August 2007

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Aug 30More cooking cooking
Aug 29Speaking of fitness landscapes… life
Aug 28Not panicking about paperwork canada
Aug 27First day of driving lessons learning
Aug 26Weekly review weekly
Aug 24zomg, I have to go to the Toronto International Film Festival… life
Aug 20Life shouldn’t be this complicated life
Aug 17Fishing random things out of my head life
Aug 17Brrr canada
Aug 16Should track library subjects library
Aug 16What to do, what to do… plans
Aug 15Thinking about September life
Aug 14Barkada party barkada
Aug 13Looking back life
Aug 12Fitness landscapes life
Aug 12Cream meringue tart cockaigne cooking, cookordie
Aug 11A fantastic year yearly
Aug 10Quick summary life
Aug 10At the Toronto Circus School health
Aug 8I survived my defense! school
Aug 7Thesis defense is tomorrow school
Aug 6Preparing for defense school
Aug 5Weekly review weekly
Aug 5Moving back to PCFinancial finance
Aug 4No plans yet friends
Aug 3What do you do on holidays? life
Aug 3Got my study permit extended canada
Aug 2Can’t help but teach teaching
Aug 2Plywood boxes emacs
Aug 1So I’m on Second Life geek