May 2003

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May 31Xemacs text menus? emacs
May 31message-sent-hook emacs
May 31pda dev class -Uncategorized
May 31Message to planner emacs
May 31Logging gnus messages emacs
May 31Constructivism -Uncategorized
May 31Stuff I need to take care of -Uncategorized
May 31Codestriker debs -Uncategorized
May 31Need to make a list of things I’d like -Uncategorized
May 31Debian-related HOWTOs -Uncategorized
May 31List of UML products -Uncategorized
May 31Pen tablet that can run Linux -Uncategorized
May 31CS161 William -Uncategorized
May 30Learning Gnus -Uncategorized
May 30Using 802.11b to find out where you are -Uncategorized
May 30Light readings on the relational model -Uncategorized
May 30‘Dumb IT hiring practices’ -Uncategorized
May 30“From PlayStation to Supercomputer for $50,000” -Uncategorized
May 30“Wear Down Opposition” -Uncategorized
May 30“Business Is Toying With a Web Tool” -Uncategorized
May 30 -Uncategorized
May 27Blog: Dean Michael Berris – -Uncategorized
May 27New e-mail addresses -Uncategorized
May 27Linux Gazette 90: Software development for the Zaurus -Uncategorized
May 27cl-screamer: Common Lisp package for nondeterministic programming -Uncategorized
May 26Friends I need to get back in touch with -Uncategorized
May 26Core servlets and Java Server Pages -Uncategorized
May 23Nearly forgot about ! -Uncategorized
May 23Web-based modules for CS21A -Uncategorized
May 23Student congress -Uncategorized
May 23Notes on taking exams -Uncategorized
May 23Write Sherry Rodulfo about June 2 for IT week -Uncategorized
May 23June 19 – Sir Olpoc’s birthday -Uncategorized
May 23Tigris -Uncategorized
May 23Information and Communications Technology Certification Course from RAMTEC -Uncategorized
May 22Dumb IT hiring practices -Uncategorized
May 22Took some PersonalityQuizzes -Uncategorized
May 22Talked to a random stranger today -Uncategorized
May 17Software archaeology -Uncategorized
May 16Ernest Baello -Uncategorized
May 16debian emacs policy emacs
May -Uncategorized
May 16Woke up late today -Uncategorized
May 11Blogging ideas emacs
May 11Ephiphany Browser -Uncategorized
May 10Smartphone -Uncategorized
May 9More Debian goodness -Uncategorized
May 9Good Design Comes From Bad Design -Uncategorized
May 9Moved back home -Uncategorized
May 9Hackers and Painters -Uncategorized
May 8The Mathematics of the 3D Rotation Matrix -Uncategorized
May 7Notebook cooling pads geek
May 7planner-el is now apt-gettable! emacs
May 6Application essay draft — education, reflection school
May 6Blurty geek
May 6Cat cat
May 6JM Ibanez’ blog: Soul of a New Machine geek
May 6Pinoy penguins! =) linux
May 5Outline for application essay education
May 5Moved in life
May 5 geek
May 4“Group Offers Help for Women in the Tech Sector” women
May 1Securing Debian linux