October 2008

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Oct 29Week ending Oct 26 weekly
Oct 29Back on the ground; lessons from Innovation Discovery Tel Aviv and CASCON travel
Oct 23Catching my breath life
Oct 19Things I do when I’m travelling on my own 2 life
Oct 19Weekly review: Week ending Oct 19 weekly
Oct 16Oooh, pretty presentation! 2 speaking
Oct 15Happy BlueDay to me! 3 career, yearly
Oct 12Week ending Oct 12 1 sketches, weekly
Oct 12Sewing: Red jacket, V8343 4 sewing, sketches
Oct 11Writing presentation abstracts together 2 presentation, web2.0
Oct 8It’s a little bit scary 1 life
Oct 7I’m so sorry! 1 wordpress
Oct 6 Tidbits
Oct 6Deploying Drupal updates onto a live site 3 drupal
Oct 5Week ending Oct 5 weekly
Oct 5Sewing: Wool jumper, blazer 3 sewing
Oct 5My blog should be a little bit faster now Tidbits
Oct 5 Tidbits
Oct 4New domain name: livinganawesomelife.com blogging, geek
Oct 4WordPress and lifestreaming – check out my draft firehose interface 1 wordpress
Oct 4 Tidbits
Oct 4Firehose Tidbits
Oct 4Notes from WordCamp 1 Tidbits, wordpress
Oct 3Sometimes you just have to do it sewing
Oct 2Gen Y Perspective: Why Gen Y Won’t Stay at Jobs that Suck 16 career, gen-y
Oct 1Gen Y Perspective: Flexibility, Work-Life Balance, and Curb Cuts 4 gen-y, management