April 2004

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Apr 30Andrea Bocelli -Uncategorized
Apr 30Preparation -Uncategorized
Apr 29Links in PIMs -Uncategorized
Apr 29MegaWiki: Like PlannerMode, but for the Palm emacs
Apr 29Small commits emacs
Apr 29Why web forums don’t mail you repiles to your posts -Uncategorized
Apr 29Levels of programmers -Uncategorized
Apr 29Scrubbing software -Uncategorized
Apr 29Situated Software emacs
Apr 28Day 8 -Uncategorized
Apr 28Heavily tweaked w3m -Uncategorized
Apr 28PIM definition -Uncategorized
Apr 27Learning and KM insights -Uncategorized
Apr 27On the Origins of Programmers: Identifying Predictors of Success for an Objects-First CS1 -Uncategorized
Apr 27Dropping universities in New Zealand -Uncategorized
Apr 26Video annotation -Uncategorized
Apr 25emacs-wiki–gary–1.0–patch-2: favor page names over interwiki names emacs
Apr 25emacs-wiki–gary–1.0–patch-1 emacs
Apr 25Snarfing appointments from mail -Uncategorized
Apr 23ISC stories: Elimination 3 geek
Apr 23Short story: SMOKED 1 writing
Apr 23Deployed scheduler -Uncategorized
Apr 23Request tracker -Uncategorized
Apr 22Blogging -Uncategorized
Apr 22Heuristics for good lectures -Uncategorized
Apr 22Themes -Uncategorized
Apr 22Learning-centered syllabus -Uncategorized
Apr 22Interesting notes from the best practices education, teaching
Apr 22A Brief Summary of the Best Practices in Teaching -Uncategorized
Apr 22Planning for instruction: CS21A -Uncategorized
Apr 22Free NZ visa -Uncategorized
Apr 22NZ -Uncategorized
Apr 22sacha/try-expand-emacs-wiki-name emacs
Apr 22Scheduling an appointment with the AU embassy -Uncategorized
Apr 22James Farmer’s Online Education Weblog -Uncategorized
Apr 22Orkut at 11 weeks -Uncategorized
Apr 22Structured procrastination emacs
Apr 22How to be a programmer: a short, comprehensive and personal summary -Uncategorized
Apr 22Straw and Jan Alonzo -Uncategorized
Apr 22Scheduling -Uncategorized
Apr 21C2 wiki: Patterns for teaching -Uncategorized
Apr 21Choosing and Using Open Source Software: A primer for nonprofits -Uncategorized
Apr 20sacha/fix-tla-log {{04.04.21,EmacsHacks}} 11:17 emacs
Apr 20emacs-wiki-link-url: return relative links emacs
Apr 19New system -Uncategorized
Apr 19Security comparison between Linux and Windows -Uncategorized
Apr 18Scheduler progress -Uncategorized
Apr 17Publishing absolute URLs in RSS feeds emacs
Apr 17William Yu’s draft presentation on FOSS in the curriculum -Uncategorized
Apr 17Gnus frontend for Dashboard emacs
Apr 17Alternating rows 1 -Uncategorized
Apr 17Socializing -Uncategorized
Apr 17Aikido -Uncategorized
Apr 16Got my FSF papers back! -Uncategorized
Apr 16Scheduling tasks in the diary emacs
Apr 15EClass -Uncategorized
Apr 15Using puzzles in teaching algorithms -Uncategorized
Apr 15Guiding students through programming puzzles: value and examples of Java game assignments -Uncategorized
Apr 15Fancy striped tables emacs
Apr 15Reflections from 2nd sem 2003-2004 teaching
Apr 15Kathy Chua’s photo galleries -Uncategorized
Apr 15CSS rocks (AdphotoScheduler#1) -Uncategorized
Apr 15Ignoring orkut addresses in BBDB (EmacsHacks#21) emacs
Apr 15bbdb: prefix for sacha/try-expand-factoid-from-bbdb emacs
Apr 14Teaching evaluations for SY 2004-2005 -Uncategorized
Apr 14Local file links should be transformed to relative file links if possible 1 emacs
Apr 14todl history -Uncategorized
Apr 13Tired! -Uncategorized
Apr 13Thoughts on progress reports emacs
Apr 13Understanding mathematics web talk -Uncategorized
Apr 10Emacspeak on windows emacs
Apr 83D modeling with voxels -Uncategorized
Apr 7More toys -Uncategorized
Apr 7free.net.ph scheduled downtime reminder -Uncategorized
Apr 7Article about job interviews -Uncategorized
Apr 7Raw scores for enneagram test -Uncategorized
Apr 7Teach yourself programming in ten years -Uncategorized
Apr 7The Adventurer -Uncategorized
Apr 7Kidding: “Second Honeymoon” -Uncategorized
Apr 7Sacha’s Paradise: “Island Paradise” -Uncategorized
Apr 7sacha/acm-submit-problem emacs
Apr 7Channel9: A look inside Microsoft -Uncategorized
Apr 7sacha/list-web-stats emacs
Apr 7InterestingLinks emacs
Apr 7Interesting blog interface -Uncategorized
Apr 7Rank 6741 -Uncategorized
Apr 7Time management, geek-style -Uncategorized
Apr 7TheBrain as a brainstorming tool -Uncategorized
Apr 6Now up to 7522 in the ACM ranking -Uncategorized
Apr 6Finally accepted. Up to #8038. -Uncategorized
Apr 6Dropped to 8579 -Uncategorized
Apr 6ACM status -Uncategorized
Apr 5Cyrus21 -Uncategorized
Apr 5Tao of Topic Maps -Uncategorized
Apr 3Subject: Sandra Jean Valentino Chua assigns past and future changes to ERC -Uncategorized
Apr 3konsolekalendar 1 -Uncategorized
Apr 3Multisync: a package for syncing personal information managers emacs
Apr 1Interesting courses for this summer -Uncategorized
Apr 1Related software: Ideakeeper, Z-write -Uncategorized