for Society” -Uncategorized
Nov 5chatting with Diane -Uncategorized
Nov 5Freemind extensions -Uncategorized
Nov 4On women computer scientists -Uncategorized
Nov 4Japanese information processing weblog -Uncategorized
Nov 4Today -Uncategorized
Nov 4Concept maps Uncategorized
Nov 4Freemind extension -Uncategorized
Nov 4University of Michigan – Highly Interactive Computing in Education? -Uncategorized
Nov 4ACM training -Uncategorized
Nov 4Blogs and academics -Uncategorized
Nov 4Reflection on 2003.11.04 -Uncategorized
Nov 4Emacs for Windows emacs
Nov 3Educational Software Process -Uncategorized
Nov 3Effective Ways of Teaching Computer Science 1 With Java -Uncategorized
Nov 3Rethinking CS101 -Uncategorized
Nov 3JRoller -Uncategorized
Nov 3Teaching stories -Uncategorized
Nov 3Extreme teaching -Uncategorized
Nov 2Oooh, Perl is cool -Uncategorized
Nov 2Intrams and Pisay Curriculum -Uncategorized