October 2004

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Oct 31Debugging people -Uncategorized
Oct 31Open Source Developer Contest – Sponsored by IBM -Uncategorized
Oct 31Great valedictory speech 1 life
Oct 31Convenience -Uncategorized
Oct 31Stuff to check out -Uncategorized
Oct 31Odd thing -Uncategorized
Oct 30CRAZED By Patricia Chanco Evangelista -Uncategorized
Oct 30First Debian conference in Asia -Uncategorized
Oct 29Oct 22 to Oct 29 -Uncategorized
Oct 29Learning technical Japanese -Uncategorized
Oct 28CRAZED By Patricia Chanco Evangelista -Uncategorized
Oct 28Congrats, Kendra! -Uncategorized
Oct 28SAY NO TO SOFTWARE PIRACY -Uncategorized
Oct 27More realizations -Uncategorized
Oct 27Met Tomoko and her friend -Uncategorized
Oct 27Kitted out -Uncategorized
Oct 27Translators EB -Uncategorized
Oct 26Coding life -Uncategorized
Oct 26In other news -Uncategorized
Oct 26Backlog: After the conference -Uncategorized
Oct 26Met Jean-Christophe Helary -Uncategorized
Oct 26Mail problems -Uncategorized
Oct 26More Emacs tips emacs
Oct 2611/1 Mozilla Japan free seminar -Uncategorized
Oct 25Sites to check out -Uncategorized
Oct 25GPG-related stuff -Uncategorized
Oct 23Debian BOF -Uncategorized
Oct 23Translation BOF -Uncategorized
Oct 23OO.o demonstration -Uncategorized
Oct 21Trackback implementation for Emacs emacs
Oct 21ARGH! Drying clothes! -Uncategorized
Oct 21Tentative Osaka plans -Uncategorized
Oct 21First day -Uncategorized
Oct 21Training so far -Uncategorized
Oct 20Yesterday -Uncategorized
Oct 20In TKC -Uncategorized
Oct 20Finally done packing -Uncategorized
Oct 19SAND CATS – 563 words -Uncategorized
Oct 19Good news and bad news: Pictures and Internet -Uncategorized
Oct 19Finished! -Uncategorized
Oct 19Notes from AOTS talk japan
Oct 1904YIT8W General orientation countres: closing meeting -Uncategorized
Oct 18I want trackback -Uncategorized
Oct 18ARGGGH! Missed the LinuxWorld! -Uncategorized
Oct 18Last of the tests finished -Uncategorized
Oct 17.LRN consortium -Uncategorized
Oct 17Today was wonderful! -Uncategorized
Oct 17Keyword retrieval -Uncategorized
Oct 16Ranulf’s talk -Uncategorized
Oct 16Excuse me for replying directly -Uncategorized
Oct 16That’s odd -Uncategorized
Oct 15Strange problem with Linux networking -Uncategorized
Oct 15Nomikai emacs
Oct 15CHOPSTICKS -Uncategorized
Oct 15Foo -Uncategorized
Oct 14Ethereal is so cool -Uncategorized
Oct 14Ranulf -Uncategorized
Oct 14Thank you for pointing it out -Uncategorized
Oct 14New video up: electronic dictionary presentation -Uncategorized
Oct 13Sacha and the art of tech blogging -Uncategorized
Oct 13Encoding -Uncategorized
Oct 13Intermittent network problems -Uncategorized
Oct 13Chatted with Martin Gomez emacs
Oct 13Continuation of OJT lecture -Uncategorized
Oct 13Afternoon lecture for your OJT -Uncategorized
Oct 12Finished 300 kanji book! -Uncategorized
Oct 12Places Ranulf wants to go to -Uncategorized
Oct 12Contact information for Ranulf’s conference -Uncategorized
Oct 12Japanese technical vocabulary -Uncategorized
Oct 12u-color-cycle.el -Uncategorized
Oct 12ssh-copy-id -Uncategorized
Oct 10Emacs wiki stuff in a language I do not understand at _all_ emacs
Oct 10Procrastination counter? -Uncategorized
Oct 10First time personal Japanese blog post! emacs
Oct 10Kamakura -Uncategorized
Oct 9Automatic documentation of code -Uncategorized
Oct 9Emacs, the self-documenting editor 1 emacs
Oct 9“Device Translates Spoken Japanese and English” -Uncategorized
Oct 8Typhoon -Uncategorized
Oct 8Halloween coming up -Uncategorized
Oct 8LAZYBONES -Uncategorized
Oct 8On obfuscating e-mail messages -Uncategorized
Oct 8More uncharacteristically business-y thoughts -Uncategorized
Oct 4Osaka accommodations -Uncategorized
Oct 4Haiku -Uncategorized
Oct 3Lisp code for correct coding -Uncategorized
Oct 3Kansai Free Software Conference -Uncategorized
Oct 3Japanese post -Uncategorized
Oct 2Today emacs
Oct 2I wonder what this means emacs
Oct 1That’s odd (FurtherStudies#18) -Uncategorized
Oct 1Whoops, mistake with the transcripts -Uncategorized
Oct 1Darn. Missed the Tokyo Game Show -Uncategorized
Oct 1Furl, Spurl, and del.icio.us -Uncategorized