Weekly review: Week ending January 4, 2013

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W- took this week off too, so I kept my workload light in order to spend time with him. He rewired the house so that our DSL connection would be more reliable. Yes, this is what my husband does for fun. ;) I pitched in with some iptables fiddling so that we can configure the DSL modem from behind the router instead of having to plug into the modem directly. It was fun geeking around again!

The New Year holiday was a good excuse to tidy things up, review the past, and plan the next steps. I sketched some ideas for life and business, and I’m looking forward to exploring them soon.

Blog posts

My favourite blog post this week was #9 (Imagining the next five years and planning 2013) because I liked the drawing I made for it, although #7 (sketching twelve business ideas) was a close runner-up.

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  2. Visual book review: Running Lean–Ash Maurya
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  4. Emacs Org: Display a subset of tasks by context
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  6. Visual book review: Blue Ocean Strategy–W. Chan Kim, Renée Mauborgne
  7. Sketching twelve business ideas
  8. Web app idea: Stamp mix calculator
  9. Imagining the next five years and planning 2013
  10. Monthly review: December 2012

Accomplished this week

CD: could probably delegate part of this; PD: partially delegated!

  • Business
    • Planning
      • Printed out business model for sketchnoting conferences and events
      • Printed business ideas
      • Drew multiple lean canvases
    • Work
      • Edited UPV image (cd:graphics)
      • Checked in with client E1
    • Marketing
      • Added more quotes to the website (cd:data-entry)
      • Looked up Brad Feld endorsement and add it to my quotes page (cd:data-entry)
      • Drew sketchnote describing my services (cd:graphics)
      • Added draft pitch to website (cd:web)
      • Set up development version of site (cd:wordpress)
      • Tweaked the underline to make it more swooshy (cd:graphics)
    • Sales
      • Followed up with Andrew regarding FITC (cd:writion)
      • Printed conference sketchnotes
    • Connecting
      • Planned ahead for meeting with Nathan and Jen
      • Sent Joe Anandarajah AndroidTO marketing tips (cd:writing)
      • Found Jeff and thank him for the nice words
      • Braindump tasks after meeting with Nathan and Jen (cd:data-entry)
      • Responded to Vivien about TEDxOCADU requirements for Jan 19 (cd:writing)
    • Paperwork
      • Contacted Fido re for electronic bills from March to May (cd:phone)
      • Called CRA to ask about documentation for amending T2 – operating expenses (cd:phone)
    • Other
      • Updated venue preferences for scheduling (cd:writing)
      • Scribed the first 20 minutes of Chip Heath’s podcast
  • Relationships
    • Scanned old photos
    • Filed digital copies of photos and letters
    • Dropped off letters
    • Prepared celery root soup
    • Prepared warm lentil salad
    • Chose pictures
    • Wrote get-well card for Tita Naty, sent c/o my mom / Mrs. Castillo
    • Took inventory of the things in closets and boxes
    • Decluttered
  • Life
    • Added authorship links to my blog (cd:wordpress)
    • Emacs (cd:emacs)
      • Added the ability to create a task directly from the agenda
      • Remapped x to mark a task as complete
      • Set up projects with subtasks in agenda view
      • Removed table code from website so that people can scroll through Emacs entries
      • Fixed sacha/org-share-emacs so that I can call it repeatedly
      • Displayed a sample of tasks by context so that I can see them all on one page
    • Quantified Awesome
      • Added ability to mark record categories as inactive (cd:rails)
      • Added bulk entry to Quantified Awesome stuff tracking (cd:rails)
    • Learning
      • Researched podcasts (cd:research)
      • Outlined book (cd:writing)
      • Brainstormed a list of concepts
      • Plan my editorial calendar for the year
    • Awesome Foundation Toronto
      • Improved the newsletter description (cd:writing)
      • Set up communication plan (cd:writing)
      • Set admin account as the Twitter contact for awesomefoundto (cd:web)
      • Added awesomefoundto to my Twitter monitoring (cd:web)

Plans for next week

  • Business
    • [ ] Earn: Resume consulting
    • [ ] Build: Simplify sketchnote based on Tipera’s feedback
    • [ ] Build: Check if authorship worked
    • [ ] Build: Do another weekly review with Criselda
    • [ ] Build: Set up interview with Pat
    • [ ] Connect: Follow up with Tamara regarding business schools
    • [ ] Connect: Follow up / draft testimonial for Jennifer
    • [ ] Connect: Attend “superpower league” get-together
    • [ ] Connect: Sketchnote ENT101
    • [ ] Connect: Meet Raj Dhiman
    • [ ] Connect: Meet Matt Gray
  • Relationships
    • [ ] Prepare something vegetarian for superpower league tomorrow
    • [ ] Bring Leia to vet for vaccinations
    • [ ] Go to appointment
    • [ ] Go to krav on Tuesday
    • [ ] Go to krav on Thursday
    • [ ] Learn another vegetarian dish
  • Life
    • [ ] Try biking in winter
    • [ ] Reset my sleep schedule

Time review

  • Business: 24.2 hours (E1: 0.4, Connect: 0.8, Drawing: 8.3, Illustration: 0.3, Coding: 0.8)
  • Discretionary: 37.5 hours (Emacs: 3.2, Social: 3.9, Writing: 11.3)
  • Personal: 19.4 hours (Routines: 12.2)
  • Sleep: 66.1 hours – average of 9.4 hours per day
  • Unpaid work: 20.8 hours (Commuting: 1.4, Cook: 4.0, Tidy: 12.3)
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