June 2005

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Jun 30I can move in after office hours Uncategorized
Jun 30Public speaking and mentoring speaking, toastmasters
Jun 30Forms, forms, forms… organizer
Jun 30Teaching an old dog new tricks ;) geek
Jun 30Feedburner rocks blogging
Jun 30Template for Debriefing business
Jun 29Really funky Planner sorting emacs, planner
Jun 27Geeksta rap geek
Jun 27Forms family, plans
Jun 27Cool, another Emacs geekette emacs
Jun 27ntfsresize free and open source, linux
Jun 27Make a difference Uncategorized
Jun 26Open-Sourcing Conferences conference
Jun 25Backpack Uncategorized
Jun 22Geeks and soft stuff emacs, geek
Jun 22Information Design plans, presentation
Jun 22Good presentation tips presentation
Jun 21Driving lessons: 3rd hour — 2005.06.21 Uncategorized
Jun 21Driving lessons: 2nd hour — 2005.06.21 Uncategorized
Jun 21Driving lessons: 1st hour — 2005.06.20 Uncategorized
Jun 21Love & Money: A Life Guide for Financial Success book, finance
Jun 21Think Rich, Pinoy -Uncategorized
Jun 21Geek jewelry geek
Jun 18Planner support for action-lock.el emacs
Jun 17Wireless wonders linux
Jun 16Emacs snippet for pmwiki attachments emacs
Jun 16Hipster PDA: Waste of paper? emacs
Jun 9Automatically scheduling tasks onto TaskPool emacs, planner
Jun 7Adding an arbitrary extension to your planner files emacs, planner
Jun 7Software Freedom Day free and open source
Jun 2On teaching programming education
Jun 2Productive day! emacs, writing
Jun 2xtla and Gnus emacs
Jun 2Introducing the Hipster PDA organizer, planning, productivity
Jun 2Flash fiction: GLUTTONY – 55 words Uncategorized
Jun 1Wahoo! iPod Photo emacs, linux