April 2007

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Apr 30Okay, this is really annoying now life
Apr 28Windmills of Your Mind life
Apr 27Okay, I can stop working now! life
Apr 27Javascript workaround geek
Apr 27AHA! life
Apr 26Augh, I want my life back! life
Apr 26Thoughts on anxiety life
Apr 25Tired life
Apr 24Writing writing writing school
Apr 24OFF FOCUS by Lina Rodriguez and Rita Kamacho philippines
Apr 22What an intense week! life
Apr 21More food for thought philippines
Apr 21Knowing people connecting
Apr 21The Reading Solution, and thoughts on education education
Apr 21Quiet time life
Apr 19Steel-cut oats cooking
Apr 18Geek! geek
Apr 18Multi-modal learning learning
Apr 18Arroz caldo cooking
Apr 18Lasagna cooking
Apr 18Thesis research
Apr 18Adventures with J: Rhyme time family
Apr 18Bruised knuckle 1 life
Apr 18Lost pictures geek
Apr 17How to use Emacs to keep track of your bibliography and notes: anatomy of an Emacs hack emacs
Apr 17Oooh! The banig is so pretty! family
Apr 17Book recommendation: The Ten-Minute Trainer reading
Apr 17Book recommendation: Light Their Fire reading
Apr 16Looking at the puzzle pieces career
Apr 16Falling in love with poetry: Viva Shel Silverstein! reading
Apr 16Being Filipino philippines
Apr 15Week in review weekly
Apr 15Expensive running shoes considered harmful health
Apr 14Shoe shopping Saturday life
Apr 14Wahoo! Inbox zero! geek
Apr 13Strange wikindx error geek
Apr 13Don Marti’s e-mail productivity hack productivity
Apr 12Filed my taxes finance
Apr 12Priming my brain learning
Apr 12I actually have a project school
Apr 11Immigration points canada
Apr 10Mens sana in corpore sano health
Apr 10Entertainingly educational books reading
Apr 8Lasagna cooking
Apr 8Massages life
Apr 8Field trip! learning
Apr 8Falling in love with words reading
Apr 7Lasagna cooking
Apr 7Sick and happy life
Apr 4I miss my family family
Apr 3Krav and Evil Dead health
Apr 3Pinakbet cooking
Apr 2Books, books, books reading