Feb 1 Weekend with dds and Ben geek, japan
Feb 2 PCS cancels Digital Pinay contest, cites violent reactions digitalpinay, issues, philippines, women
Feb 2 flashcard-import-from-kill emacs
Feb 2 My answers to [[http://home.uchicago.edu/~alexis/ostan.htm][Which OStan are you?]]
Feb 2 Mob? digitalpinay, issues, philippines, women
Feb 3 If imitation is the highest form of flattery, I must be very boring emacs
Feb 3 On disabling right-click
Feb 3 Calling all Ateneo programming competition alumni
Feb 4 Upgrade yourself! =) emacs, planner
Feb 4 ri-mode bug when there is no current word emacs
Feb 4 Adventures with Ruby emacs, ruby
Feb 8 Passed JLPT level 3 japanese
Feb 10 Mid-term plans
Feb 10 Learning Links education, philippines
Feb 10 Yet another cool little Planner hack: really smart tab expansion emacs, planner
Feb 11 Street performers japan
Feb 14 Letters geek, love
Feb 14 Encryption/decryption code for Dominique’s letters
Feb 14 Valentine geek, love
Feb 16 Managing my mail emacs, productivity
Feb 17 Very useful PIM research blog
Feb 18 One week left emacs
Feb 18 Daniel S. Weld: Personalization -Uncategorized
Feb 18 [Abrams, 1997] Abrams, D. (1997). Human factors of personal web information spaces. Technical report, Knowledge Media Design Institute Technical Report 1, University of Toronto. emacs
Feb 18 Modification of johnsu01’s scoring emacs, planner
Feb 18 Brilliant idea about my summer schedule plans
Feb 19 Weekend plans japan
Feb 20 Arrange for luggage pick-up by on the 23rd or 22nd japan
Feb 20 Travel plans japan
Feb 20 Karaoke with Dave and Tony japan
Feb 21 See, I'm not the only one weirded out by the word “co-ed” issues, women
Feb 21 “Geek Love” geek, love
Feb 22 Geek Love geek, love
Feb 22 Baguio plans barkada, friends
Feb 22 Watched kabuki japan
Feb 26 Tons of fun barkada, friends
Feb 26 Also saw Diane today! barkada, friends
Feb 27 File transfers: Xdrive adphoto
Feb 27 Stock photography adphoto
Feb 28 Firedance