October 2006

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Oct 31The programming competitions continue… emacs
Oct 31Remembering to breathe life
Oct 30Activity ideas, or Spending-time-with-Sacha-HOWTO life
Oct 30Stuffed toy! -Uncategorized
Oct 29Halloween party downstairs, but not in the mood life
Oct 27Don’t sell; help people buy connecting
Oct 27Heavy stuff nearer floor = good life
Oct 27Keeping track of the age of messages emacs
Oct 27Planet Emacsen emacs
Oct 27Livin’ la Vida Emacs goodkarma, happy
Oct 27Looking for a personal board of advisors 1 career, life, reflection
Oct 26What does a portfolio for a tech evangelist look like? career
Oct 26KMD2004 meeting -Uncategorized
Oct 25Business is a contact sport book, connecting
Oct 25Now that’s how to recruit! connecting
Oct 25The magic of helping out life, purpose
Oct 25Alumni networks and business networking sites connecting
Oct 25Progess report ibm, research
Oct 24mencoder rocks for editing movies democamp
Oct 24Whoops, a little too hasty with the rm there geek
Oct 24I rock! Mail back online geek
Oct 24Postfix TLS problems geek
Oct 2410 rules for staying young life
Oct 24Awww, good karma goodkarma, happy
Oct 24Not among strangers democamp
Oct 24Terrible at remembering names? connecting
Oct 24Democamp a blast! Blew their brains to bits democamp, emacs
Oct 23Emacs presentation was a blast! democamp
Oct 23Hello world democamp
Oct 23PBJ 1.0 democamp
Oct 23Demo Camp: Broken Tomb: The world’s first commercial Smalltalk host democamp
Oct 23Demo Camp: Quotiki democamp
Oct 23Demo camp: Online grading and code review democamp
Oct 23Excited about my DemoCamp presentation! democamp, emacs
Oct 22Sundays -Uncategorized
Oct 20Notes from CASCON2006: Passion is the key to Web 2.0 cascon
Oct 20I miss cooking cooking
Oct 18OMG. Girls have the geek gene, too?! NO WAY! cascon, women
Oct 17CAS Dublin cascon
Oct 17Technical co-chairs cascon
Oct 17Address from Christian Couturier, NRC cascon
Oct 17Address from Martin Wildberger cascon
Oct 17Waiting for the keynote conference
Oct 16On the other hand… -Uncategorized
Oct 16Timing -Uncategorized
Oct 16More cramming school
Oct 16Whew! Midterms done school
Oct 14Of all the days ibm
Oct 13Bus updates for Hack Night life
Oct 13Wow. -Uncategorized
Oct 12Stretch -Uncategorized
Oct 12Emacs and a British voice emacs
Oct 12Emacs: Quick way to collect references emacs
Oct 12Meeting minutes from KMD2004 conference
Oct 12The Constant Connector connecting
Oct 11Emacs: Hideshow emacs
Oct 11Psyched! -Uncategorized
Oct 11How to get to CASCON cascon
Oct 11Next thing on the horizon: CASCON 2006 conference
Oct 10Oh well, no takeaways -Uncategorized
Oct 10Crazy idea: SMART goaltracker -Uncategorized
Oct 10Collaborative lit review research
Oct 10Sunir! life
Oct 10Book: Endless Referrals, by Bob Burg connecting
Oct 6Check out Hack Night! life
Oct 6Minutes from meeting on Thursday Uncategorized
Oct 5Rotman School of Management: Nexus for non-profits business
Oct 5Clearing e-mail clutter geek
Oct 4Emacs Gnus hack: Prioritize based on the number of recipients emacs
Oct 4Developing a better sense of time emacs, planner, productivity
Oct 3Good things: KMD2004 conference
Oct 3October is crazy! -Uncategorized
Oct 3The power of applause -Uncategorized
Oct 3Lazyweb request: dependency grapher? -Uncategorized
Oct 3Misplaced index cards -Uncategorized
Oct 2So many resources! -Uncategorized
Oct 243folders blogger and GTD guru Merlin Mann in Toronto tomorrow -Uncategorized
Oct 2Must be a better way to reserve books at the library library
Oct 2Crazy Emacs: Personalized signatures with random taglines 1 bbdb, emacs
Oct 2Crazy idea for Emacs: Random Emacs taglines emacs
Oct 2Sweet! The Peer Review: Graduate Studies and Academic Life school
Oct 2Also of note: East West Books Uncategorized
Oct 2Places to eat in New York City Uncategorized
Oct 2Poetry -Uncategorized
Oct 2Life! happy, life, purpose
Oct 2Compassion -Uncategorized
Oct 2Reaching out and being human connecting
Oct 2Waking up with wonder life
Oct 2Little joys happy