July 2004

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Jul 31Don Bosco Pugad -Uncategorized
Jul 31Software Partnership International Japan -Uncategorized
Jul 30Said goodbye to Fr. Nebres -Uncategorized
Jul 30del.icio.us -Uncategorized
Jul 29Great hackers -Uncategorized
Jul 29Clair Ching’s blog -Uncategorized
Jul 29“While Rome Burns?” -Uncategorized
Jul 28Japanese test! Monday! At 2! -Uncategorized
Jul 28And then there were two -Uncategorized
Jul 27Cognitive overload -Uncategorized
Jul 27What do I really want to focus on for graduate studies? emacs
Jul 27Migration guide for Microsoft Windows to Linux -Uncategorized
Jul 26Any spare Gmail invites? -Uncategorized
Jul 25emacs-wiki-blog.el emacs
Jul 24Overlay handling emacs
Jul 23More stuff about just-in-time information retrieval -Uncategorized
Jul 22Talked to Doc V about BlueJ today -Uncategorized
Jul 22“IBM to Help Train Students for IT Work” -Uncategorized
Jul 21Studying Japanese -Uncategorized
Jul 20“Clique Here” -Uncategorized, connecting
Jul 20“Father of Visual Basic Begs: Stop the Insanity!” -Uncategorized
Jul 20“IBM Tool Has an Eye for the Blind” geek
Jul 19Teaching reflections teaching
Jul 15OUT OF THE RAIN — 25 words, 158 chars writing
Jul 15Smooth lasagna workflow cookordie
Jul 14Concerns about graduate school -Uncategorized
Jul 14Talked to DocV about my plans -Uncategorized
Jul 14Class reflections -Uncategorized
Jul 14Finally got mail working again -Uncategorized
Jul 13Classic SF column -Uncategorized
Jul 13“The New Geek” -Uncategorized
Jul 12Awwwwww! GRE scores are here -Uncategorized
Jul 12Funny Lisp cooking emacs
Jul 11Stargazing — 160ch -Uncategorized
Jul 11Mail — 160ch -Uncategorized
Jul 11A Teacher’s Life — 160ch -Uncategorized
Jul 11No signal — 160ch -Uncategorized
Jul 8Spam! -Uncategorized
Jul 8Marking up note headlines with a permalink emacs
Jul 8“Cyber Crumbs for Successful Aging With Vision Loss” -Uncategorized
Jul 8“Programming Doesn’t Begin to Define Computer Science” -Uncategorized
Jul 7More thoughts on friendship -Uncategorized
Jul 7Class notes -Uncategorized
Jul 7Whoops, autopilot -Uncategorized
Jul 7Marcelle’s first taste of teaching -Uncategorized
Jul 7Google Groups -Uncategorized
Jul 7Incantation to print the author statistics -Uncategorized
Jul 6Learning kanji -Uncategorized
Jul 6Japanese links -Uncategorized
Jul 6Someone into Emacs, Debian GNU/Linux and Japanese emacs
Jul 6Navigating the kill ring emacs
Jul 6Looking for two films: “Before Sunrise” and “Before Sunset” -Uncategorized
Jul 5Ooooh, new toy! -Uncategorized
Jul 5Family bonding in the time of Google -Uncategorized
Jul 5Class reflections -Uncategorized
Jul 5Lessons learned -Uncategorized
Jul 5Documentary: me using Emacs? ;) emacs
Jul 5“Searching for the Perfect OS” -Uncategorized
Jul 2STUDYING FOR THE BAR — 55er -Uncategorized
Jul 2Zaurus accessibility -Uncategorized
Jul 1Brainbench -Uncategorized
Jul 1“Students Create Global Positioning System Text Messages” -Uncategorized
Jul 1The Open Technology Landscape — Juebert Uriarte -Uncategorized
Jul 1Message from the Sponsors: Antonio TJ Javier — “Partnering with Government to Realize Potential” -Uncategorized
Jul 1Message from the Sponsors: Cynthia Mamon -Uncategorized
Jul 1Government CIO Forum -Uncategorized