November 2004

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Nov 30Linux certification !Uncategorized
Nov 30Time division !Uncategorized
Nov 30Study reflections !Uncategorized
Nov 30Notable people who use Emacs 5 emacs
Nov 30Kanji reflection !Uncategorized
Nov 30Japanese food event in the Philippines !Uncategorized
Nov 30Reflections on study methods !Uncategorized
Nov 30Thinko: Incentives for open-source adoption !Uncategorized
Nov 29Tired !Uncategorized
Nov 29LifeHacks: Instant messaging !Uncategorized
Nov 29Lifehacks: Writing !Uncategorized
Nov 29Stories !Uncategorized
Nov 29Lifehacks: talking versus writing !Uncategorized
Nov 29PM, channel 12 20:18 !Uncategorized
Nov 28Do it now! !Uncategorized
Nov 27Soloflite !Uncategorized
Nov 26Conversation !Uncategorized
Nov 26Curriculum !Uncategorized
Nov 26Linux in Japanese schools !Uncategorized
Nov 26Things You Can Do to Help the Debian Tagalog Translation Team !Uncategorized
Nov 26Responding to notetaking entry on Sim Gamboa III’s blog emacs
Nov 26planner-task-open emacs
Nov 25Poi/staff club !Uncategorized
Nov 25Ah, forgot to do limiting emacs
Nov 24Japanese input methods and Emacspeak emacs
Nov 24Orientation !Uncategorized
Nov 24Don’t lose remember buffers when closing Emacs emacs
Nov 23Switching back to chronological notes emacs
Nov 22Page rank and thoughts on online popularity emacs
Nov 22Draft: Surviving College !Uncategorized
Nov 20New pictures up! emacs
Nov 20emacs-wiki snippet for getting a list of images from a dired buffer emacs
Nov 20OpenACS !Uncategorized
Nov 20Celsus Kintanar: 3rd place, development challenge, TopCoder !Uncategorized
Nov 20Patrica Chanco Evangelista’s followup to the Faye story !Uncategorized
Nov 20Whoops, am a little clueless about scholarship programs !Uncategorized
Nov 19sacha/planner-create-note-from-task emacs
Nov 18Google Scholar !Uncategorized
Nov 18From Rommel Feria: LPI Certification Exam !Uncategorized
Nov 18More about English: BBC mp3s !Uncategorized
Nov 18Rained in !Uncategorized
Nov 18plug-misc and Gnus scoring !Uncategorized
Nov 18Stuff to stop mispronouncing !Uncategorized
Nov 17DLSU Braille SMS project !Uncategorized
Nov 17Workaround for tla signed archive problems !Uncategorized
Nov 17Project Roselle 1 geek
Nov 17Charles Yeung’s blog !Uncategorized
Nov 17Ateneo CS department is so cool !Uncategorized
Nov 17Lifehacks: Doing my mail on the train !Uncategorized
Nov 17Aha! !Uncategorized
Nov 17Handling login authentication in Struts !Uncategorized
Nov 16Okay, ACM event covered !Uncategorized
Nov 16More about gmane’s blogging interface !Uncategorized
Nov 16remember-planner change in behavior emacs
Nov 15Waaah, embarrassed !Uncategorized
Nov 15“Teammates Train for Code-Crunching Match” !Uncategorized
Nov 15“Milking Knowledge Anywhere at Any Time” !Uncategorized
Nov 15Eclipse plugin: Emacs Environment to Eclipse 1 emacs
Nov 15Thanks to Tala for quick update re: ACM! !Uncategorized
Nov 14WAAAH! Another thing I want to go to! !Uncategorized
Nov 14Interesting notes about tech evangelism !Uncategorized
Nov 14emacs-wiki and planner, but in other languages emacs
Nov 14Text editor as PIM emacs
Nov 14Emacs lisp snippet for browsing referrer logs emacs
Nov 14Real heroes !Uncategorized
Nov 14Faye story a hoax by emotionally disturbed mom !Uncategorized
Nov 14Faye update: hoax !Uncategorized
Nov 14ACM results! YAAAAY!! !Uncategorized
Nov 13ssh can do socks !Uncategorized
Nov 13TLUG administrivia !Uncategorized
Nov 13The talk was tons of fun! !Uncategorized
Nov 13Slides for “Taming the TODO” 1 emacs
Nov 12Waaaah! Happy happy joy joy! ICPC achievement! !Uncategorized
Nov 12Localization !Uncategorized
Nov 12Free wifi in Shangri-La !Uncategorized
Nov 12Celsus Kintanar on inq7 !Uncategorized
Nov 11Insightful Slashdot comment on Linux migration !Uncategorized
Nov 10Gmane has a blog interface !Uncategorized
Nov 9My timestamping/thumbnailing script !Uncategorized
Nov 8Started on the Debian new maintainer application process… !Uncategorized
Nov 8My effect on people ;) !Uncategorized
Nov 8TLUG meeting information !Uncategorized
Nov 8How to use remember-planner emacs
Nov 8Really adorable cat! !Uncategorized
Nov 8Happy birthday, Diane! !Uncategorized
Nov 8Necessity is the mother of invention !Uncategorized
Nov 7Open source !Uncategorized
Nov 7Yaaay! Skype works! !Uncategorized
Nov 7My ref-filter script !Uncategorized
Nov 6w00t! !Uncategorized
Nov 6Things I need to do emacs
Nov 6Sketch website design !Uncategorized
Nov 5Pfft. Geek bias. !Uncategorized
Nov 5Nifty! The quick start’s sorta readable! emacs
Nov 5Collected links for Faye story !Uncategorized
Nov 5Will move to a hotel !Uncategorized
Nov 5Update on Faye !Uncategorized
Nov 4Watching an English study program on TV… !Uncategorized
Nov 4Whoa! topcoder? !Uncategorized
Nov 4Ranulf’s interview: games !Uncategorized
Nov 4Watched a kitsune kabuki play on TV !Uncategorized
Nov 4Default file coding for emacs-wiki emacs
Nov 3Hikarunix !Uncategorized
Nov 3ISWC !Uncategorized
Nov 3Update on “Crazed” !Uncategorized
Nov 3Trip! !Uncategorized
Nov 1ARRRGGGH! Mail blackhole! !Uncategorized