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Emacs Org Mode Customization Survey

Org Mode is an outlining and TODO tool for Emacs. Except it’s so much more than that, since people have written all sorts of code to make it do way more than an outliner (or even a text editor!) usually does. Seriously, it even has a Sudoku solver. (The code is optional, so you don’t lose memory if you don’t load it.)

If you use Emacs and you haven’t tried out Org Mode yet, check it out.

If you’ve made Org Mode a part of your life, you’ve probably customized lots of little things about it. Please help the developers by submitting the customization survey to Mike McLean!

As discussed a few days ago on this list, Carsten and the other developers are interested in what and how us users are customizing Org mode. This was first done in 2009, so a re-do of the survey is useful as is for how people are using Org now, as well as a comparison to the past.

Carsten provided the function that was used before to collect the raw data and I am working on the data collection and summarization this time around.

I have place the function on Github,
The raw elisp is at:

All you need to do is:
1. Load and eval the function
2. Execute (interactive) org-customization-survey
3. Review the buffer, cleanse for sensitive information if any
4. Email the buffer to [email protected] (If your Emacs is configured for email, C-c C-c will send)

I’m looking forward to the results, which will most likely be posted to the Org Mode mailing list.

Curious about my Org configuration? Check out my annotated Emacs config.

Quantified Awesome: 116 web resources for Quantified Self

I like reading about other people’s adventures in self-tracking and experimentation. It’s a great way to pick up ideas and connect with other people. There’s Quantified Self, but it has a handful of authors. One morning, I went through twenty pages of search results in order to put together this list for you and me.

(In case you’re curious, it took me a little over two hours to put this together, and Google Chrome hung twice.)

In no particular order…
[

Survey responses for TLE: Remote Presentations That Rock

Last year, I gave my Remote Presentations That Rock presentation at the IBM Technical Leadership Exchange. The survey results are finally in!

Dear Sacha Chua,

On behalf of the TLE executive and content management teams, thank you for your significant contribution to the 2009 Technical Leadership Exchange.  Thanks to your efforts, we were able to deliver high quality, business relevant content that supports the strategic development needs of IBM’s global technical leadership.

Your active participation in the first-ever virtual TLE is a great example of Leading through Change!   Please accept our congratulations and sincere appreciation.

Following is the feedback received after your presentation

Session ID: LDR-407
Session Title:  Remote Presentations that Rock

Total number of attendees:  108
Total Surveys:  77

Rating Scale:

Value Net Satisfaction Index ranges (applies to questions 1-3 below) Net Impact Index ranges
(applies to questions 4-5 below)
Excellent 85 – 100 60 – 100
Good 75 – 84 50 – 59
Fair 65 – 74 40 – 49
Poor 55 – 64 30 – 39
Very Poor below 55 < 30

1. Value of the content
Total Responses: 77    Net Satisfaction Index Rating: 88.64   (Excellent)
2. Speaker’s ability to deliver the material
Total Responses: 77    Net Satisfaction Index Rating: 94.16   (Excellent)
3. Technology used for this session
Total Responses: 77    Net Satisfaction Index Rating: 91.56   (Excellent)
4. This session will help me achieve my business goals
Total Responses: 77    Net Impact Index Rating: 70.45    (Excellent)
5. This session helped me understand IBM’s strategy in this area
Total Responses: 77    Net Satisfaction Index Rating: 61.04    (Excellent)

SWG – 16
GBS – 13
Corporate – 7
S&D – 8
ITD – 8
GTS – 7
ISC – 5
STG – 10
MBPS – 2
Research – 1       

North America IOT – 59
LA GMT – 4
NE IOT – 5
SW IOT – 3       

Tenure (years)       
21+ – 19
6-10 – 18
11-15 – 15
1-5 – 15
16-20 – 9       

Job category       
Software Development & Support – 11
IT Architect – 11
IT Specialist – 18
Project Management – 7
Hardware Development & Support – 6
Other – 7
Technical Services – 4
Consultant – 4
Sales – 3
Project Executive – 3
Research – 1
HR/Learning – 2       

  • Comments and/or suggestions for future activities or topics
    I liked the idea of using a personal avatar in the slides.
    challenge I always face is providing the “technical meat” of the presentation and still keep slides “simple” …
    It’s a little distracting that the video and sound are not in sync.
    Great tool and presentation!
    This is great lots of interaction. Thsi is an everyday tool/skill we need. Sachae is so full of energy!
    Very often, we present remotely without a tool. All we have is a phone line and a presentation file which has been distributed.
    I think it was actually well done and helpful. Probably more so to some people. I got the sense it was to help with internal presentations vs customer presentations, and wonder whether a client facing version of this education would be valuable to the IBM team.
    By far the best Presentation I have sen in many years – subject material was right on and Sacha has an engery level when presenting that is engaging and the use of the web cam was brilliant made me feel like we were in the same room!
    Great introduction to Elluminate.  Hopefully Lotus Live will be as robust….
    EXCELLENT Session!!!  Sacha Chua did an awesome job…Her passion was evident throughout her presentation, and her use of technology was fabulous.
    the video was not in sync and thus very distracting .. so I turned it off
    A very good presentation.  The tips provided are not new but can easily be forgotten in the rush of a presentation.   I think the value of this presentation is to re-familiarize the content to the group.  Overall very helpful.
    Can we use the Elluminate instead of LotusLive (Unyte) for remote presentations?  We are told to use Lotus Live for our meetings as it is our technology.
    My Job Category is People Manager – why isn’t that one of the choices on the drop down.
    Loved the interactive response on the opening charts.
    good presentation – not enough tips on how to structure content
    practice is key, no substitute for that
    Networking at IBM
    Very much enjoyed the presentation.  I had no temptation whatsoever to multi-task!  Thank you and you gave me some great ideas to adapt to my own style.
    This demonstrated an excellent approach to delivering presentations, with many great ideas that would increase the value

Comparing this with my previous survey results for the first TLE talk I gave (I.B.Millennials):

1. Value of the content
87.21 (Excellent) –>  88.64   (Excellent)
2. Speaker’s ability to deliver the material
92.86 (Excellent) –> 94.16   (Excellent)
3. Technology used for this session
70.93 (Fair) –>  91.56   (Excellent)
4. This session will help me achieve my business goals
63.37 (Poor, on previous scale used) –> 70.45    (Excellent)
5. This session helped me understand IBM’s strategy in this area
(not previously asked) ->  61.04    (Excellent)

Improvement all around. Following  through on the next steps I identified when reflecting on those presentations in 2008, I worked on my visual communication skills and on identifying concrete next actions. End result: people have been making changes in their presentation style based on my tips! =)

Relentless improvement. Yay!