March 2003

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Mar 31The truth about cats and dogs cat
Mar 30[[bbdb://jm.ibanez][JM Ibanez]] tries out Emacs emacs
Mar 30.htaccess and RedirectMatch geek
Mar 30Gnus and duplicates — emacs emacs
Mar 30Speech Synthesis geek
Mar 30Can IT Still Attract the Best and the Brightest? teaching
Mar 30filesets.el — emacs emacs
Mar 30comp.sys.wearables call for moderators geek
Mar 30curriculum review template created. teaching
Mar 30completion on name of wiki page emacs
Mar 30How Software Companies Die – Orson Scott Card geek
Mar 30open source courseware links from blogs geek
Mar 30eclipse ide geek
Mar 30game blog geek
Mar 30psychology of programmers geek
Mar 30kitten 1 cat
Mar 29graduation stories life
Mar 28Destiny back to normal geek
Mar 28Destiny connection slow geek
Mar 28technology website geek
Mar 28Open source primers geek
Mar 28Mozilla calendar servers geek
Mar 28More on mozilla plugins geek
Mar 26curriculum review meeting -Uncategorized
Mar 26compaq tablet tc1000 — tech geek
Mar 26student home directories -Uncategorized
Mar 26i-manila connection works fine geek
Mar 26puzzles at IBM -Uncategorized
Mar 26strange search queries -Uncategorized
Mar 26personal information -Uncategorized
Mar 26Ryan Kristoffer Tan joins blogging community — blog geek
Mar 26finite state automata -Uncategorized
Mar 26sony pcg-u1 battery life: 2 hours — tech geek
Mar 25killer examples for computer science education -Uncategorized
Mar 25Computer Braille Code Reference Card -Uncategorized
Mar 25python web solutions -Uncategorized
Mar 25Emacs test suite emacs
Mar 25Chinese Python? -Uncategorized
Mar 25[[ComputerScienceCurriculum2002-2003]] geek
Mar 25Summary of G. Polya’s “How to Solve It” — education -Uncategorized
Mar 25Free mailing lists -Uncategorized
Mar 25Nemeth mathematics -Uncategorized
Mar 25emacs-wiki-markup-word emacs
Mar 25equals in URLs and emacs-wiki.el emacs
Mar 25solition paper -Uncategorized
Mar 25magicpoint -Uncategorized
Mar 25pdf presentations -Uncategorized
Mar 24eshell extensions — emacs emacs
Mar 24kana-kanji user dictionary for Japanese LEIM — emacs emacs
Mar 24substring completion — emacs emacs
Mar 24Emacs menu accelerators — emacs emacs
Mar 24Info-goto-emacs-command-mode — emacs emacs
Mar 24scroll / wheel mouse in Emacs — emacs emacs
Mar 24recentf.el and session.el — emacs emacs
Mar 24Remote X terminals -Uncategorized
Mar 24Finite-state automata in LaTeX -Uncategorized
Mar 24“Hello, tech designers? This stuff is too small” -Uncategorized
Mar -Uncategorized
Mar 24pointless presentation package geek
Mar 24dasher and jogdial? geek
Mar 24dvorakng – a dvorak typing tutor geek
Mar 24Essay about Linux in University CS curricula linux
Mar 24Gnus CVS for Debian — emacs emacs
Mar 24Linux accessibility -Uncategorized
Mar 24disabling plugin requests in mozilla -Uncategorized
Mar 24mail oops -Uncategorized
Mar 24killing flash plugin requests -Uncategorized
Mar 24Elbert T. Or -Uncategorized
Mar 23harvey chua -Uncategorized
Mar 23custom binding -Uncategorized
Mar 23deleting messages after N days — tips -Uncategorized
Mar still unreachable -Uncategorized
Mar 21scrabble -Uncategorized
Mar 21PyMacs -Uncategorized
Mar 21thoughts for Ateneo -Uncategorized
Mar 21benefactor -Uncategorized
Mar 21[[bbdb://eric.vidal][eric]]’s siblings -Uncategorized
Mar 21web site statistics -Uncategorized
Mar 21[[bbdb://aadisht][aadisht khanna]] -Uncategorized
Mar 21QuickBooks, cost estimates and job orders -Uncategorized
Mar 21swsusp still not working -Uncategorized
Mar 21nintendo generation -Uncategorized
Mar 21lilo.conf and make-kpkg -Uncategorized
Mar 21TrackBack -Uncategorized
Mar 21lazyweb – many eyes make features shallow -Uncategorized
Mar 21RSS publishing with remember.el -Uncategorized
Mar 21publishing my journal as an RSS feed emacs
Mar 20scrabble game -Uncategorized
Mar 20emacs-wiki and automatic publishing emacs
Mar 20trend summer outing -Uncategorized
Mar 20dear_raed blog: stories from within Iraq -Uncategorized
Mar 19google tips -Uncategorized
Mar 19back to the drawing board… -Uncategorized
Mar 19groupware on linux -Uncategorized
Mar 19rethinking IntranetServer application -Uncategorized
Mar 19esr website -Uncategorized
Mar 19dani bunten, game designer -Uncategorized
Mar 19web hosting – kevin koyner -Uncategorized
Mar 19conversation with jerome -Uncategorized
Mar 19remember.el and rss feeds -Uncategorized
Mar 19e-mail intranet server finally set up! -Uncategorized
Mar 18twig is wonderful! -Uncategorized
Mar 18horde2 giving me trouble -Uncategorized
Mar 18consider PlannerMode to XML emacs
Mar 18rss feeds -Uncategorized
Mar 18ion window manager -Uncategorized
Mar 18imap server correctly installed -Uncategorized
Mar 18ack! misquoted! -Uncategorized
Mar 18emacs-wiki-edit-link-at-point emacs
Mar 18remind.el emacs
Mar 18songs -Uncategorized
Mar 18imapd howto -Uncategorized
Mar 18imapd howto -Uncategorized
Mar 18uw-imapd and horde -Uncategorized
Mar 18Evolution of an Emacs user — reflection, linux emacs
Mar 18emacswiki:SachaChua emacs
Mar 17tala’s open source interview emacs
Mar 17emacs-wiki major uhoh emacs
Mar 17initsplit.el -Uncategorized
Mar 17rms citation style -Uncategorized
Mar 17open source questionnaire -Uncategorized
Mar 17on why I do not judge poetry -Uncategorized
Mar 17slashdot karma -Uncategorized
Mar 16philippine network gaming alliance? geek
Mar 15funny python site geek
Mar 14planner.php emacs
Mar 14customizing mozilla geek
Mar 14software suspend geek
Mar 13planner journal linked list emacs
Mar 13emacs-wiki fudging emacs
Mar 13emacs-wiki-contents tag emacs
Mar 13done with website redesign geek
Mar 13crossroads instructions -Uncategorized
Mar 13ACM Crossroads Call for Articles -Uncategorized
Mar 13gnome b0rked geek
Mar 13printfile archival sleeves -Uncategorized
Mar 13[[bbdb://Mely.Tenorio][Mely]] not picking up -Uncategorized
Mar 13destiny down -Uncategorized
Mar 13Fixed EmacsCvsAndDebian emacs
Mar 13GeekPoetry lives! -Uncategorized
Mar 13added stuff to OnLove -Uncategorized
Mar 13subdimension went down -Uncategorized
Mar 12we live! -Uncategorized
Mar 11back to work -Uncategorized
Mar 11network booting -Uncategorized
Mar 11Finished blog -Uncategorized
Mar 10got most of the images out -Uncategorized
Mar 10adphoto website adphoto
Mar 10testing my resolve -Uncategorized
Mar 6hey, my rant’s on william yu’s website! geek
Mar 6game guidelines -Uncategorized
Mar 6application ideas -Uncategorized
Mar 6application idea -Uncategorized
Mar 6ask about fwd lock and DRM for content that can be freely share geek
Mar 6technical difficulties geek
Mar 5[email protected] – channel 21, AN -Uncategorized