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Feel free to use these under the Creative Commons Attribution License. I hope they help you learn from, remember, and share ideas from books. Click on the links or images to learn more or to get high-resolution versions. E-mail me at [email protected] to suggest your favourite books or upcoming books on your radar.

Update 2014-12-15: You can now download a free PDF / ZIP / EPUB / MOBI with the high-resolution images. Easy to flip through or print. No e-mail address required. Enjoy!

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E-mail me at [email protected] to suggest your favourite books or upcoming books on your radar. For your convenience, this page is available at Enjoy!

  • Panda

    It’s so cool! Especially those graph like lattice and mindmap !

  • Yash D Shah

    Amazing work Sacha….!, you and your work is simply awesome…! Keep it up and keep inspiring and motivating the world with your pen…

    • Thanks! Do you sketch things yourself? I’d love to check out your drawings!

      • Yash D Shah

        Yes after viewing your and other sketch notes, I have started mind mapping and sketch noting since few months. I completed my medical school, so my notes are all medical field related. Thanx for comment and inspiration.

  • Aabhi021290

    Wow , Amazing . so simple , very effective .Thank you very much

  • BogdanPaun

    Hey Sacha, great work! I love the way you succinctly summarized the books.
    I’ve dropped you and email, hope you see it soon.
    Have a great weekend!

  • palesz

    This is just awesome, simply awesome. Keep up the good work.

  • Sathyanand S

    I have been a fan of Ryan Holiday’s commonplace system.. That is how I discovered your site (searching about his book – ‘The Obstacle is the Way’ – which I am reading currently). To be honest, I am going to steal your sketchedbooks idea for my own book summary method. Thanks. :)


  • DietsThatWorkEasy

    Wow this is Amazing… thank you for creating such an awesome resource!

    If you are looking for suggestions, any books on systemization or writing SOP’s would be great! I’m about to read “Traction” by Gino Wickman, I heard that is a good one for systemization. My goal to to figure out how to write the perfect SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) to systematize my business.

  • BatCat

    Wow! A Treasure Trove! I found this now! :D