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ACP registration panic

ACK! ACP reg starts _tomorrow?!_ I thought it started on Monday! Think quickly, Sacha.

That means I need to go to school early tomorrow – get there before 8. Check on the alternative class program.

acp bugs

Gosh, today is stressful. I thought I’d finished all the bugs already, but of course there’s always one more bug – probably caused by my, ahem, editing earlier. Lemme see if I can convince mom to let me go back early. I am such an idiot!

Just remember, Sacha. Even big, well-known companies like Microsoft have bugs. Serious bugs. Bugs that let people get away with messing up other people’s money.

Alright. Today I’m going to clean up my schedule…

I’ve learned a little more about emacs. Right now I feel really, really sleepy, so I’ll probably turn in soon. I have to learn more about the different tools I have on my system, but let’s take care of my requirements first!

Theology oops, classes — school

Bad karma: Didn’t do too well on my Theology test because I hadn’t read the assigned readings. How embarrassing.

No classes last Monday and Tuesday because of typhoons. My only class tomorrow is a free cut because the teacher needs to be somewhere else. No classes next Monday and Tuesday because of some elections.


Cool mom and Linux

Ooh! And I tried walking my mom through the process of getting the Linux box at home on the Net and ssh’able – they turned it off last night and I’d forgotten to tell it to automatically run ssh and ddclient. I love my mom. It takes a really special mom to have to deal with all of those cryptic Linux commands…

I hadn’t quite gotten it to work – guess I forgot something pretty major – but hey, it was really wonderful of her to try.

I can’t wait to actually get it working. =)

I’m actually tempted to set up one of those shared screen things….

So tough luck, guys, I win the coolest mom contest. ;)

Special thanks go to my parents, who have been incredibly supportive not just during this time of crisis but all throughout my life. =)


I had my social immersion this weekend. See, our university requires
that all graduating students spend two and a half days living among
the poor so that we can get an idea of what their life is like. I
actually enjoyed it. It wasn’t too bad. Actually, it was kinda fun
watching my groupmates freak out. Shhh.

We learned how to cook some of the things the vendors sell on the
street. We slept in their shanties, ate their food, and (to the horror
of some of my groupmates) showered in their tiny bathrooms equipped
only with a bucket of water and a small pitcher. I’m sorta used to it
because of camping. =) Not a kind of life I’d want to live
permanently, but I made do.

Most of the time, though, we listened. They have interesting
stories. Apparently most of them are from a few provinces in the
Visayas, and they left because they feared the insurgents in the
area. They’ve been occupying that lot for some 30 – 40 years now, and
a few generations have grown up there.

As part of our social immersion program under Fr. Padua (our theology
teacher), we looked into the issues that united and divided their
community. A major bone of contention for the different groups in
these slums is a small chapel. Hardly a chapel, even – just a clear
space with a roof over its head and a small altar for Mass – but it
has resulted in deep rifts. Fr. Padua and the other people we talked
to seem to think that one of the families there is trying to maintain
control over this chapel for somewhat less than admirable
reasons. It’s apparently quite a lucrative venture – P2,000 for a
wake, when the actual costs are so much lower! Other people complain
about the drinking and gambling going on there – sometimes even inside
the chapel. Accusations of nepotism abound, especially since the
controlling family seems to be exploiting the common space for their
own personal gain.

Of course, I feel vaguely uncomfortable at hearing only one side of
this. I wonder what they would have to say.

We’ll probably be focusing on that for our report. Anyway, look – I survived
immersion. Cool, yes?