2019-01-21 Emacs news

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2019-01-14 Emacs news

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Weekly review: Week ending January 11, 2019

This was the first week of going to drop-in centres after a long break. The parent workers reassure me that it’s enough in terms of kindergarten readiness, and that I don’t have to worry about setting up lots of activities or picking a preschool curriculum. Next week, music classes start again, so we’ll add those to the mix. We found a good swimming pool for Friday trips, and we can go to the science centre or the museum when we want something different. It’s a pretty comfortable routine, and A- seems to like it a lot.

Lots of cooking during the week, too. W- made beef bulgogi, and I made Parmesan-crusted chicken. Yum yum! Sardine pasta wasn’t as popular, but it was good to try.

  • Kaizen
    • I asked the drop-in centre teacher about unit planning. She recommended thinking about different centres and building up our supplies.
    • My headband/scarf arrived from the Art of Where! The letters, numbers, days of the week, and months of the year printed well, and they’ve already been handy as a quick reference for teaching A-.
    • I tweaked my LaTeX template to make a properly centered photobook. I drafted a social story about playground rhythms.
    • Raising Human Beings looks like a good book on collaborative problem solving like How to Talk So Little Kids Listen.
    • Next swim trip improvement: bring a small picnic blanket to catch food.
  • Us
    • I issued myself a dividend check.
  • Sensory
    • We went swimming again. A- wasn’t keen on the hot shower or the contrast with the cold air, but she had fun bouncing in the water, and she practised going down the ladder.
  • Language
    • A- independently read a picture book while waiting for us.
    • A- was interested in punctuation marks. We used playdough and stamps to make question marks and exclamation marks.
    • “There’s my favourite teacher!”
    • Me: “Your daddy is very wise.” A-: “And easy to train!” W-: “I don’t know where that came from.” Me: “I know! That’s from Charlotte and the Rock, but…”
    • A- at bedtime: “More books!” Me: “Two books? Three books?” A-: “Four books. Five books. Twenty-one. Twenty-two.” Me: “Hey, wait a minute…”
  • Eating
    • Creamy vegan potato leek soup: A- had quite a few spoonfuls. Surprisingly nice with the toasted sesame seeds she sprinkled on top of my bowl. We paired it with ham sandwiches.
    • Chicken katsu: Did half chicken katsu and half Parmesan-crusted chicken. Yum! A- liked the Parmesan-crusted chicken and even polished it off when we had leftovers for lunch.
  • Social
    • A- sang “Bahay Kubo” clearly and correctly, except for the last line, which she changed to “Sa paligid-ligid, kamay at paa” again. I laughed and said, “That’s not how it goes!” She said, “I love making Mama laugh.”
    • We made it to the drop-in centre even though it was so cold. A- had fun playing with the sand table and the big foam blocks.
    • A- wanted to play on a little obstacle course set up at school, but the other kids were taking turns too quickly for her to feel comfortable getting the hang of it. I started thinking about the tempo of a playground and how to help A- adapt.
    • A- smooshed her face into mine and said, “You cannot breathe and you cannot see.”
    • A- had fun playing with Lola over video chat. Lola made animal noises and A- guessed them.
    • A- tugged on my sleeve. “I’m cooking,” I said. She said, “May I have my mommy, please?” Naturally, I stopped and snuggled her.
    • A- changed out of her pajamas to another top and pants that she chose and wore by herself. She noticed that the pants were green with white flowers, and she remembered that I had pajama pants like that. She asked me to change into them. When I did, she happily said, “Matching!” For good measure, we both changed into red flannel tops too.
  • Pretend
    • A- was a little scared of a spider, but i was able to flip her perspective by pretending to be a spider who was scared of her. We spent the next couple of days pretending to be spiders.
    • A- liked roleplaying preschool based on a book we read. She packed her backpack, went to “school,” put the bag in her cubby, and sat down for circle time.
  • World
    • “This phone works again. It got some power. I can use it.”

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Category The other week % Last week % Diff % h/wk Diff h/wk
Unpaid work 5.4 8.3 2.9 14.0 4.9
Business 1.6 4.2 2.6 7.1 4.4
Discretionary – Play 2.3 3.8 1.4 6.4 2.4
Personal 4.5 4.8 0.3 8.0 0.4
Discretionary – Social 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0
Discretionary – Family 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0 0.0
Sleep 32.5 31.1 -1.3 52.3 -2.3
Discretionary – Productive 6.3 3.8 -2.5 6.4 -4.2
A- 47.3 43.9 -3.4 73.8 -5.7

Weekly review: Week ending January 4, 2019

  • Kaizen
    • I tidied up my drawers a little.
    • I updated my Emacs News code to deal with the pagination of Reddit JSON.
    • I Dockerized my sketch viewer and my tracker, and I was able to deploy the images to my server.
    • I set up a Docker container for loading my MySQL backups.
    • I reflashed the TF700T with the Katkiss ROM. It was tolerably responsive.
    • I reviewed my portfolio and reinvested the dividends. I’ll probably invest in just my TFSA and A-‘s RESP this year, since we might have big expenses coming up.
    • I used Tasker to make it easier to log our cooking.
  • Us
    • I wrote a couple of blog posts, yay!
    • I sorted out Docker + ufw + iptables.
    • At the drop-in centre, I asked other parents about their experiences with going to activities and keeping kids home for preschool. It sounds pretty workable.
    • I looked up dates for summer breaks and started thinking of what a long summer trip to the Philippines might be like for A- and me.
  • Gross motor
    • A- walked all the way to the subway station.
  • Fine motor
    • A- can look for and type single letters instead of holding down. She’s also interested in sounding them out.
    • A- liked putting screws into a tiny bag.
  • Sensory
    • A- wanted us to blow feathers around.
    • We went swimming with Melissa and H-. The change rooms were pleasantly warm when we entered, and the pool was the perfect temperature. A- kept saying, “How nice it is to swim.” She had fun dog-paddling and floating while wearing a vest, even in the deeper part of the toddler pool. We stayed in the pool for more than an hour, and she napped for a long time afterwards. I think this will be a nice addition to our weekly routine.
  • Language
    • I read a book. Beside me, A- flipped through a Childcraft volume and asked questions about the pictures.
    • A- often likes chatting before she falls asleep. One time, we spent quite a few minutes talking about the names of people in our family.
    • A- practised sounding out the letters on the milk box.
  • Self-care and independence
    • A- rubbed her conformer out while we were at the Ontario Science Centre. It fell to the floor. Before I noticed it was out, she’d already crouched, picked it up, and brought it to me. “I brought it to an adult,” she said. We’ve been teaching her that if she takes out her conformer, she should bring it to the adult responsible for her. She’s getting pretty good at that. Whew!
  • Eating
    • I made quiche. A- nibbled on the crust.
    • Honey glazed tofu: Yummy enough, but A- wasn’t interested in trying it today. Skipped the pepper, of course.
    • Crunchy coconut cookies: I made these with vegetable oil instead of butter. Still turned out airy and delicious.
    • Bacon Brussels sprouts: Yummy! A- kept sneaking Brussels sprouts from the bowl while I prepared the rest of dinner.
    • I blended vegetables into pasta sauce. I felt very much like a parent. A- didn’t want the sauce on her pasta, but she was happy to have it like soup.
  • Emotion
    • Tantrum overtired doesn’t want to go to sleep
    • A- bumped her face, so she spent some time snuggling with me for consolation. She asked for a blanket cave.
  • Social
    • A- raised her hand, then said, “I raised my hand for help. I’m thirsty.” I helped her with her water bottle.
    • We spent a day leisurely doing neighbourhood chores. We loaded the stroller with so many groceries that we had to drop them off at home in order to make space for books. The drop-in centre at the library turned out to be open already, so we spent some time there as well.
    • A- doesn’t like it when kids point or stare at her eye. We talked about some responses we can try the next time that happens. The next one we’re going to experiment with is me saying “Shh, L- is learning how to be a superhero. She has a special eye.” (L- is the name she likes using at the moment.) We talked about the power of joking about things and owning the conversation.
    • We dropped by Melissa and H-‘s place before heading to the swimming pool. A- liked the chocolate chip muffins that Melissa had just baked. We had an impromptu dance party, too.
    • We were playing catch on the stairs. A- wanted to keep playing. We told her we could do one more and then it would be dinner time. She threw the ball and then came down the stairs, saying, “I promised to come back.”
  • Pretend
    • After helping me with self-checkout at the supermarket, A- carried the receipt all the way home. She wanted to play cashier. I had made a cash register out of cardboard for her before, but we had recycled it after it fell apart. W- had also cut some pretend money out of coloured construction paper, but it wasn’t in its usual place. After some thinking, A- said, “How can I play cashier with no money and no cash register?” I said, “We can use our imagination.” We did a quick transaction before moving on to reading books.
    • A- had fun pretending I was Lola. We read lots of books.
  • World
    • We walked to the park and looked at the construction.
    • A- had lots of fun using the magnet in W-‘s workshop to pick up screws and other pieces of hardware.
    • We went to the science centre with Melissa and H-. She liked pretending to be a nurse, farmer, and construction worker. She also played with the wheel, the car, the supermarket, the water table, the spinner, and the pretend guitars. She asked a few questions about the skeleton.

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Category The other week % Last week % Diff % h/wk Diff h/wk
A- 40.9 47.3 6.4 79.5 10.7
Business 0.0 1.6 1.6 2.7 2.7
Unpaid work 3.8 5.4 1.6 9.1 2.7
Discretionary – Productive 6.8 6.3 -0.5 10.7 -0.8
Discretionary – Family 0.6 0.0 -0.6 0.0 -1.0
Personal 5.1 4.5 -0.6 7.6 -1.0
Sleep 34.3 32.5 -1.8 54.5 -3.1
Discretionary – Play 4.8 2.3 -2.5 3.9 -4.1
Discretionary – Social 3.7 0.0 -3.7 0.0 -6.1

2019-01-07 Emacs news

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Becoming more social

We had been at the Ontario Science Centre for two and a half hours, and A- had done most of her favourite activities already. When she saw H- together with Melissa (H-‘s mom), though, she hopped up and down with excitement. She even took H-‘s hand for a bit. Then the pair chased each other around the kids’ area while I scrambled to keep eyes on both of them. After that, there was the usual dance of separate activities and joint ones. Melissa and I waved hello in passing, carried on fragmented conversations, and texted location updates whenever our kiddos looked like they were going to be in one place for a short while.

There was even one segment of extended playing together. H- pretended to be a doctor, A- pretended to be a nurse, and I was their poor beleaguered patient who was not allowed to get well. (“Thank you for the medicine. I feel all better now.” “No, you’re still sick.” “Oh no! I’m so sick.”) We kept at it for quite a while.

We stayed all the way until the science centre closed. A- slept soundly on the way home, all tired out from six hours of fun. I like going to the science centre with friends. A- seems to enjoy it too. The science centre is an hour away, but conversation makes the trip shorter. It’s fun to see the kids interact, too, and I’m learning to enjoy interacting as well.

I’ve been making an effort to be more social by inviting people for field trips or food. A- will learn about social interaction from how I interact with other people, and she’ll develop her own friendships. I hope that when she goes to school, we’ll already be on good terms with a few of her classmates’ families. I can see how friendships have contributed to my sister’s happiness, and I see how I’m slowly getting the hang of things. Not that I feel that friendships are instrumentally good, mind you. One of the things I like about people I consider friends is that it’s nice that they exist. I like that there are people like them. But it does sometimes help to remind myself of the good things about friendships when I’m feeling all homebody-ish or when I’m talking myself out of worrying about rejection.

A- will probably turn out all right no matter what I do. I might as well take advantage of this opportunity to learn a few things that parenting can help me with. Cooking makes sense because I feel strongly motivated to help A- develop good eating habits. Social interaction is another big area that makes perfect sense, since parenting introduces me to lots of people with lots of common ground. Early childhood education is a natural fit, too. So much to learn for both of us!