May 2004

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May 31Double Room: prose poetry and short fiction -Uncategorized
May 31Indexer for planner notes emacs
May 31dabbrev-hover -Uncategorized
May 31Musical letters -Uncategorized
May 31Japanese for nerds -Uncategorized
May 31BlueJ wiki -Uncategorized
May 31w000t! Got perfect on my general GRE! -Uncategorized
May 29Tutorials for Java in Eclipse -Uncategorized
May 27Translation Experiments -Uncategorized
May 26planner-el development version now available through darcs emacs
May 25Open source CMS demos -Uncategorized
May 25“Europe’s Semantic Web Projects Start to Mesh” -Uncategorized
May 24Acoustic cryptanalysis for possible cryptographic attacks -Uncategorized
May 24Research ideas -Uncategorized
May 24Took the TOEFL -Uncategorized
May 23Darcs wiki -Uncategorized
May 23“Smart Glasses Detect Eye Contact” -Uncategorized
May 23New pictures -Uncategorized
May 22Graduation — 55er -Uncategorized
May 20Bookpool -Uncategorized
May 20Debugging Emacs hangs emacs
May 20A Poor-Aunt Story -Uncategorized
May 20Emacs-wiki documentation in Japanese emacs
May 19Tagalog for aspell -Uncategorized
May 18Words to review for the GRE 2 communication
May 18My schedule now -Uncategorized
May 18Sony Vaio U70 -Uncategorized
May 18Thoughts on natural language processing and possible research -Uncategorized
May 18Donna Haraway’s “A Cyborg Manifesto: Science, Technology, and Socialist-Feminism in the Late Twentieth Century” -Uncategorized
May 17Quickbooks Philippines -Uncategorized
May 16Passport details -Uncategorized
May 14Sustainable chaos -Uncategorized
May 14Feast -Uncategorized
May 14New RSS feed: Flash fiction emacs
May 14Link — another 55-word story -Uncategorized
May 12emacs-wiki oops emacs
May 1255er: “We’re Pregnant” -Uncategorized
May 12“Fast Food Fiction: Short Stories to Go” -Uncategorized
May 12“Adopted” -Uncategorized
May 12Cybercode -Uncategorized
May 12Semacode – Hyperlinks For The Real World -Uncategorized
May 12Getting Things Done, by David Allen emacs
May 11Aikido -Uncategorized
May 11Talked to Dr. Rodrigo regarding graduate school -Uncategorized
May 11Met with Dr. Sarmenta -Uncategorized
May 10Etask: Gantt charts for Emacs 2 emacs
May 8Multiplayer Nethack -Uncategorized
May 8My classes next sem -Uncategorized
May 8NLP conference -Uncategorized
May 6Jigger Escario -Uncategorized
May 6Neko’s back! -Uncategorized
May 6Objects-First Java with BlueJ -Uncategorized
May 6pcmpl-arch.el -Uncategorized
May 5Details for meeting -Uncategorized
May 5Picture from Monty Python Day -Uncategorized
May 3Tweaked -Uncategorized
May 1Nethack live floppy disk -Uncategorized
May 1Damien Elmes’ blog 2 geek