Mar 1 Accomplishment report for 2005.03.01 adphoto
Mar 3 Supplier's directory adphoto
Mar 3 Accomplishment report: Getting in touch with my inner networking geek adphoto
Mar 4 Clueful cybercafe in the Philippines free and open source, philippines
Mar 8 Official website for OSC-Ph 2005 conference, free and open source, philippines
Mar 8 Congrats to teams who competed in Java Cup and Quizzardry!
Mar 8 Under-leg loops
Mar 11 Business Writing Seminar presentation, writing
Mar 11 University of Asia and the Pacific: Business talks business, presentation
Mar 12 Presentations up presentation
Mar 13 Daring cat rescue! cat
Mar 13 Norah Jones
Mar 13 Ack, Microsoft Office is 20,488?
Mar 13 In Cebu philippines
Mar 14 Major new contacts from the open source conference free and open source, philippines
Mar 14 The conference was so much fun! conference, free and open source, presentation
Mar 15 Image processing
Mar 15 Had tons of fun! conference
Mar 17 FreeBSD ports for planner emacs, planner
Mar 18 Kodak Philippines: send pictures through the Net
Mar 18 Tanaga: Siopao cat, filipino
Mar 19 Pusa sa Kalye cat, filipino
Mar 19 Bituin filipino
Mar 19 Living with ratpoison free and open source
Mar 20 Business book: You Can Negotiate Anything book, business
Mar 20 Turning my mind to money business
Mar 21 Business book: Rich Dad's Cashflow Quadrant book, business
Mar 23 Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!
Mar 23 How to hire great people business, geek
Mar 23 Microfinancing business
Mar 23 Traffic filipino
Mar 24 MSU-IIT student wins IBM Linux Scholar Challenge free and open source, linux, philippines
Mar 24 Difficult choices business, family
Mar 24 Edwin's comment on financial literacy business, finance
Mar 26 Still sick
Mar 27 Stayed in bed most of the day
Mar 27 Tomorrow
Mar 28 National Strategic Planning for ICTs in Basic Education Initiative: A Round Table Discussions education, philippines
Mar 29 ACM
Mar 29 Dermatologists -Uncategorized
Mar 29 Pitching Your Idea (to the supplier of your funds). A free workshop. business
Mar 30 Playing with fire
Mar 30 Networking adphoto
Mar 31 Creating Passionate Users: The importance of seduction and curiosity emacs, passion
Mar 31 Paul Lussier on possible Planner Linux Journal article emacs, planner, writing