Monthly review: December 2013

It’s surprisingly easy to step away from everyday life for a month. We went to the Philippines to visit family and friends. It was an memorable trip: helping cook meals for the typhoon refugees at Villamor, talking about plans with family, hanging out with friends, taking care of paperwork, attending a friend’s wedding, going on a 5-day road trip through Northern Luzon, getting lots of little IT things sorted out for my parents… It was wonderful being there for an extended period of time. It felt more like being home.

Blog posts


  1. 2013.12.01 Drawing for others and drawing for myself – note-taking versus note-making
  2. 2013.12.01 How do I see delegation fitting into my life over the next 12 months
  3. 2013.12.01 Show post-production notes
  4. 2013.12.03 2014 Changes
  5. 2013.12.10 December trip memories
  6. 2013.12.10 Neko memories
  7. 2013.12.12 Decision – HackLab
  8. 2013.12.12 Decision – Tacloban
  9. 2013.12.12 Plan – Getting started with Emacs Lisp
  10. 2013.12.12 Plan – The Lazy Person’s Guide to Saving Time with Emacs
  11. 2013.12.12 Reflections on writing process
  12. 2013.12.12 Sharing plans
  13. 2013.12.12 Writing date
  14. 2013.12.13 Dealing with feeling scattered as a writer
  15. 2013.12.14 Conflicting thoughts about delegation
  16. 2013.12.14 Where do I want to go in terms of drawing
  17. 2013.12.17 Reviewing my investment decisions in 2013
  18. 2013.12.17 Why is my barkada my barkada
  19. 2013.12.18 Projects for 2014
  20. 2013.12.18 Should I continue with gardening in 2014
  21. 2013.12.19 December routines
  22. 2013.12.20 Things to bring to the Philippines – What was hard to find in regular supermarkets
  23. 2013.12.21 Pieces wanted for time-tracking course
  24. 2013.12.21 Plans for time-tracking workshop
  25. 2013.12.21 Things to do when away in my head
  26. 2013.12.21 Transforming your time data
  27. 2013.12.24 Hands – study

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