December 2006

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Dec 31I give up on WPA and WPC11! 1 geek
Dec 30Waking up -Uncategorized
Dec 29Wakeboarding woes family
Dec 28Values -Uncategorized
Dec 27Games -Uncategorized
Dec 27Starting life on the lecture circuit family
Dec 26Back from wakeboarding family
Dec 26My favorite blog posts blogging
Dec 26Thoughts on life life
Dec 26A year in review: Emacs emacs
Dec 26I keep forgetting that I’m on vacation life
Dec 26Ay, my sister family
Dec 26From the Freeciv AI documentation geek
Dec 26Slowly but surely making progress -Uncategorized
Dec 26Another day, another sunrise -Uncategorized
Dec 25Also, Freeciv is darn cool geek
Dec 25Water -Uncategorized
Dec 25Home; between two worlds travel
Dec 25Carefully unfolding life
Dec 25How to tell when your parents are addicted to the Internet family
Dec 25I am -so- blogging that life
Dec 25Quiet -Uncategorized
Dec 24Long time no blog blogging
Dec 21There’s no place like home philippines
Dec 20Best thing to do at the HKIA travel
Dec 20At the Hong Kong International Airport travel
Dec 20In transit life, travel
Dec 19Ah, found wallet life
Dec 19Not panicking -Uncategorized
Dec 18All my bags are packed travel
Dec 15The Plan -Uncategorized
Dec 14Stuffing envelopes, writing cards… -Uncategorized
Dec 14Learning from the best -Uncategorized
Dec 14Enthusiastic rapport with Emmanuel and Rob: movies that motivate connecting
Dec 14Kudos to Kevin Magee: sales and networking tips connecting
Dec 13Twenty-three years and two strikeouts Uncategorized
Dec 1250 e-mail messages today -Uncategorized
Dec 12Inbox meter geek
Dec 12Found my vertical: HR career
Dec 12Personal contact relationship management connecting, emacs
Dec 12Programming competitions geek
Dec 11Christmas letter prioritization connecting
Dec 10Inbox zero geek
Dec 10Filipino diaspora blog filipino
Dec 102006.11.27 – 2006.12.10: Frantic/fortuitious fortnight weekly
Dec 7Movies That Motivate emacs
Dec 6Non-stale snail mail -Uncategorized
Dec 5I like Like -Uncategorized
Dec 5Speaking of warm and fuzzies… Uncategorized
Dec 5Global Network of Technology Evangelists – first conference 1 Uncategorized
Dec 4OMG, Sun evangelized the Philippines!! Uncategorized
Dec 3Bleah. Never doing that again. life
Dec 3Things are working out love
Dec 3Why you should do more research before reserving a spot in a hostel travel
Dec 3Argh -Uncategorized
Dec 3Checked in -Uncategorized