September 2014

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Sep 30Thinking about rewards and recognition since I’m on my own business, career, experiment
Sep 29Thinking about how to make the most of the new Hacklab geek
Sep 28Weekly review: Week ending September 26, 2014 review, weekly
Sep 26Recovering from a sprint experiment
Sep 25My path for learning AngularJS development, geek
Sep 24Yay! I rocked 2 -Uncategorized
Sep 23Categorical imperatives versus genetic algorithms 8 philosophy
Sep 22Index cards 3 drawing
Sep 20Weekly review: Week ending September 19, 2014 review, weekly
Sep 19Learning from the Alternative Uses Task 2 learning
Sep 18Programming and creativity 2 design, development
Sep 17Things to tweak or try this winter 2 canada
Sep 16Dealing with feeling under the weather 1 life
Sep 15Getting ready for my third fiscal year end 2 business, finance
Sep 14Weekly review: Week ending September 12, 2014 1 review, weekly
Sep 12Becoming Filipino-Canadian 2 canada
Sep 11Figuring out how to deal with sub-optimal times productivity, time
Sep 10Crunch mode experiment
Sep 9Monthly review: August 2014 monthly, review
Sep 8Gardening update: Reviewing my goals for this year 2 -Uncategorized
Sep 7Weekly review: Week ending September 5, 2014 review, weekly
Sep 5Doing more consulting 1 business, experiment
Sep 4Planning ahead for experiments 1 experiment
Sep 3Emacs Chat: Mickey Petersen 3 Emacs Chat, podcast
Sep 2Learning with the end in mind 4 learning
Sep 1What to do during open days life