February 2004

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Feb 29Action groups for Emacs emacs
Feb 29Emacs chess emacs
Feb 29Oooh, aptitude !Uncategorized
Feb 29WHEE! !Uncategorized
Feb 29Nethack: getting out of trouble !Uncategorized
Feb 29Videoke results !Uncategorized
Feb 28RSS aggregator !Uncategorized
Feb 28Uh oh. !Uncategorized
Feb 28Dudley’s dungeon !Uncategorized
Feb 27Better font-locking in emacs-wiki emacs
Feb 27Ledger !Uncategorized
Feb 27Better! emacs
Feb 27emacs-wiki and the example tag emacs
Feb 27Bah, unrelated repositories emacs
Feb 27Public key needed for XEmacs packages emacs
Feb 27planner.el goodness emacs
Feb 27Printer details !Uncategorized
Feb 26Umbrella.net: Ad hoc social networks !Uncategorized
Feb 26Brilliant idea! emacs
Feb 26Thoughts on planner-notes emacs
Feb 26Nifty ideas for PlannerMode emacs
Feb 26Oooh, Emacs ubercoder status emacs
Feb 26ERC bot enhancements !Uncategorized
Feb 26Linux Installfest at Mapua IT Center !Uncategorized
Feb 26Linked list lecture postponed to Tuesday, March 2 !Uncategorized
Feb 25New feature in Java 1.5, which has been released !Uncategorized
Feb 25Eighth Workshop on Pedagogies and Tools for the Teaching and Learning of Object Oriented Concepts !Uncategorized
Feb 25Eighth Workshop on Pedagogies and Tools for the Teaching and Learning of Object Oriented Concepts !Uncategorized
Feb 25Teaching thoughts !Uncategorized
Feb 25Nethack !Uncategorized
Feb 25Density/gravity map of orkut profiles geographically mapped across the US !Uncategorized
Feb 25Nethack! !Uncategorized
Feb 24Lecture on stacks and queues !Uncategorized
Feb 24TODL, variation on LISP for cyborgs emacs
Feb 24Cute calendar emacs
Feb 24Better RFC for mail messages !Uncategorized
Feb 24The late night hack strikes again! !Uncategorized
Feb 24Lurker must do something like this already… !Uncategorized
Feb 24Another point: out of order messages !Uncategorized
Feb 24RFC for mail messages !Uncategorized
Feb 24I don’t need to worry about mbox parsing yet !Uncategorized
Feb 24Unix MBOX provider for javamail !Uncategorized
Feb 23Apache James !Uncategorized
Feb 23SocialNetworkBot !Uncategorized
Feb 23SocialNetworkBot !Uncategorized
Feb 23Social network analysis !Uncategorized
Feb 23Common networking errors teaching
Feb 23Sample ArrayList code !Uncategorized
Feb 23Sample ArrayList code !Uncategorized
Feb 23Nvu, a WYSIWYG HTML editor for Linux !Uncategorized
Feb 23planner.el broken up into lots of little files emacs
Feb 23Social networking diagram !Uncategorized, connecting
Feb 22Sample array code 1 geek
Feb 22YASD: Don’t cast sleep on the priest! !Uncategorized
Feb 22CS161 Finals !Uncategorized
Feb 22Exemptions for CS161 !Uncategorized
Feb 22Fantastic news! Wonderful news! Excellent news! !Uncategorized
Feb 22“View From the Alpha Geek” !Uncategorized
Feb 22“Inventors Strut Stuff at Demo Show” !Uncategorized
Feb 21How to be a good team lead !Uncategorized
Feb 21Upcoming CS161 finals !Uncategorized
Feb 21ACM problem idea !Uncategorized
Feb 20Code for Nethack screenshots in Emacs emacs
Feb 20CS161 announcements !Uncategorized
Feb 20Stuff Eric should check out !Uncategorized
Feb 20Chapter 2, “Editing and Navigating Java Source Code.” !Uncategorized
Feb 20Instructions for wearable chording keyboards !Uncategorized
Feb 20eBay service !Uncategorized
Feb 20meetup.com !Uncategorized
Feb 20CS21A: ArrayList !Uncategorized
Feb 20CS161: Notes on file systems !Uncategorized
Feb 19Twiddler problem unsolved !Uncategorized
Feb 19Good idea for nethack.el !Uncategorized
Feb 19Checking planner-rss autocategories emacs
Feb 19Geekiness !Uncategorized
Feb 19nethack code to check if a character has something in the inventory emacs
Feb 18WHEE! Twiddler works! 1 geek
Feb 17nethack-el !Uncategorized
Feb 17Thoughts on the CS161 test !Uncategorized
Feb 17Emacs Learning Instruction Program emacs
Feb 17back-to-indentation: jump to first non-blank character !Uncategorized
Feb 16gnu.emacs.sources/tex-skak.el: a way to typeset chess moves and board diagrams in LaTeX emacs
Feb 16Picking projects for the open house !Uncategorized
Feb 16CS161 Long Test 2 anecdotes !Uncategorized
Feb 16Dilbert comic on dangerous geekettes !Uncategorized
Feb 16Ebook: Emacs in 24 hours emacs
Feb 16Windows to Linux roadmap !Uncategorized
Feb 15Chess site !Uncategorized
Feb 15Cleaned up planner-rss.el emacs
Feb 15ff-find-other-file !Uncategorized
Feb 14Wonderful day today! !Uncategorized
Feb 14RSS feed now available! !Uncategorized
Feb 14Bookmarking emacs
Feb 14Hey, RSS blogging seems to work! emacs
Feb 14Blogging to RDF emacs
Feb 14RSS export !Uncategorized
Feb 12Sean vs Sacha !Uncategorized
Feb 12Chess !Uncategorized
Feb 12CS problems !Uncategorized
Feb 12Slashdot story: how toy penguins and geek girls can help save the world. ;) !Uncategorized
Feb 12Dutch !Uncategorized
Feb 11The continuing saga !Uncategorized
Feb 11Awwww, he finally found out !Uncategorized
Feb 10Another one of those people =) !Uncategorized
Feb 10Modeline !Uncategorized
Feb 9More thoughts !Uncategorized
Feb 9New referrers !Uncategorized
Feb 9Chamberlain Fong !Uncategorized
Feb 9Wearable ring mouse !Uncategorized
Feb 9The Joel Test: 12 Steps to Better Code !Uncategorized
Feb 9New story by JM !Uncategorized
Feb 9University of Canterbury !Uncategorized
Feb 8Dell blog !Uncategorized
Feb 8“Geeks Put the Unsavvy on Alert: Learn or Log Off” !Uncategorized
Feb 8DevC++ !Uncategorized
Feb 8Oops, lost notes !Uncategorized
Feb 6Guide to managing media and public relations in the Linux community !Uncategorized
Feb 6CleverCS !Uncategorized
Feb 5Advice for social networking services !Uncategorized, connecting
Feb 5Bot implants !Uncategorized
Feb 5Internationalization/localization in Filipino !Uncategorized
Feb 5Checking for unmatched parentheses !Uncategorized
Feb 5Eric’s testimonial !Uncategorized
Feb 5coke made a background !Uncategorized
Feb 5Reading a book in Emacspeak emacs
Feb 5New comic strip !Uncategorized
Feb 4Debconf4 !Uncategorized
Feb 4SIGGRAPH !Uncategorized
Feb 4New story: A Fairy Tale !Uncategorized
Feb 3Mock chili !Uncategorized
Feb 3Dealing with too much magic !Uncategorized
Feb 2Miguel Paraz on Livejournal !Uncategorized
Feb 2More geek personality tests !Uncategorized
Feb 2Old computers !Uncategorized
Feb 2Jerome topped the JITSE! !Uncategorized
Feb 1Ragnarok Online in Linux !Uncategorized
Feb 1Party reflections !Uncategorized