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Jul 2018Book: Unconditional Parenting parenting, visual-book-notes
Apr 2015Reading while fuzzy
Feb 2014A No Excuses Guide to Blogging (PDF, EPUB, MOBI – free!); also, notes on publishing writing
Sep 2012Visual book review: Help Your Kids Get Better Grades sketchnotes, visual-book-notes
May 2012Sketchnotes: The $100 Startup: Reinvent the Way You Make a Living, Do What You Love, and Create a New Future business, entrepreneurship, sketches, sketchnotes, visual-book-notes
Apr 2012Visual book review: Thank You for Arguing: What Aristotle, Lincoln, and Homer Simpson Can Teach Us about the Art of Persuasion communication, visual, visual-book-notes
Mar 2012Visual book review: Enough, by Patrick Rhone life, reading, reflection, visual, visual-book-notes
Mar 2012Visual book review: Critical Inquiry: The Process of Argument communication, reading, visual, visual-book-notes
Mar 2012Visual book notes: How to Read a Book reading, sketchnotes, visual-book-notes
Mar 2012Visual book notes: The Start-up of You (Reid Hoffman, Ben Casnocha) career, connecting, sketchnotes, visual-book-notes
Mar 2012Visual book notes: 6 Secrets to Startup Success business, entrepreneurship, reading, sketchnotes, visual, visual-book-notes
Feb 2012Visual book notes: The Lean Startup by Eric Ries reading, sketchnotes, visual, visual-book-notes
Jun 2011Meaning and acknowledgement education, learning, teaching
Apr 2011Spousonomics: Using economics to master love, marriage, and dirty dishes analysis, love, reading, research
Feb 2011Book: Daddy Long Legs, and letters reading, writing
Jan 2011Fun and rational economic theory: reflections on the book “The Logic of Life” life, reflection
Jan 2011Book: Let’s Get Real About Money: Profit from the Habits of the Best Personal Finance Managers finance
Jan 2011Work on the business from the outside, not in it – Book: Effortless entrepreneur entrepreneurship, reading
Jan 2011Marking up books reading
Nov 2010My reading round-up reading
Nov 2010Book: Choose to be happily married: How everyday decisions can lead to lasting love love, reading
Oct 2010Book: Critical inquiry: the process of argument reading
Oct 2010Book: Fast Track Networking: Turning Conversations into Contacts connecting, reading
Sep 2010Book: How to Win Every Argument: The Use and Abuse of Logic reading
Sep 2010Book: Thank You for Arguing communication, reading
Sep 2010Book: Getting to Yes communication, reading
Sep 2010Book: Leading Outside the Lines management, organization, reading, work
Jun 2010Book: Making Peace with Your Office Life career
Jan 2010From the book bag entrepreneurship, finance, reading, sketches
Jan 2010Book: Beyond Booked Solid career, delegation, management, reading
Jan 2010Book: On Becoming a Leader career, leadership, reading
Jan 2010Book: Rules for Revolutionaries reading
Dec 2009Book: The Hamster Revolution for Meetings management, productivity, reading
Dec 2009Book: Making Work Work productivity, reading
Dec 2009Reflections on passion: Don’t let your job get in the way of your career career, ibm, passion, purpose, reading, reflection, work
Nov 2009Drawing by Seeing, and some reflections on life life, reading, reflection, sketches
Nov 2009Book: Leading Out Loud communication, leadership, presentation, reading, speaking
Nov 2009Eat like a bird, poop like an elephant? Eat like a bee! blogging, reading
Nov 2009Five types of coaching leadership, reading
Nov 2009Book: Closing the Innovation Gap reading
Oct 2009The “Remote Presentations That Rock” reading list reading, speaking
Dec 2008True Change: How Outsiders on the Inside Get Things Done in Organizations
Jul 2008Ruby code to quickly convert titles to ISBNs library, reading, ruby
Jul 2008Taking book notes productivity, reading
May 2008Some thoughts on reading reading
May 2008Book: Success Built to Last
Jan 2008Time management and work boundaries career, time
Jan 2008Quick book notes entrepreneurship, writing
Nov 2007Learning how to tell stories
Jun 2007Raw book notes: Outside INnovation by Patricia B. Seybold: 15:56
Jan 2007Creating Rainmakers
Oct 2006Business is a contact sport connecting
Sep 2006Wow. Statistics can be fun. school
Sep 2006Creating opportunities connecting, social
Sep 2006Tag team networking connecting
Aug 2006Book: Lifeskills: 8 Simple Ways to Build Stronger Relationships, Communicate More Clearly, Improve Your Health life
Aug 2006Book: The Renaissance Soul: Life Design for People with Too Many Passions to Pick Just One career, life
Aug 2006I heart the Toronto Public Library
May 2006Raided the bookstore
Sep 2005Book notes: The 5 patterns of extraordinary careers
Sep 2005Book notes: Life Matters
Sep 2005Book notes: Rules for the Road
Sep 2005Book notes: Financial Freedom on $5 a Day
Jun 2005Love & Money: A Life Guide for Financial Success finance
Mar 2005Business book: Rich Dad’s Cashflow Quadrant business
Mar 2005Business book: You Can Negotiate Anything business
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