Monthly review: April 2014

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Last month, I wrote:

In April, I want to:

  • Record and set up more Emacs chats
  • Make open source contribution part of my routine (mailing lists, patches, sharing)

And I did! I moved my Emacs writing workflow online and committed lots of code for different things I was working on. Here's my Github heatmap as of May-ish:

2014-05-07 21_33_48-sachac (Sacha Chua).png

I've been experimenting with focusing more on Emacs. is coming along nicely, and I've started fleshing it out as . The guide on how to read Emacs Lisp is now more than 8,000 words, and it has greatly benefited from people's feedback. =)

I completed my 10-episode goal for Emacs Chats and am starting on another “season”, now that inviting people is less intimidating. It's fun, and I've been hearing from people who find the chats interesting as well. I wonder how I can make this more useful…

The weather has finally warmed up, so I'm back to gardening and biking. (Yay biking! =D) At first I thought our soil was doing okay. Once the rains lightened up, I found that the soil was still pretty sandy. I'll need to add lots of compost. Still, a number of seedlings are on their way up. Yay!

On my consulting gig, I learned a lot about Tableau and reporting. Looks interesting. On a personal note, we've been tracking litter box use, and I now have more than seven hundred rows of data. Still haven't automated the analysis, though. =)

I'm working on writing based on outlines and getting better at creating e-learning resources. I also need to prepare for a possible talk at the International Lisp Conference in August, too.

In May, I want to:

  • Learn how to write extensions for E1
  • Develop “How to Read Emacs Lisp” into a proper course, with objectives, modules, exercises and other useful things
  • Add compost and herbs to our garden

Blog posts

Time use

Label Hours Percent Notes
Business 160.0 22% Earn: 73.1, E1: 64.5, Connect: 28.0, Build: 58.9; average 37h/week
Discretionary 149.6 21% Social: 13.3, Productive: 90.8 (Writing: 29.2, Emacs: 39.7), Play: 28.8
Personal 97.6 14% Routines: 50.7
Sleep 264.0 37% Average of 8.8 hours per day
Unpaid work 48.8 7% Commuting: 21.5, Cook: 10.8, Tidy: 1.6
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