August 2014

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Aug 30Weekly review: Week ending August 29, 2014 review, weekly
Aug 29The ingredients of your life life
Aug 28Routines kaizen
Aug 27Appreciation and imagining loss 5 philosophy
Aug 26Tweaking the way I write kaizen, writing
Aug 25Woohoo, closure! life
Aug 24Weekly review: Week ending August 22, 2014 review, weekly
Aug 22Anticipating experiment outcomes experiment
Aug 21Getting the hang of exercising 1 life
Aug 20Nudging the balance toward work business, experiment
Aug 19“Call no man happy until he is dead” – I think it’s okay to be happy 3 philosophy
Aug 18Drawing update cat, learning
Aug 17Weekly review: Week ending August 15, 2014 review, weekly
Aug 15Becoming comfortable with simplicity and even discomfort 1 philosophy
Aug 14Back to drawing digitally, thanks to Wacom drivers 1 geek
Aug 13Shopping for clothes family
Aug 12Turning 31 review, yearly
Aug 11Monthly review: July 2014 monthly, review
Aug 9Weekly review: Week ending August 8, 2014 2 review, weekly
Aug 8Learning philosophy at the right time 1 philosophy
Aug 7Thinking about leisure activities: noble, advantageous, pleasant 2 experiment, philosophy
Aug 6Writing incomplete thoughts writing
Aug 5That moment when time comes together philosophy
Aug 4Sharing cooking adventures 4 connecting, cooking
Aug 3Weekly review: Week ending August 1, 2014 review, weekly
Aug 1Living like you’re old 4 philosophy