November 2006

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Nov 29Hot chocolate and happiness happy
Nov 28There are some things for which Google has no answer life, sad
Nov 27Of independent bookstores -Uncategorized
Nov 26Weekly report: 2006.11.20 – 2006.11.26 weekly
Nov 25Woohoo! Global organization for technology evangelists! -Uncategorized
Nov 25Musicals life
Nov 24Friday night at a cafe life
Nov 24Sweet blog setup wordpress
Nov 24Gotta check out wesabe finance, web2.0
Nov 24Live music at the Linux Caffe life
Nov 24Oh, wow -Uncategorized
Nov 23Crashing twice geek
Nov 23A slice of life: laundry life
Nov 21Dinner with a technology evangelist life
Nov 20Quiet days -Uncategorized
Nov 20It’s not just me -Uncategorized
Nov 19Nov 13 to Nov 19 weekly
Nov 19Hooray Internet collaboration! school
Nov 19Mmm, chocolate life
Nov 16Phone statistics for Oct 11 – Nov 10 Uncategorized
Nov 16I heart my mom family
Nov 16Mesh planning party toronto
Nov 16Usability Camp toronto
Nov 15Too busy living to blog blogging
Nov 13Learning more about living with others life
Nov 13Weekly report: Nov 6 to Nov 12 weekly
Nov 10Company titles -Uncategorized
Nov 10Coming to terms with diagrams -Uncategorized
Nov 10Woke up early today life
Nov 9It’s one of those blah days life
Nov 8Seven pages, double-spaced school
Nov 8Back to KMD2004: competitive forces Uncategorized
Nov 8There’s a reason why I learned Japanese japanese
Nov 8Evangelism career
Nov 8Strengthening their network Uncategorized
Nov 8Indirect benefits of working on open source opensource
Nov 8Open source acting on developers Uncategorized
Nov 8Blogging away my writer’s block Uncategorized
Nov 7Tom Purves, Enterprise 2.0 overview barcamp, enterprise2.0
Nov 7Oct 30, 2006 to Nov 5, 2006 weekly
Nov 6My own portable sun family
Nov 6Annoyed -Uncategorized
Nov 6They sent me the sun… family
Nov 6Yay, done with Emacs 22 prerelease review! emacs
Nov 6The history of Calc 1 emacs
Nov 5Real life friends
Nov 5Combimouse and completely split keyboards geek
Nov 5Feeling much better emacs
Nov 2Learning a foreign language learning
Nov 2Tweaked blog design wordpress
Nov 2In other news… finance
Nov 2Hack Night Uncategorized
Nov 2Contact report bbdb, emacs, planner
Nov 2Microsoft evangelism – tempting! career, purpose
Nov 1Reports -Uncategorized
Nov -Uncategorized