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Solopreneurship and the Tipping Point

Small Business Branding: Content Management suggests a curriculum for the solopreneur. The stuff I’m interested in makes up for of his bullet points. Hmmm… Possibilities…

– Collaboration/Networking/Social Capital Development
– Productivity and Project Management
– Leveraging Technology
– Personal Knowledge Management

Should check out Solostream, too.

Web 2.0 and entrepreneurship

From the Kagay-anon Linux Users’ Group mailing list:

sa mga hilig ug web/2
one page lang na guide; gamit kaayo..

sa mga hackers ug novell fans

The first link is a quick guide to typical Web 2.0 interface stuff. is an even shorter list. ;)
(Heh. Also read )

I read KLUG every so often even though I can’t understand Bisaya… =)
It’s fun, and I’ve found a number of interesting people that way. For
example, Botp Peña (who posted these links) conducts free Ruby on
Rails training, and it looks like Botp Peña is also interested in

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E-Mail from Botp Peña

Random Japanese sentence: ボップ・ボップ・キャット・ボップ。 Bop, bop cat bop.

Team of Filipino Students Win MIT Entrepreneurship

From: “Santamaria, Samuel” SSantamaria AT

Here’s another victory we can be proud of. Tell your friends about it.
A team of Filipino MIT students headed by Illac Diaz won the Grand Prize for
the US$ 100K MIT Entrepreneurship Competition’s development track for their
business, CentroMigrante, Inc. Read on.

Their project, focused on a business model for social entrepreneurship in the
Philippines, beat out several other amazing ideas. Impoverished people in
developing countries leave their rural hometowns and flock to urban areas to
seek employment but are usually unable to afford decent lodging while
searching and waiting for jobs. In the Philippines, as many as 1 million
Filipinos a year spend up to 3 months away from their home provinces and in
Manila’s port areas looking for jobs as seafarers, most of them living in
shanties under depressed and undignified living conditions. CentroMigrante
Inc. combines developmental architecture with a self-help business model to
offer a sustainable solution that provides clean, safe and affordable urban
housing for such indigent, transient job seekers.

The MIT $50K Entrepreneurship Competition is designed to encourage students
and researchers in the MIT community to act on their talent, ideas and energy
to produce tomorrow’s leading firms. Now in its 16th year, the Competition
has awarded hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash and business startup
services to outstanding teams of student entrepreneurs who submitted business
plans for new ventures showing significant business potential. The refinement
process of the Competition, its network of mentors, investors and potential
partners, and the cash prizes awarded have helped many of these teams to act
on their dreams and build their own companies and fortunes.

The MIT Entrepreneurship Competition provides teams who enter with valuable
resources in the following areas crucial to successful entrepreneurship:

  • Networks of world-class entrepreneurs, investors, and potential partners
  • Mentorship by successful and seasoned professionals
  • Content rich feedback on their business model from world class entrepreneurs, investors, and professional service providers on our Judging [panel?]
  • Teambuilding opportunities to create a winning team of founders
  • Broad media exposure and PR buzz

See attached photo or at:

Way cool!

E-Mail from Harvey V. Chua

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Random Japanese sentence: 休暇中、近所の人がうちの猫の世話をしてくれた。 While we were on holiday, a neighbor took care of our cat.

Philippines 2.0

Joey de Villa posted a very interesting article on how to be Silicon Valley. Geeks at home: read this and let’s make it happen. We don’t need to be Silicon Valley, but we can still do something really cool.

(Incidentally, Joey’s from Manila, and he now works at Tucows in Toronto.)

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Random Japanese sentence: 猫がネズミを嗅ぎつけたようですね。 Seems like the cat had the wind of a rat.

MBA elective courses

I’ve missed the deadline for the Fall MBA courses, but I might be able
to squeeze my way into 2012HF: Entrepreneurship, 2915HF:
Entrepreneurship with a Social Mission, or 2916HF: Cultivating
Presence. Or I could just sit in, if I can get away with that. 2915HF
looks like a terrific course. =)

I’m definitely planning to go for Spring 2007 MBA electives. There’s:

2003HS Shape It, Don’t Take it
2016HS Strategy and Competition in Creative Industries
2017HS The Strategic Value of Social Capital
2018HS Outsourcing
2914HS Not-For-Profit Consulting

I’m particularly excited about the social capital and outsourcing
courses. =)

The application deadline for the Spring Term is November 15. I can so
make that. I’ll see if I can take Strategic Management this term so
that I can take the 299* level courses next term. I think I’ll spend
Tuesday downtown so that I can sort this out, instead of waiting until

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