Monthly review: May 2012

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Business: I’ve been in business for a quarter. By golly. This business thing is pretty cool. I rather enjoy doing contracts and cash flow projections – and the actual work, of course. I ended up focusing on client work for 179.4 hours, including the occasional Friday, because I wanted to help a friend. So May was less discretionary than I expected, but I plan to refocus in June and July. I want to make sure I’m learning how to think like a business owner, not just as a contractor or consultant.

Drawing: Looking back, it doesn’t feel like I did a lot of drawing, but I posted quite a few. I think it’s because I’ve been drawing based on presentations and events instead of sitting down and drawing things on my own time. I synchronized the images with my phone, though, and I had a virtual assistant type in all the text from my sketchnotes. I haven’t worked on book reviews at all, though!

Life: A full month of biking to work, too. Hooray! The weather has been mostly cooperative, although I’ve been caught out in the rain a few times. I like the bike ride. It gives me a little space to think.

Tracking: I analyzed our yield from Cooper’s Farm and started tracking grocery receipts. Looks like we have a long way to go in terms of getting more vegetables into our routines.

So far, so awesome!

May 2012 in blog posts:


Lots of planning:

Lots of Emacs stuff:

Enjoying life:

Started delegating again:

Some analysis:

I went to lots of events. You can tell from my sketchnotes:

Some more drawing and thinking about drawing. I scanned and reviewed my old notebooks, too!

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