Weekly review: Week ending July 10, 2020

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  • W- finished the porch skirt. We hung out on the porch while he worked so that we could keep an eye on stuff and so that A- could hand him tools.
  • I experimented with different sewing patterns for face masks.
  • We played lots of LEGO Heroica. It influenced A- to pretend that she was a wizard, a golem, a goblin, and a dark druid. She's so awesome.
  • There was a big thunderstorm with hail. I forgot to pull the plants closer to the house, and the taller tomatoes really suffered. Let's see how they do.
  • A- didn't want to do the craft activity during the literacy workshop. It involved colouring circles, cutting them out, and gluing them to make a stoplight. She told me later that she has a hard time colouring within the lines, which is totally normal. I wonder how I can help her have developmentally appropriate expectations too.
  • We practised playing pretend with LEGO sets, and she now regularly asks me to play pretend with her.
  • We had a great time experimenting with bubbles. We figured out how to get bubbles to stick to the deck. Sometimes bubbles bounced off each other, sometimes they touched, and sometimes they merged. We also used a straw to enlarge bubbles.
  • A- skinned a dollar-sized portion of her knee when she fell going over a small depression in the road. She stayed calm as I untangled her from her bike and snuggled her close. W- washed the wound with water and applied the bandage from A-‘s backpack first aid kit. She waited patiently while he fetched a “health potion” (a box of frozen desserts from the organic food store). She biked home. She's getting better at managing her emotions when she gets hurt. (KP2.4)

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Category The other week % Last week % Diff % h/wk Diff h/wk
Discretionary – Productive 8.2 10.4 2.2 17.4 3.7
A- 49.1 50.5 1.4 84.9 2.3
Discretionary – Family 1.7 1.8 0.1 3.0 0.2
Discretionary – Play 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0
Discretionary – Social 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0
Personal 4.6 4.1 -0.5 7.0 -0.8
Business 0.7 0.1 -0.6 0.2 -1.0
Unpaid work 3.9 3.0 -0.8 5.1 -1.4
Sleep 31.8 30.0 -1.8 50.5 -3.0
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