June 2004

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Jun 30Oh no! I have to dress up tomorrow: CIOF technology briefing on open source !Uncategorized
Jun 29COFFEE OR TEA? !Uncategorized
Jun 29Used up the meatballs !Uncategorized
Jun 298-ball answers 1 geek
Jun 28Teaching reflections !Uncategorized
Jun 27CookOrDie spreads! !Uncategorized
Jun 27Poi !Uncategorized
Jun 26Planner faces emacs
Jun 25Class today: Mixed (TeachingReflections) !Uncategorized
Jun 24Update on wok !Uncategorized
Jun 24Kitchen inventory !Uncategorized
Jun 24Beef with Oyster Sauce 1 cooking
Jun 24Jacek Gwizdka !Uncategorized
Jun 24Gmail invite for Eric !Uncategorized
Jun 23MVC !Uncategorized
Jun 23Reflections on class !Uncategorized
Jun 23A problem with my album photo? !Uncategorized
Jun 22Potato surprise !Uncategorized
Jun 22Tickle Super-IQ test 1 geek
Jun 22Knoppix: The Easiest Way to Get Started with Linux !Uncategorized
Jun 21Aggravated !Uncategorized
Jun 21Beloved canines, cherished friends !Uncategorized
Jun 21Class today !Uncategorized
Jun 21More experiments with sausages and potato soup !Uncategorized
Jun 21Public apology about posting opinion !Uncategorized
Jun 19From the how-not-to-hit-on-a-geek-girl department… !Uncategorized
Jun 18Got my TOEFL score back! !Uncategorized
Jun 18More nuggets from the luser who’s trying to hit on me !Uncategorized
Jun 18Clueless lamer !Uncategorized
Jun 17Courses deployed !Uncategorized
Jun 17Potato soup and fried schueblig slices !Uncategorized
Jun 17A long wait — 75 words !Uncategorized
Jun 16Hosting help: icasocot site on Philippine literature !Uncategorized
Jun 15Carne Norte and scrambled egg for lunch !Uncategorized
Jun 15A difference in slide philosophy !Uncategorized
Jun 15Useful macro commands !Uncategorized
Jun 15“Digital Pen Takes on Mouse” !Uncategorized
Jun 14Prepared for CS21A !Uncategorized
Jun 14Pasta carbonara out of a package !Uncategorized
Jun 14Reflections on class today !Uncategorized
Jun 12Like, duh! Realizations re further studies !Uncategorized
Jun 11Whizzball !Uncategorized
Jun 11Sony U50, U70 !Uncategorized
Jun 10“Cognitive Personal Assistant” !Uncategorized
Jun 10Yesterday !Uncategorized
Jun 8Moonlight !Uncategorized
Jun 8“After Life” !Uncategorized
Jun 8“Access Patterns Organize Data” !Uncategorized
Jun 8“What Is Google’s Secret Weapon? An Army of Ph.D.’s” !Uncategorized
Jun 6Ran out of memory !Uncategorized
Jun 6Reading list for CS1 !Uncategorized
Jun 5CompSAt planning meeting !Uncategorized
Jun 5phdcomics: Been there, done that! !Uncategorized
Jun 5Philippine Open Source Conference 2004 !Uncategorized
Jun 4Beagle — searching and indexing !Uncategorized
Jun 3Operating systems as anime characters !Uncategorized
Jun 2Imagine Cup !Uncategorized
Jun 2Much productive hacking last night emacs
Jun 1Testing Japanese !Uncategorized
Jun 1Task lists emacs