April 2003

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Apr 30other funnies life
Apr 30Education versus training — education education
Apr 30Piled higher and deeper – more comics school
Apr 30Blog reaction: Filipino Open Source Developers — blog emacs
Apr 30Cory Doctorow geek
Apr 30Common Java errors geek
Apr 30ruler-mode emacs
Apr 30Gnus tidbits from NEWS — emacs emacs
Apr 30gnus-dired-mode — emacs emacs
Apr 293D graphics geek
Apr 29More tiny notebooks — tech geek
Apr 29Online books learning
Apr 29E-Learning — education learning
Apr 28More Java resources — education teaching
Apr 24MS interview questions work
Apr 24Notes about today — education teaching
Apr 24Thinking like a computer scientist geek
Apr 23ARGH! Left my power cord! geek
Apr 23Up the Down Staircase — education teaching
Apr 23Scrabble life
Apr 23Teaching was so much fun! — education teaching
Apr 22Software quotes geek
Apr 22Moodle teaching
Apr 22Moodle.org and LANG teaching
Apr 217th IEEE International Symposium on Wearable Computers conference
Apr 21Assistive technology and wearable computing research
Apr 21Computer accessibility and wearable computing research
Apr 21Computer science books geek
Apr 21Online CS books geek
Apr 16Free software in education — education teaching
Apr 16Free.net.ph mail still broken? geek
Apr 16Leaving for Daet at midnight family
Apr 16Tense changed. emacs
Apr 16Debian Developers linux
Apr 16Debian Developers in the Philippines linux
Apr 16Debian packaging emacs
Apr 16My GPG key fingerprint geek
Apr 16Debian package: glark for searching text files linux
Apr 16Combining PDFs geek
Apr 15Personal stuff life
Apr 15Employment stress work
Apr 15Wearable computing position in Ateneo! =D research
Apr 15Voice-only apps without speech recognition research
Apr 15More files teaching
Apr 15The S-Files emacs
Apr 15Curriculum Review teaching
Apr 14IBM Viavoice Dictation for Linux linux
Apr 14The Art of Unix Programming by Eric Steven Raymond geek
Apr 14Philippine Chapter of International Game Developers Association? geek
Apr 14Computer science – is it an exact science? — education teaching
Apr 14Tech blogs geek
Apr 14The Wonderful World of Emacs – planner.el — emacs, planner emacs
Apr 12Mario Carreon has a website: http://www.engg.upd.edu.ph/~mario/ friends
Apr 12Teaching ideas — education teaching
Apr 12UP thesis related to text summarization — research research
Apr 12Faculty R&R postponed teaching
Apr 11Okay, time for me to go to bed. life
Apr 11Emacs strokes — emacs emacs
Apr 11I’ll be teaching this summer! teaching
Apr 11Sampizcat, canna and kinput2 japanese
Apr 11Aadisht Khanna (http://aadisht.net) and text summarization 4 geek
Apr 11The (Mis)adventures of Catastrophix continue… — cat cat
Apr 11Annotations emacs
Apr 11Blogger code geek
Apr 11Emacs-wiki and httpd problem emacs
Apr 11The Linux Documentation Project needs you! linux
Apr 11John Wiegley’s new homepage: http://www.emacswiki.org/johnw/ 2 emacs
Apr 11Tips for web development geek
Apr 11Text input methods — wearable, input geek
Apr 11Cool notebook — tech geek
Apr 9Crossroads issues teaching
Apr 9Open source and CS education — education teaching
Apr 9Some computer science education links — education teaching
Apr 8Aadisht Khanna and t-shirts friends
Apr 8Thanks to Thomas Gehrlein — planner emacs
Apr 8Catastrophix updates — cat cat
Apr 8DISCS local number 5660 5661 teaching
Apr 8Will I be able to compete in the ACM ICPC? event
Apr 8Computer science education research processes — education teaching
Apr 8Paper: A Mentor Program in CS1 — education teaching
Apr 8Paper: Laptops in the Classroom — education teaching
Apr 8Paper: Engaging Students with Theory through ACM Collegiate Programming Contests — education teaching
Apr 8Open source advocacy in governments free and open source
Apr 7Freaky Keyboards geek
Apr 7IntranetServer progress geek
Apr 7Orphan Kitten FAQ cat
Apr 4Week summary view emacs
Apr 4NealStephenson uses Emacs! emacs
Apr 4Emacs tips emacs
Apr 4Cards -Uncategorized
Apr 4Hacking Society -Uncategorized
Apr 4Another cat link cat
Apr 4Gender stereotypes in CS women
Apr 4I hate floppies. geek
Apr 4More puzzles geek
Apr 4Graduate school deadline school
Apr 4Yesterday’s CS party -Uncategorized
Apr 1squidstat geek
Apr 1Code fragment repository? geek
Apr 1Blender export geek
Apr 1Computer Science Unplugged — education teaching