May 2007

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May 31Plodding away on my thesis school
May 30Roadtrip! travel
May 29Charting my life on index cards – Saturday afternoon goal-setting workshop? planning
May 27Intramuros philippines
May 25Pinball geek
May 25Driving me crazy learning
May 25Exercise health
May 23Women women
May 22It’s good to be back travel
May 21Boo travel
May 20At the airport travel
May 19For Robyn family
May 18Technical interview geek
May 18Events in the Philippines? event
May 17Curing Mail Madness with GNU Emacs emacs
May 16Family first family
May 13Week in review: May 6 to May 13 weekly
May 11Much done research
May 11Finished writing Emacs mail article! emacs
May 8Boo! Skype unlimited, limited geek
May 7Money management for the next stage in your life finance
May 7Week past, week next weekly
May 5Hiking health
May 3Songs within us family
May 3The end is near! school
May 2Why do people cry at airports? travel