February 2006

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Feb 28Finished my tenth speech! toastmasters
Feb 28Sweet potato and chicken vinaigrette salad cooking, cookordie
Feb 28Good Food Box: Pear Poofery cooking, cookordie
Feb 27Debian’s still alive! Uncategorized
Feb 27Insulated !Uncategorized
Feb 27Hooray for Ateneo! !Uncategorized
Feb 27Snuggling up !Uncategorized
Feb 26Three hours delay and that’s okay !Uncategorized
Feb 26Happy birthday to Clair! barkada
Feb 23Had a blast! !Uncategorized
Feb 22‘tinerant Tuesday emacs
Feb 22Boston Science Museum Uncategorized
Feb 19Long but fun day !Uncategorized
Feb 17New tools for discovering people !Uncategorized
Feb 17Social researchers social
Feb 17Lazy web !Uncategorized
Feb 16No Eclipse for me… !Uncategorized
Feb 16Blogbridge – nifty! blogging
Feb 16Information architecture summit: heavy on tagging! research
Feb 15Research-happy! !Uncategorized
Feb 15Scrabble game results Uncategorized
Feb 15Darn you, SELinux! !Uncategorized
Feb 15Valentine’s !Uncategorized
Feb 13I could’ve danced all night… Uncategorized
Feb 13Tsokolate eh! cooking
Feb 9CookOrDie: Minestrone cooking, cookordie, friends
Feb 8Tragedies !Uncategorized
Feb 7Toastmasters toastmasters
Feb 7Tomorrow is my mother’s 60th birthday family
Feb 6Traditions philippines
Feb 6CookOrDie: Meatball mishaps cooking, cookordie
Feb 5Why I like the Emacs editor emacs
Feb 5Cold and raining outside, warm and fuzzy inside !Uncategorized
Feb 4Banking arghs !Uncategorized
Feb 3Grey, grey, grey !Uncategorized
Feb 2MIE1407F results !Uncategorized
Feb 2Gave a talk at Toronto Interacts !Uncategorized
Feb 1Thank God I’m a Filipino! filipino, philippines
Feb 1Toastmasters geek, toastmasters
Feb 1Metadata course school
Feb 1Happy socks sad