May 2004

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May 31Double Room: prose poetry and short fiction !Uncategorized
May 31Indexer for planner notes emacs
May 31dabbrev-hover !Uncategorized
May 31Musical letters !Uncategorized
May 31Japanese for nerds !Uncategorized
May 31BlueJ wiki !Uncategorized
May 31w000t! Got perfect on my general GRE! !Uncategorized
May 29Tutorials for Java in Eclipse !Uncategorized
May 27Translation Experiments !Uncategorized
May 26planner-el development version now available through darcs emacs
May 25Open source CMS demos !Uncategorized
May 25“Europe’s Semantic Web Projects Start to Mesh” !Uncategorized
May 24Acoustic cryptanalysis for possible cryptographic attacks !Uncategorized
May 24Research ideas !Uncategorized
May 24Took the TOEFL !Uncategorized
May 23Darcs wiki !Uncategorized
May 23“Smart Glasses Detect Eye Contact” !Uncategorized
May 23New pictures !Uncategorized
May 22Graduation — 55er !Uncategorized
May 20Bookpool !Uncategorized
May 20Debugging Emacs hangs emacs
May 20A Poor-Aunt Story !Uncategorized
May 20Emacs-wiki documentation in Japanese emacs
May 19Tagalog for aspell !Uncategorized
May 18Words to review for the GRE 2 communication
May 18My schedule now !Uncategorized
May 18Sony Vaio U70 !Uncategorized
May 18Thoughts on natural language processing and possible research !Uncategorized
May 18Donna Haraway’s “A Cyborg Manifesto: Science, Technology, and Socialist-Feminism in the Late Twentieth Century” !Uncategorized
May 17Quickbooks Philippines !Uncategorized
May 16Passport details !Uncategorized
May 14Sustainable chaos !Uncategorized
May 14Feast !Uncategorized
May 14New RSS feed: Flash fiction emacs
May 14Link — another 55-word story !Uncategorized
May 12emacs-wiki oops emacs
May 1255er: “We’re Pregnant” !Uncategorized
May 12“Fast Food Fiction: Short Stories to Go” !Uncategorized
May 12“Adopted” !Uncategorized
May 12Cybercode !Uncategorized
May 12Semacode – Hyperlinks For The Real World !Uncategorized
May 12Getting Things Done, by David Allen emacs
May 11Aikido !Uncategorized
May 11Talked to Dr. Rodrigo regarding graduate school !Uncategorized
May 11Met with Dr. Sarmenta !Uncategorized
May 10Etask: Gantt charts for Emacs emacs
May 8Multiplayer Nethack !Uncategorized
May 8My classes next sem !Uncategorized
May 8NLP conference !Uncategorized
May 6Jigger Escario !Uncategorized
May 6Neko’s back! !Uncategorized
May 6Objects-First Java with BlueJ !Uncategorized
May 6pcmpl-arch.el !Uncategorized
May 5Details for meeting !Uncategorized
May 5Picture from Monty Python Day !Uncategorized
May 3Tweaked !Uncategorized
May 1Nethack live floppy disk !Uncategorized
May 1Damien Elmes’ blog 2 geek