March 2006

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Mar 31In times of weakness friends
Mar 31Sunlight and weeds -Uncategorized
Mar 31Suddenly free on Friday -Uncategorized
Mar 30Friends barkada, friends
Mar 30Potluck last night friends
Mar 29Weird job post -Uncategorized
Mar 29Song, by Sara Teasdale love
Mar 29Singing -Uncategorized
Mar 28Darn! CHI coincides with Linux World Canada conference
Mar 28Bronte -Uncategorized
Mar 28Cook Or Die spoof cookordie
Mar 28I am loved beyond my ability to comprehend love
Mar 27I love my life! barkada, family, friends, happy
Mar 27Yesterday: Cooking workshop, nice walk cooking, friends
Mar 26Onions cooking
Mar 26Forks sad
Mar 25Speaking of The Miniskirt… -Uncategorized
Mar 25Noodle night social
Mar 25Where do network cards go to die? linux
Mar 24Level up: Salmon! cooking, cookordie
Mar 24Level up! Steak and potatoes cooking, cookordie
Mar 24Toastmasters toastmasters
Mar 24Back in the groove ibm
Mar 23When it rains, it pours speaking
Mar 22Emacs-happy emacs
Mar 22Good Food Box: Avocado antics cooking
Mar 22Good karma: Emacs emacs, goodkarma
Mar 22Sysad stuff: bah, humbug -Uncategorized
Mar 21Sick today Uncategorized
Mar 20Tango party and stuff -Uncategorized
Mar 20Well-spent Sunday -Uncategorized
Mar 19Nice long chat with my mom family
Mar 18Visited a friend -Uncategorized
Mar 18Upon reflection reflection
Mar 18Skule Night -Uncategorized
Mar 18End-of-class tango milonga on Monday toronto
Mar 17Out early again -Uncategorized
Mar 17Much fun chatting with James and Stefan friends
Mar 16Off to IBM early -Uncategorized
Mar 16Not alone friends, goodkarma, happy
Mar 15GTALug; best practices for socials -Uncategorized
Mar 14Hot chocolate day sad
Mar 13Murphy’s Law -Uncategorized
Mar 13Keeping track of envelopes in Gnucash 2 Uncategorized
Mar 13Good food box contents cooking
Mar 12Skirt sewing
Mar 12Irish party friends
Mar 12Skype party barkada, friends
Mar 12Pictures from performance -Uncategorized
Mar 10Renaissance dance -Uncategorized
Mar 10Women in technology women
Mar 10Mending my costume -Uncategorized
Mar 9CookOrDie: Domestic goddesshood cooking, cookordie, friends
Mar 8Meme time -Uncategorized
Mar 7Meep -Uncategorized
Mar 7Performances -Uncategorized
Mar 7Yesterday: Baking pie cooking, friends
Mar 6Song for Mary, O Canada -Uncategorized
Mar 5Renaissance dance on Friday -Uncategorized
Mar 4LEGO Uncategorized
Mar 4Happy birthday! family
Mar 4It’s alive! Uncategorized
Mar 4Congratulations to Alvin Chin! -Uncategorized
Mar 2Income tax info -Uncategorized
Mar 2Working with LEGO Uncategorized
Mar 2One-man Linux army linux
Mar 1From PLUG: Open source-oriented courseware launched -Uncategorized
Mar 1Vegetable fritatta cooking, cookordie