July 2004

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Jul 31Don Bosco Pugad !Uncategorized
Jul 31Software Partnership International Japan !Uncategorized
Jul 30Said goodbye to Fr. Nebres !Uncategorized
Jul 30del.icio.us !Uncategorized
Jul 29Great hackers !Uncategorized
Jul 29Clair Ching’s blog !Uncategorized
Jul 29“While Rome Burns?” !Uncategorized
Jul 28Japanese test! Monday! At 2! !Uncategorized
Jul 28And then there were two !Uncategorized
Jul 27Cognitive overload !Uncategorized
Jul 27What do I really want to focus on for graduate studies? emacs
Jul 27Migration guide for Microsoft Windows to Linux !Uncategorized
Jul 26Any spare Gmail invites? !Uncategorized
Jul 25emacs-wiki-blog.el emacs
Jul 24Overlay handling emacs
Jul 23More stuff about just-in-time information retrieval !Uncategorized
Jul 22Talked to Doc V about BlueJ today !Uncategorized
Jul 22“IBM to Help Train Students for IT Work” !Uncategorized
Jul 21Studying Japanese !Uncategorized
Jul 20“Clique Here” !Uncategorized, connecting
Jul 20“Father of Visual Basic Begs: Stop the Insanity!” !Uncategorized
Jul 20“IBM Tool Has an Eye for the Blind” geek
Jul 19Teaching reflections teaching
Jul 15OUT OF THE RAIN — 25 words, 158 chars writing
Jul 15Smooth lasagna workflow cookordie
Jul 14Concerns about graduate school !Uncategorized
Jul 14Talked to DocV about my plans !Uncategorized
Jul 14Class reflections !Uncategorized
Jul 14Finally got mail working again !Uncategorized
Jul 13Classic SF column !Uncategorized
Jul 13“The New Geek” !Uncategorized
Jul 12Awwwwww! GRE scores are here !Uncategorized
Jul 12Funny Lisp cooking emacs
Jul 11Stargazing — 160ch !Uncategorized
Jul 11Mail — 160ch !Uncategorized
Jul 11A Teacher’s Life — 160ch !Uncategorized
Jul 11No signal — 160ch !Uncategorized
Jul 8Spam! !Uncategorized
Jul 8Marking up note headlines with a permalink emacs
Jul 8“Cyber Crumbs for Successful Aging With Vision Loss” !Uncategorized
Jul 8“Programming Doesn’t Begin to Define Computer Science” !Uncategorized
Jul 7More thoughts on friendship !Uncategorized
Jul 7Class notes !Uncategorized
Jul 7Whoops, autopilot !Uncategorized
Jul 7Marcelle’s first taste of teaching !Uncategorized
Jul 7Google Groups !Uncategorized
Jul 7Incantation to print the author statistics !Uncategorized
Jul 6Learning kanji !Uncategorized
Jul 6Japanese links !Uncategorized
Jul 6Someone into Emacs, Debian GNU/Linux and Japanese emacs
Jul 6Navigating the kill ring emacs
Jul 6Looking for two films: “Before Sunrise” and “Before Sunset” !Uncategorized
Jul 5Ooooh, new toy! !Uncategorized
Jul 5Family bonding in the time of Google !Uncategorized
Jul 5Class reflections !Uncategorized
Jul 5Lessons learned !Uncategorized
Jul 5Documentary: me using Emacs? ;) emacs
Jul 5“Searching for the Perfect OS” !Uncategorized
Jul 2STUDYING FOR THE BAR — 55er !Uncategorized
Jul 2Zaurus accessibility !Uncategorized
Jul 1Brainbench !Uncategorized
Jul 1“Students Create Global Positioning System Text Messages” !Uncategorized
Jul 1The Open Technology Landscape — Juebert Uriarte !Uncategorized
Jul 1Message from the Sponsors: Antonio TJ Javier — “Partnering with Government to Realize Potential” !Uncategorized
Jul 1Message from the Sponsors: Cynthia Mamon !Uncategorized
Jul 1Government CIO Forum !Uncategorized