Weekly review: Week ending May 31, 2019

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  • Kaizen
    • I set up extra key shortcuts for Termux.
    • I tried out Termux Widget and Termux Task. I had a problem with bad interpreters with Termux Task, but I fixed it by running the tool to fix the shebang of the script called by my task.
    • I wrote a simple Tasker script to add a task to my Orgzly inbox.
    • I set up Termux so that I could SSH into my phone.
    • Note to self: don’t cancel all the cards until I check which ones I’ve actually left at home. There’s a pause feature for a reason!
    • I updated the Org Mode TOC target patch.
    • I started copying my Emacs configuration onto my phone.
    • I made a numeric hydra so that I can more easily categorize Emacs News.
    • I organized my notes, filling in some missing weekly reviews and archiving lots of other random snippets.
    • I wrote a script to help me rewrite Flickr URLs to sketches.sachachua.com ones.
    • I cleared my WordPress blog drafts.
  • Us
    • I had put the sourdough in the fridge because I didn’t have time on Sunday to bake it. The loaf I ended up making turned out a bit dense and quite sour. It was still yummy, but I’ll try the recipe again without the unintentional delay.
    • I called various banks to request replacements for my lost cards, and I called OHIP to request a replacement for A-‘s card.
    • I dashed to the library while W- helped A- eat dinner. Made it just in time!
  • Gross motor
    • A- made a game of climbing up on my shoulders and swinging down in front of me.
    • A- worked hard on climbing the corkscrew ladder and sliding down the steep, twisty slide. She even showed a couple of older kids how to do it.
    • A- practised coasting on her balance bike.
  • Fine motor
    • A- was interested in sewing, so I got her some brown felt, brown yarn, a punch, and a few extra yarn needles.
    • A- asked me to draw triangles. She carefully cut them out with scissors, following the line closely.
    • We visited Popo in between ocularist appointments. A- practised using the scissors to cut out shapes and thin strips. She was also curious about using multiple crayons to draw.
    • A- continued to be interested in sewing. I’m not sure where the yellow yarn needle went, so it’s good that I picked up a few extra blue ones at the store.
  • Sensory
    • A- had the foresight to take her shirt off before playing with the fountains at Grange Park, but her pants got pretty wet. She put her shirt back on and played in the playground while we waited for her pants to dry in the sun.
  • Language
    • “I’m a big kid. Look how fast I’m growing up.”
    • W-: “Shall I use the electric toothbrush to brush your teeth?” A-: “Manual. I have one day on, one day off.”
    • W- asked A- if she wanted B- to babysit her, and she said no. W- asked her if she wanted J- to babysit her. She said, “I want J- to bigsister me.”
    • “I want you to listen to what I’m saying.”
    • “I want to dispense some cash. I want my own cash so that I can pay the babysitter.”
    • W- observed that A- probably loved S- as a babysitter because she really engaged with A-, while B- tended to hang a little bit back.
    • “The family orange is for everyone.” A- wanted to share the orange with both W- and me.
    • “How do I type KLM livery?”
    • I wanted to try leading A- in an activity about letters. I asked her if she wanted to learn more about the letters in her name or the letters in “plane.” She picked “plane,” so I got the corresponding magnetic letters and traced them on some paper on top of a cookie sheet. I pretended they were airplanes requesting permission from air traffic control to land, and A- directed them to the appropriate hangars. We also mixed them up and put them back in the right hangars. She’s already familiar with all the letters, so I just wanted to lay the groundwork for arranging letters by imitating an example. Nice quick activity – A- did about three rounds before moving on.
  • Self-care and independence
    • A- asked us to put her scleral shell in. What a difference compared to how she resisted the conformer!
    • “I look just like you! I have two eyes! It looks so real.” Also, A- was totally flipping her hair when she showed W- her new scleral shell.
    • A- got a new scleral shell. She was so happy to get it. “I look just like you! I have two eyes! It looks so real!” When she showed W-, she even flipped her hair a few times. I’m not sure where she picked up that gesture, but it was hilarious.
    • A- opened the fridge, got her own milk carton, brought it to the table, and poured milk into her cup.
    • A- got a little sunburnt. Good thing J- had aloe vera gel.
    • “I’m so so so so so so very happy,” A- said about her new scleral shell.
    • “I want to decide when I can eat ice cream.”
  • Eating
    • A- tried pasta with tomato sauce. She said, “It turns out I like it.”
  • Sleep
    • A- had a cold. She asked to sleep on top of me while I sat against two pillows.
  • Household
    • We went to the lumber yard to buy tongue-and-groove wood for the porch. When we got home, A- helped carry it in. She carried small pieces all by herself and stashed them under her cubbies in the living room.
  • Social
    • We visited Jen, Ewan, and E-. A- wanted to go to a splash pad. There were none close by, so we hooked up the hose and the kids had fun spraying in the driveway. They took turns filling each other’s watering cans and drew shapes on the ground. A- even experimented with backing into the spray. After lots of water play, they helped move soil in the garden.
    • A- experimented with having a babysitter for 7 hours, and she still found it to be too short. The babysitter helped A- make a heart-shaped bag. Then both of them went all the way to the adventure playground in High Park. When they got back, they tried out leaf prints. Next week, the babysitter is thinking of focusing on the letters in A-‘s name.
    • We went to a small drop-in centre which had an early literacy specialist and a parent support worker. There seemed to be lots of kids just a little younger than A-. Circle time focused on book-related songs and activities.
  • Pretend
    • A- asked me (and later W-) to pretend to be a serger. By that, she meant for us to cut with the scissors while she moved the paper forward and made noises.
    • A- going to bed: How do little planes go to sleep? I’m in my hangar. What do they use to cover their front wheels? I ate a lot of luggage.
    • A- pretended to make recorder head joints. She tested her crayons against my hand or the table to determine if they would make good blocks, and pretended to go through the steps she remembered from the video.
  • Cognition
    • I helped A- complete a simple puzzle two ways: once outside in, and once focusing on the content.
    • A- completed the dog puzzle with a little help. She liked focusing on one dog at a time, and started asking for pieces based on features she needed.
  • World
    • A- really wanted J- and W- to help her try tinikling.
  • Other
    • At the Nobody’s Perfect workshop, we received a set of booklets about different aspects of parenting, and we talked about play. I asked about developmentally-appropriate expectations in terms of tidying up in between activities, and they recommended involving A-. A- mostly stayed with me, although she occasionally wandered off to play independently.
  • Oops
    • I lost my wallet at the playground. Oops! I think it had fallen out of my pocket when I pulled out a wipe for A-‘s nose. That should teach me not to put important things into the shallow back pockets on women’s jeans.

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