July 2014

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Jul 31Stoic impressions: Weebles wobble but they don’t fall down 1 philosophy
Jul 30Teaching myself to prefer what’s good for me kaizen
Jul 29What’s in your handbook? 4 reflection
Jul 28On Aristotle and talking to people about troubles connecting
Jul 27Weekly review: Week ending July 25, 2014 review, weekly
Jul 25Learning from frugal lives of years past 1 experiment, finance
Jul 24Emacs Chat: Harry R. Schwartz 1 Emacs Chat, podcast
Jul 24Don’t worry about your tools in the beginning: Avoiding premature optimization 1 decision, productivity
Jul 23Becoming the sort of person I want to be 8 analysis, issues, life
Jul 22Learning from things I like: Books about applying advice to your life writing
Jul 21Planning my next little business 1 business, entrepreneurship, experiment
Jul 20Weekly review: Week ending July 18, 2014 review, weekly
Jul 18Hacklab open houses and connecting through cooking connecting
Jul 17Quiet days 3 experiment, reflection
Jul 16Designing Help and Support: Skype design
Jul 15Monthly review: June 2014 monthly, review
Jul 14What are people looking for when they talk about their challenges? 2 communication, connecting
Jul 13Weekly review: Week ending July 11, 2014 review, weekly
Jul 11House culture connecting
Jul 10Learning to design Help and Support communities: Apple deep dive design
Jul 9Made my first laser cut thing! geek
Jul 8Learning from things I like: Smashing Magazine’s responsiveness 1 design
Jul 7Learning life skills from philosophers reflection
Jul 6Weekly review: Week ending July 4, 2014 review, weekly
Jul 4Developing opinions 7 decision, learning, reflection
Jul 3Reflecting on relationships for a good life 1 friends, reflection
Jul 2Learning to design Help and Support communities: Adobe deep dive 2 design
Jul 1It’s okay to clear the garden and start again 6 gardening