February 2003

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Feb 28thesis requirements school
Feb 28cs161f exemptions school
Feb 28doc sarmenta has a sister.. 1 life
Feb 28Mike Chua -Uncategorized
Feb 27some comments about my outfit -Uncategorized
Feb 27departmental award for computer science school
Feb 27thesis defense school
Feb 27rescheduling classes school
Feb 26http://www.visibleworkings.com/archeology/ 1 geek
Feb 26sir olpoc school
Feb 26th151 theses school
Feb 26fr. david 3381 school
Feb 26http://www.purl.org/net/sacha -Uncategorized
Feb 26polsci finals school
Feb 25philosophy school
Feb 25gino story about theology school
Feb 25flashcard.el emacs
Feb 25graphviz -Uncategorized
Feb 24have to look for de leon -Uncategorized
Feb 24dean’s awards school
Feb 24theology presentation school
Feb 23done with highlighting my readings school
Feb 23emacspeak and IRC — linux emacs
Feb 23linux printing site linux
Feb 22my dad and his vaio — tech family
Feb 22Finished “The Human Condition” — school school
Feb 22back to work — school school
Feb 22sugar-coated strawberries — personal life
Feb 22a ream of arendt — school school
Feb 22done with the smaller readings — school, tips -Uncategorized
Feb 22hermit mode — personal life
Feb 22not going to party — personal life
Feb 22gospel exercise — school school
Feb 21chris haravata — blog geek
Feb 21food -Uncategorized
Feb 21picked up mom at pricesmart family
Feb 21integrative project reminder school
Feb 21oops, nearly forgot to leave photocopies school
Feb 21organizing philosophy papers school
Feb 21byron uy friends
Feb 21th151 presentation school
Feb 21planner day links emacs
Feb 21philo notes emacs
Feb 21foldback clips school
Feb 21kfc promos life
Feb 21emacs-wiki emacs
Feb 21the onset of a malady life
Feb 21locked out of the dorm emacs
Feb 21ph104 school
Feb 21citation school
Feb 21planner index emacs
Feb 21planner bug emacs
Feb 21sweet looking laptop geek
Feb 20blogging blogging, emacs, geek
Feb 19as rendered by devel emacs
Feb 19resolve and emacs-wiki emacs
Feb 19planner-el publishing emacs
Feb 19remember timestamp emacs
Feb 19remember timestamp emacs
Feb 11Thesis demonstration geek, school
Feb 3Embedded talk geek, presentation, speaking
Feb 3A very unusual weekend () life