July 2007

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Jul 30If I don’t go and do something, I’ll go mad school
Jul 30Postponing driver’s ed learning
Jul 30I heart the Toronto Public Library library
Jul 29GTD in Emacs emacs
Jul 29Croissants and tea happy
Jul 29Weekly review: July 23 to July 29 weekly
Jul 28Park play; A Midsummer Night’s Dream life
Jul 28I am going to have it all plans
Jul 27A Midsummer Night’s Dream life
Jul 27I’m going to run away and join the circus health
Jul 26Another day, another revision; Exercising in the park; Pinakbet and cherry pie life
Jul 25Being in the right place at the right time canada
Jul 24Announcing: Book Snake blog! writing
Jul 24Learning languages learning
Jul 23Am I really almost done? school
Jul 22Weekly review: 2007.07.16 – 2007.07.21 weekly
Jul 21Learning how to wok cooking
Jul 21Happiness happy
Jul 15Emacs tidbit: DVI and LaTeX interaction emacs, pimpmyemacs
Jul 15Parry Sound travel
Jul 14Buying books reading
Jul 14Dynamic Earth travel
Jul 13Science North travel
Jul 12Sudbury travel
Jul 11Progress school
Jul 10Geek… geek
Jul 8Week in review weekly
Jul 6Eoin Colfer! reading
Jul 3Monthly book-checking finance
Jul 2Flew a kite today health
Jul 1Weekly review weekly