December 2003

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Dec 31Chickened out -Uncategorized
Dec 31Refreshing my Linux install -Uncategorized
Dec 31Sleepy cat -Uncategorized
Dec 30TLA migration to 04 archive emacs
Dec 30Migs Paraz gives CompSAt free space -Uncategorized
Dec 30Four variations on sukiyaki beef -Uncategorized
Dec 30Took the MBTI again – still an INTJ -Uncategorized
Dec 30Dominique’s moblog -Uncategorized
Dec 30ANSI manipulation in Perl -Uncategorized
Dec 30Unanswered mail hack -Uncategorized
Dec 30Smarter indexing emacs
Dec 30Stuff for Kathy -Uncategorized
Dec 30Get-together yesterday -Uncategorized
Dec 27Herding cats -Uncategorized
Dec 27Oooh, one of my students is into GTK! -Uncategorized
Dec 27Chat with Jerome about friendship -Uncategorized
Dec 27Christmas memories -Uncategorized
Dec 24Software archaeology -Uncategorized
Dec 22Vaio parts -Uncategorized
Dec 22Setting up arch emacs
Dec 19kernel-janitor-discuss -Uncategorized
Dec 19Open source for school projects -Uncategorized
Dec 19Prompting -Uncategorized
Dec 19Mirrored blogs emacs
Dec 19Blogging contests? -Uncategorized
Dec 18Dominique won! =) -Uncategorized
Dec 18Thomas Gehrlein wants planner annotation from notes emacs
Dec 18The class is practically running itself emacs
Dec 18Proxy problems -Uncategorized
Dec 18Thoughts on training -Uncategorized
Dec 17Revised sacha/perl-training/suck-data-in emacs
Dec 17Elisp code to insert all emacs
Dec 17Extracting the trainees’ files and packaging them -Uncategorized
Dec 17Extracting all the mail addresses from the programs -Uncategorized
Dec 17Project ideas -Uncategorized
Dec 17Perl focus -Uncategorized
Dec 17Stuff at [[../learn/perl/training/day1]] so far -Uncategorized
Dec 16Perl for Windows administration -Uncategorized
Dec 16Oooh, cool way to split -Uncategorized
Dec 16Cultural differences between UNIX and Windows -Uncategorized
Dec 16Useful Perl resources -Uncategorized
Dec 16More stuff from visiting professor -Uncategorized
Dec 16Perl training -Uncategorized
Dec 16Hey, more thoughts on kara -Uncategorized
Dec 16Moving computing into the basics -Uncategorized
Dec 16Meeting with Dr. Juerg Nievergelt -Uncategorized
Dec 16More about group reviews -Uncategorized
Dec 16Recipe from [[bbdb://Aadisht][Aadisht Khanna]] -Uncategorized
Dec 16Backlog: Fish – 2003.12.15 cookordie
Dec 15Chess -Uncategorized
Dec 15Chess with M. -Uncategorized
Dec 15Group reviews -Uncategorized
Dec 15Kids’ software for Linux -Uncategorized
Dec 15“Transforming Non-Geeks Into Computer Whizzes” -Uncategorized
Dec 15Contemplating trip -Uncategorized
Dec 15Rice cookordie
Dec 15Backlog: Potatoes, beef, bacon – real this time – and cheese – 2003.12.12 cookordie
Dec 15Backlog: Mashed potatoes, beef, and bacon bits – 2003.12.11 cookordie
Dec 15Backlog: Beef, beans, and bacon in buns – 2003.12.10 cookordie
Dec 14chess.el -Uncategorized
Dec 14Natural language processing -Uncategorized
Dec 12Game development in Japan -Uncategorized
Dec 12Software Elegance -Uncategorized
Dec 12Printer works again -Uncategorized
Dec 10Somewhat depressed -Uncategorized
Dec 9Breakfast steak, potatoes cookordie
Dec 92003.12.09 – White (M.) / Black (Sacha) – Starbucks -Uncategorized
Dec 92003.12.09 – White (Sacha) / Black (M.) – Starbucks -Uncategorized
Dec 92003.12.09 – White (M.) / Black (Sacha) – Starbucks -Uncategorized
Dec 9Blind computing -Uncategorized
Dec 9Mark Punzalan is a Microsoft Student Ambassador now -Uncategorized
Dec 9CS21B meeting -Uncategorized
Dec 8Burrito attempt flop. cookordie
Dec 8Fortuitious events -Uncategorized
Dec 8Training -Uncategorized
Dec 8Problems with lphdisk -Uncategorized
Dec 7Two-minute mysteries -Uncategorized
Dec 7enable1.txt -Uncategorized
Dec 7Tutorial: Writing a new Emacs mode 1 emacs
Dec 7Went out with Diane =) -Uncategorized
Dec 7Testing 1 2 3 emacs
Dec 7Applying learning style theory to college education -Uncategorized
Dec 7Bluepoint road tour -Uncategorized
Dec 7Testing the hopefully fixed restrictions emacs
Dec 7Note guids emacs
Dec 7Testing remember.el -Uncategorized
Dec 7Numbering on a per-page level emacs
Dec 7Gerald Generoso’s comment on ComputerScienceEducationResearch — good karma -Uncategorized
Dec 6Savannah’s down emacs
Dec 6Some goodbyes -Uncategorized
Dec 5Day 11: 2003.12.04 (late entry) cookordie
Dec 4Open source in colleges -Uncategorized
Dec 4Spaceants’ blog, emacs-wiki emacs
Dec 4Leatherette repair -Uncategorized
Dec 4Bleah. Checking account has age requirement. -Uncategorized
Dec 3Bank accounts -Uncategorized
Dec 2Why am I trying to learn arch again? -Uncategorized
Dec 2More about arch emacs
Dec 2emacs channel logs emacs
Dec 2w00t! Hacked the ground beef! 1 cookordie
Dec 2tla on debian -Uncategorized
Dec 2Formulaic song -Uncategorized
Dec 2Midterms for CS21A -Uncategorized
Dec 2w00t! Wireless works! -Uncategorized
Dec 2Wireless -Uncategorized
Dec 1Testing it again emacs
Dec 1Checking xrefs emacs
Dec 1Set up mailing list -Uncategorized
Dec 1Day 10: More ground beef salad cookordie