March 2004

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Mar 31ARGH! Microsoft Entourage is cool! -Uncategorized
Mar 31Interesting referrers -Uncategorized
Mar 30Sniff, sniff -Uncategorized
Mar 25ACM Technews: “Search Beyond Google” -Uncategorized
Mar 25Paolo’s first webcomic -Uncategorized
Mar 25Remembering emacs
Mar 24CS planning meeting emacs
Mar scheduled downtime -Uncategorized
Mar 23MIT application -Uncategorized
Mar 23Stanford: Stream data manager -Uncategorized
Mar 23Using tla for archives emacs
Mar 23Information retrieval course -Uncategorized
Mar 23School Bus -Uncategorized
Mar 23cal-desk-calendar support for planner-diary.el emacs
Mar 22Language-independent named entity recognition -Uncategorized
Mar 22Named entity extraction in Perl -Uncategorized
Mar 22total-difference emacs
Mar 21Buzzword for the day: named entity extraction -Uncategorized
Mar 21University of New South Wales: Concepcion S. Wilson -Uncategorized
Mar 21Computer science resources -Uncategorized
Mar 21Problem with footnote.el and auctex emacs
Mar 19Gary’s calendar code emacs
Mar 18Oooh, subvocalization -Uncategorized
Mar 18Executive board -Uncategorized
Mar 18New Muse keyword: :osuffix -Uncategorized
Mar 18More thoughts about my research interest -Uncategorized
Mar 18Howm -Uncategorized
Mar 18Summarization resources by Stephen Wan -Uncategorized
Mar 18CompSAt meeting -Uncategorized
Mar 17Partial list of keywords for projects -Uncategorized
Mar 17Evangelizing for the Church of Emacs emacs
Mar 16So far, so good emacs
Mar 16Eric’s schools -Uncategorized
Mar 15Searching for all entries related to a person -Uncategorized
Mar 15Information retrieval research -Uncategorized
Mar 13Test notes again for dates -Uncategorized
Mar 13Testing xref emacs
Mar 13Free/cheap hosting providers -Uncategorized
Mar 13Microsoft, implicit queries and information retrieval -Uncategorized
Mar 13Another book -Uncategorized
Mar 13Survey of resources -Uncategorized
Mar 13Information retrieval: online book -Uncategorized
Mar 12Directory of Australian postgraduate research in computer science 2 geek, research
Mar 12More about diagrams in Linux -Uncategorized
Mar 12An anthology of teacher stories -Uncategorized
Mar 12Kendra’s valedictorian! -Uncategorized
Mar 12Cyclic task support emacs
Mar 12ZOE email client -Uncategorized
Mar 12Test notes again for dates -Uncategorized
Mar 12CS161 Final Exam Schedule -Uncategorized
Mar 11TLA semi-tutorial emacs
Mar 11Orkut community for graph visualization -Uncategorized
Mar 11Response to Adam Rifkin; personal information management emacs
Mar 11Relax, Everything Is Deeply Intertwingled emacs
Mar 11Dominique’s in the Linux Magazine! -Uncategorized
Mar 11TLA-CVS sync -Uncategorized
Mar 11Mark Triggs: Emacs-wiki publishing should not die on error emacs
Mar 10Planner tasks from notes emacs
Mar 10Ah, I have an old version of httpd.el -Uncategorized
Mar 10Got httpd.el working. Now to figure out how to get it to work with emacs-wiki… emacs
Mar 10ASTI Embedded Systems Group looking for interns -Uncategorized
Mar 10Template for CS21A project defense 2 teaching
Mar 10On snarfing Outlook schedule entries emacs
Mar 10Should emacs-wiki links be easily editable? emacs
Mar 9CS161 Finals Schedule -Uncategorized
Mar 9More stuff about finite automata in LaTeX emacs
Mar 9Free calculus textbooks -Uncategorized
Mar 9Jester: A test coverage tool that introduces bugs -Uncategorized
Mar 8New module: planner-notes-index.el emacs
Mar 8Finite automata in LaTeX 2 geek
Mar 8Display subject on the first line, dynamically emacs
Mar 8Planner supports Wanderlust emacs
Mar 8C-u M-x planner-create-task-from-buffer emacs
Mar 8DARN! emacs
Mar 8Wikibook — Cookbook -Uncategorized
Mar 8Hotshot — 55 words -Uncategorized
Mar 7Googling for recipes -Uncategorized
Mar 7LONG SHOT -Uncategorized
Mar 7Techie dinner 1 linux
Mar 7plan and BBDB emacs
Mar 6Backlog of blog entries: MOTAS, March 5 -Uncategorized
Mar 6How to get involved in Free Software (the bug method) -Uncategorized
Mar 6XML and Emacs Lisp emacs
Mar 6Preliminary VM support for planner emacs
Mar 6Open house -Uncategorized
Mar 6“Warning: Blogs Can Be Infectious” -Uncategorized
Mar 6My classes next sem -Uncategorized
Mar 6Smileys -Uncategorized
Mar 6Warm and fuzzy feelings emacs
Mar 6Successful Lisp: How to Understand and Use Common Lisp -Uncategorized
Mar 6Girls just wanna defun emacs
Mar 5RSS-Blog-Furl High School – a vision of the blogging future? -Uncategorized
Mar 5My first LISP snippet! -Uncategorized
Mar 5Slime – an Emacs interface for Common LISP emacs
Mar 5Using Common Lisp to build web applications -Uncategorized
Mar 5Microsoft wearable? -Uncategorized
Mar 5Programming challenges -Uncategorized
Mar 5Programming Challenges -Uncategorized
Mar 5Personal metadata exchanger -Uncategorized
Mar 5Pre-final exemptions -Uncategorized
Mar 5Site that mentions PlannerMode emacs
Mar 5What is Chalow? -Uncategorized
Mar 4Oh, darn, I’m done with MOTAS. -Uncategorized
Mar 4My dad was on NU 107.5 -Uncategorized
Mar 3Jerome’s Atom feed -Uncategorized
Mar 3Got planner-rmail to work. Yay! emacs
Mar 3Java and OO Best Practices -Uncategorized
Mar 3Java and OO Best Practices -Uncategorized
Mar 3RMAIL labels 5 -Uncategorized
Mar 3Atom library for Java -Uncategorized
Mar 3Social network visualization -Uncategorized
Mar 3Another RSS library for Java -Uncategorized
Mar 3RSS library for Java -Uncategorized
Mar 3What would be a fun blog visualization hack to see if I can still get the hang of it? -Uncategorized
Mar 3That probably means I’m heading more toward… -Uncategorized
Mar 3Possible research areas -Uncategorized
Mar 3Monash university -Uncategorized
Mar 3“Visually Impaired Can Now ‘Surf’ Internet Thanks to Indian Software” -Uncategorized
Mar 2Why am I interested in short stories? -Uncategorized
Mar 2nowikilink -Uncategorized
Mar 2LEO -Uncategorized
Mar 2CS21B meeting -Uncategorized
Mar 2NetHack progress -Uncategorized
Mar 1Gary Vaughan’s blog -Uncategorized
Mar 1ERC pseudo-AI assisted IRC help -Uncategorized
Mar 1Emacs function of the day: rx emacs
Mar 1Emacs LISP List, by date emacs
Mar 1On programming fundamentals -Uncategorized
Mar 1Bit’s blog -Uncategorized