November 2004

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Nov 30Linux certification -Uncategorized
Nov 30Time division -Uncategorized
Nov 30Study reflections -Uncategorized
Nov 30Notable people who use Emacs 5 emacs
Nov 30Kanji reflection -Uncategorized
Nov 30Japanese food event in the Philippines -Uncategorized
Nov 30Reflections on study methods -Uncategorized
Nov 30Thinko: Incentives for open-source adoption -Uncategorized
Nov 29Tired -Uncategorized
Nov 29LifeHacks: Instant messaging -Uncategorized
Nov 29Lifehacks: Writing -Uncategorized
Nov 29Stories -Uncategorized
Nov 29Lifehacks: talking versus writing -Uncategorized
Nov 29PM, channel 12 20:18 -Uncategorized
Nov 28Do it now! -Uncategorized
Nov 27Soloflite -Uncategorized
Nov 26Conversation -Uncategorized
Nov 26Curriculum -Uncategorized
Nov 26Linux in Japanese schools -Uncategorized
Nov 26Things You Can Do to Help the Debian Tagalog Translation Team -Uncategorized
Nov 26Responding to notetaking entry on Sim Gamboa III’s blog emacs
Nov 26planner-task-open emacs
Nov 25Poi/staff club -Uncategorized
Nov 25Ah, forgot to do limiting emacs
Nov 24Japanese input methods and Emacspeak emacs
Nov 24Orientation -Uncategorized
Nov 24Don’t lose remember buffers when closing Emacs emacs
Nov 23Switching back to chronological notes emacs
Nov 22Page rank and thoughts on online popularity emacs
Nov 22Draft: Surviving College -Uncategorized
Nov 20New pictures up! emacs
Nov 20emacs-wiki snippet for getting a list of images from a dired buffer emacs
Nov 20OpenACS -Uncategorized
Nov 20Celsus Kintanar: 3rd place, development challenge, TopCoder -Uncategorized
Nov 20Patrica Chanco Evangelista’s followup to the Faye story -Uncategorized
Nov 20Whoops, am a little clueless about scholarship programs -Uncategorized
Nov 19sacha/planner-create-note-from-task emacs
Nov 18Google Scholar -Uncategorized
Nov 18From Rommel Feria: LPI Certification Exam -Uncategorized
Nov 18More about English: BBC mp3s -Uncategorized
Nov 18Rained in -Uncategorized
Nov 18plug-misc and Gnus scoring -Uncategorized
Nov 18Stuff to stop mispronouncing -Uncategorized
Nov 17DLSU Braille SMS project -Uncategorized
Nov 17Workaround for tla signed archive problems -Uncategorized
Nov 17Project Roselle 1 geek
Nov 17Charles Yeung’s blog -Uncategorized
Nov 17Ateneo CS department is so cool -Uncategorized
Nov 17Lifehacks: Doing my mail on the train -Uncategorized
Nov 17Aha! -Uncategorized
Nov 17Handling login authentication in Struts -Uncategorized
Nov 16Okay, ACM event covered -Uncategorized
Nov 16More about gmane’s blogging interface -Uncategorized
Nov 16remember-planner change in behavior emacs
Nov 15Waaah, embarrassed -Uncategorized
Nov 15“Teammates Train for Code-Crunching Match” -Uncategorized
Nov 15“Milking Knowledge Anywhere at Any Time” -Uncategorized
Nov 15Eclipse plugin: Emacs Environment to Eclipse 1 emacs
Nov 15Thanks to Tala for quick update re: ACM! -Uncategorized
Nov 14WAAAH! Another thing I want to go to! -Uncategorized
Nov 14Interesting notes about tech evangelism -Uncategorized
Nov 14emacs-wiki and planner, but in other languages emacs
Nov 14Text editor as PIM emacs
Nov 14Emacs lisp snippet for browsing referrer logs emacs
Nov 14Real heroes -Uncategorized
Nov 14Faye story a hoax by emotionally disturbed mom -Uncategorized
Nov 14Faye update: hoax -Uncategorized
Nov 14ACM results! YAAAAY!! -Uncategorized
Nov 13ssh can do socks -Uncategorized
Nov 13TLUG administrivia -Uncategorized
Nov 13The talk was tons of fun! -Uncategorized
Nov 13Slides for “Taming the TODO” 1 emacs
Nov 12Waaaah! Happy happy joy joy! ICPC achievement! -Uncategorized
Nov 12Localization -Uncategorized
Nov 12Free wifi in Shangri-La -Uncategorized
Nov 12Celsus Kintanar on inq7 -Uncategorized
Nov 11Insightful Slashdot comment on Linux migration -Uncategorized
Nov 10Gmane has a blog interface -Uncategorized
Nov 9My timestamping/thumbnailing script -Uncategorized
Nov 8Started on the Debian new maintainer application process… -Uncategorized
Nov 8My effect on people ;) -Uncategorized
Nov 8TLUG meeting information -Uncategorized
Nov 8How to use remember-planner emacs
Nov 8Really adorable cat! -Uncategorized
Nov 8Happy birthday, Diane! -Uncategorized
Nov 8Necessity is the mother of invention -Uncategorized
Nov 7Open source -Uncategorized
Nov 7Yaaay! Skype works! -Uncategorized
Nov 7My ref-filter script -Uncategorized
Nov 6w00t! -Uncategorized
Nov 6Things I need to do emacs
Nov 6Sketch website design 3 -Uncategorized
Nov 5Pfft. Geek bias. -Uncategorized
Nov 5Nifty! The quick start’s sorta readable! emacs
Nov 5Collected links for Faye story -Uncategorized
Nov 5Will move to a hotel -Uncategorized
Nov 5Update on Faye -Uncategorized
Nov 4Watching an English study program on TV… -Uncategorized
Nov 4Whoa! topcoder? -Uncategorized
Nov 4Ranulf’s interview: games -Uncategorized
Nov 4Watched a kitsune kabuki play on TV -Uncategorized
Nov 4Default file coding for emacs-wiki emacs
Nov 3Hikarunix -Uncategorized
Nov 3ISWC -Uncategorized
Nov 3Update on “Crazed” -Uncategorized
Nov 3Trip! -Uncategorized
Nov 1ARRRGGGH! Mail blackhole! -Uncategorized