September 2008

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Sep 30Dan Pink career
Sep 30Knowledge [shared] is power gen-y, social, web2.0
Sep 29Weekly review: Week ending Sept 28 weekly
Sep 28Learning sewing and French 4 sewing
Sep 27The Orange Chair » Social networking and innovation in a large company connecting, enterprise2.0, web2.0
Sep 25Cat’s doing better; school barbecue cat, education
Sep 24Leia’s home! 1 cat
Sep 24Bio: “IBM: The Next Generation” presentation
Sep 23Not the best day ever, but that’s okay 3 life
Sep 21We’re adopting a cat! 3 cat
Sep 21The way I work 5 career
Sep 19Two-week review: 2 weeks ending September 19 weekly
Sep 17Subversion: Restore deleted files 17 development
Sep 17The Road to Me 2.0: How I Was the Chosen One « Personal Branding Blog – Dan Schawbel gen-y, web2.0, writing
Sep 16Drupal and Drush: Updating the database from the command-line 7 drupal
Sep 16Drupal: Deploying two branches to three systems 2 drupal
Sep 16Working on a small project 3 development, geek
Sep 15Drupal: Making our build system better 2 drupal
Sep 15Drupal: Programmatically installing and enabling modules in the .install file 5 drupal
Sep 13First impressions in an e-mail world 1 gen-y
Sep 13Emacs w3m: Open pages in external browsers 13 emacs, wickedcoolemacs
Sep 12Emacs and w3m: Making tabbed browsing easier emacs, wickedcoolemacs
Sep 11Slidecast: New Media, New Generation 8 enterprise2.0, gen-y, presentation, talk, web2.0
Sep 8Le Chat Gris 4 cat, photography
Sep 7Weekly review – Sept 7, 2008 1 weekly
Sep 7And just like that, we have a cat 1 cat
Sep 5New presentation: “New media, New generation” enterprise2.0, presentation, sketches, web2.0
Sep 5Internet Explorer – hovering on non-link items 2 geek
Sep 5Emacs: Jump to anything 4 emacs
Sep 5If you can, teach; If you can’t teach, do career
Sep 4Taming the Firefox keyboard with keyconfig Uncategorized
Sep 2Squee! Won Slideshare’s Best Presentation Contest! 13 presentation, sketches
Sep 1Hacking the Domestic life