May 2003

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May 31Xemacs text menus? emacs
May 31message-sent-hook emacs
May 31pda dev class !Uncategorized
May 31Message to planner emacs
May 31Logging gnus messages emacs
May 31Constructivism !Uncategorized
May 31Stuff I need to take care of !Uncategorized
May 31Codestriker debs !Uncategorized
May 31Need to make a list of things I’d like !Uncategorized
May 31Debian-related HOWTOs !Uncategorized
May 31List of UML products !Uncategorized
May 31Pen tablet that can run Linux !Uncategorized
May 31CS161 William !Uncategorized
May 30Learning Gnus !Uncategorized
May 30Using 802.11b to find out where you are !Uncategorized
May 30Light readings on the relational model !Uncategorized
May 30‘Dumb IT hiring practices’ !Uncategorized
May 30“From PlayStation to Supercomputer for $50,000″ !Uncategorized
May 30“Wear Down Opposition” !Uncategorized
May 30“Business Is Toying With a Web Tool” !Uncategorized
May 30 !Uncategorized
May 27Blog: Dean Michael Berris – !Uncategorized
May 27New e-mail addresses !Uncategorized
May 27Linux Gazette 90: Software development for the Zaurus !Uncategorized
May 27cl-screamer: Common Lisp package for nondeterministic programming !Uncategorized
May 26Friends I need to get back in touch with !Uncategorized
May 26Core servlets and Java Server Pages !Uncategorized
May 23Nearly forgot about ! !Uncategorized
May 23Web-based modules for CS21A !Uncategorized
May 23Student congress !Uncategorized
May 23Notes on taking exams !Uncategorized
May 23Write Sherry Rodulfo about June 2 for IT week !Uncategorized
May 23June 19 – Sir Olpoc’s birthday !Uncategorized
May 23Tigris !Uncategorized
May 23Information and Communications Technology Certification Course from RAMTEC !Uncategorized
May 22Dumb IT hiring practices !Uncategorized
May 22Took some PersonalityQuizzes !Uncategorized
May 22Talked to a random stranger today !Uncategorized
May 17Software archaeology !Uncategorized
May 16Ernest Baello !Uncategorized
May 16debian emacs policy emacs
May !Uncategorized
May 16Woke up late today !Uncategorized
May 11Blogging ideas emacs
May 11Ephiphany Browser !Uncategorized
May 10Smartphone !Uncategorized
May 9More Debian goodness !Uncategorized
May 9Good Design Comes From Bad Design !Uncategorized
May 9Moved back home !Uncategorized
May 9Hackers and Painters !Uncategorized
May 8The Mathematics of the 3D Rotation Matrix !Uncategorized
May 7Notebook cooling pads geek
May 7planner-el is now apt-gettable! emacs
May 6Application essay draft — education, reflection school
May 6Blurty geek
May 6Cat cat
May 6JM Ibanez’ blog: Soul of a New Machine geek
May 6Pinoy penguins! =) linux
May 5Outline for application essay education
May 5Moved in life
May 5 geek
May 4“Group Offers Help for Women in the Tech Sector” women
May 1Securing Debian linux